“I wonder what kind of favor that she did.
Humph… I think it must be an indecent one.” Mu Rong Xie mumbled.

Others might not know but for the cultivators, it was clearly loud.
Grandpa Dian’s face changed in instant.

“You behind there.
What do you say just now?” Grandpa Dian pointed to Mu Rong Xie.

Mu Rong Xie was startled when Grandpa Dian pointed a finger at her.
She looked at Grandpa Dian and saw the angry expression on that old man.

“Erk…” Mu Rong Xie trembled.

“I am sorry for my rude daughter.” Mu Li Zei quickly apologized to Grandpa Dian.

He could not afford to offend this family.
He looked at Mu Rong Xie.
Even though he did not hear what Mu Rong Xie say just now.

“Apologize right now.” Mu Li Zei ordered Mu Rong Xie.

Mu Rong Xie wanted to cry.

“Do what Father says.” Mu Yian also said to Mu Rong Xie.

“Before that, let her repeat what she said earlier since you guys don’t hear.” Grandpa Dian demanded.

“What do you just say?” Grandpa Mu also demanded the same thing.

Facing anger, Mu Rong Xie could not help to say something.
“I just wonder what kind of favor she does to your family.
That’s all.”

“Humph… You did not say the last sentence.
You say, ‘I think it must be an indecent one.’ What? Why don’t you repeat that?” Grandpa Dian said.

​ Mu Rong Xie became pale.
She thought Grandpa Dian just thought she mumbling something, not listening to her clearly.

Grandpa Mu’s face changed.
“How dare you say something like that? Don’t you forget she is the one who heals your illness? If not because of her, you will still be sick.”

“Oh, so, she healed you and you still say something like that about your savior.
Such a rude girl.” Grandpa Dian added.

Mu Rong Xie wanted to cry when facing two old men who scolded her like that.

“I am sorry for my daughter.
Doctor Tang, I am sorry for my daughter.
She is still young.
She is ignorant.” Su Yu Qing stepped forward and apologized on behalf of her daughter to Yu Qi who silently watching them.

“Young? I think she is the same age as our Yu Qi.” Grandpa Dian snorted.

“Dear, what happened here?” Grandma Dian came when she heard that her husband was quite angry about something.

“This girl said that our Yu Qi is doing something indecent for our family.
So, that is why our family accepted Yu Qi.” Grandpa Dian simplified what happened.

Hearing this, even the calm Grandma Dian began angrily.
“How dare she? Please leave in instant.” Grandma Dian did not feel respect for someone who insulted her family members like that.
She did not want someone like that in her house.
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“We are sorry.” Mu Li Zei apologized again.

“We are sorry on behalf of our daughter.” Su Yu Qing bowed.
She then pulled Mu Rong Xie to bow together.
“Apologize right now.”

Su Yu Qing became the wife of Mu Li Zei about 28 years ago.
She understood the situation.
Dian’s Family was someone that they could not afford to offend.

“Mu Rong Xie, apologize sincerely right now.” Grandpa Mu also ordered Mu Rong Xie.

The person that Mu Rong Xie really scared of was Grandpa Mu.
Hearing that, she quickly did as Grandpa Mu ordered.

“I truly apologize.
I am not thinking straight.
I will not say something like that again.” Mu Rong Xie apologized.

“I will let this slide once.” Grandma Dian narrowed her eyes when she looked at Mu Rong Xie.

Grandma Dian pulled Yu Qi over.
“Let’s go over there.”

Yu Qi followed Grandma Dian.
When she was about to walk, her eyes met Mu Yian’s eyes.
It seemed Mu Yian was thinking about something.
But Yu Qi did not care much about her.

Some people looked at Mu Rong Xie was ridiculous.
They listened to what happened.
They knew that this girl insulted Yu Qi.
How could someone so weak as this girl insult someone like Yu Qi?

They highly respected Yu Qi.
In the cultivation world, strength was important.
Everyone wanted to stay away from the family.

Mu Li Zei noticed this.
He gritted his teeth.
He was very angry at his stupid daughter like now.
If he knew this would happen, he would not let her follow them to the party.

“Father, calm down.
Don’t let your anger show on your face.” Mu Yian advised her father.

Mu Li Zei began to take a deep breath and calmed down.
His first daughter and second daughter were very different.
His first daughter was very smart and considerate.

When Mu Li Zei looked again at his second daughter, he snorted.

“Don’t talk.” Mu Li Zei said to Mu Rong Xie.

Mu Rong Xie nodded in scared.
She wanted to go home but she could not.
She just needed to stay at this place until everyone could return home.

Su Yu Qing held Mu Rong Xie’s hand.
She knew her daughter’s feelings right now.

When the party was still continuing, Grandpa Ray came rushing to Great-Grandpa Dian.
Great-Grandpa Dian who still talked to Huo Xi was surprised.
Grandpa Ray would not disturb him if no urgent matter.

“Wait a minute.” Great-Grandpa Dian told Huo Xi.
Then he turned to Grandpa Ray.
“What is it?”

Grandpa Ray whispered something to Great-Grandpa Dian.
Great-Grandpa Dian was shocked to hear this.

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