An archery club member stepped into the training ground.
Yi Su Ran asked for his help to become the MC for this event.
He liked the attention so he agreed to be the MC.

”Welcome everyone.
I ’m Jin Su Wang, your emcee for today.
Today is the day that we have been waiting for.
It is the competition between Miss Yi Su Ran and Miss Tang Yu Qi. ” Jin Su Wang spoke, meaning the competition would be started.

”Today, we are about to witness the archery competition between the two girls.
Miss Yi Su Ran is one of the archery club members.
Meanwhile, Miss Tang Yu Qi is from a shooting club.
But two years ago, Miss Tang Yu Qi gave an impressive performance in the archery. ” Jin Su Wang knew how to heat up the atmosphere.

The audience shouted.
Everyone was very excited about this.
Even Yu Qi ’s friends shouted too.
Only the person that they had been talking about was calmly eating a snack with her dog.

’Master, let ’s go and eat outside tonight. ’ Aoi gave a suggestion.

’Okay. ’ Yu Qi nodded to Aoi.

”I will explain the rules to the audience since not all of you knew about the rules.
This evening, our archers will shoot the arrows with two different distances.
One is 50 meters and another one is 80 meters.
They have  3 minutes to shoot 6 arrows for a distance of 50 meters and 6 minutes for a distance of 80 meters. ” Jin Su Wang explained.
”Addition time will be considered if something unexpected happened. ” Jin Su Wang added.

”So, you need to shoot 12 arrows, right? ” One of the audience asked.

They need to shoot 12 arrows.
I bet everyone knows about this.
The more your arrows hit the target board toward the center, the more points you will get.
The highest points will be the winner. ” Jin Su Wang explained more.

”Now we invite the two competitors up here. ” Jin Su Wang shouted.

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The audience shouted excitedly. 

Yi Su Ran stood up proudly and walked towards Jin Su Wang.
While she was looking, she sneaks a glance at Bai Shu Jin.
However, she was disappointed that Bai Shu Jin did not even look at her.
She threw that matter outside her mind right now.
She needed to focus on defeating that bitch.
That way, Bai Shu Jin might think that she was more amazing than that bitch.

”Yu Qi, they are calling your name. ” Yun Xiao said to Yu Qi when he saw Yu Qi dazed off.

”Oh. ” Yu Qi stopped dazing off when Yun Xiao called her name.
She did not pay attention to her surroundings.
She stood up and turned back to Aoi and said, ”Wait for me, here.
I will bring you out to eat tonight. ”

”Yu Qi, don ’t worry.
I will take care of him. ” Song Ha Ting answered Yu Qi.

Aoi sighed.
He knew he could not escape anymore.
He actually forgot about this woman.
’I will sit here obediently.
Master will bring me to eat outside tonight.
Hold on, Aoi. ’ Aoi gave supports to himself.

Yu Qi walked toward Jin Su Wang.
She just walked in her normal way.
However, from other perspectives, she was looking like a model walked on a ramp.
The girls who hated Yu Qi grind their teeth.
They were jealous of Yu Qi.
Yu Qi arrived at Jin Su Wang ’s place.

”Let ’s ask them first. ” Jin Su Wang turned to Yi Su Ran first.

”How are you feeling right now, Miss Yi Su Ran? ” Jin Su Wang asked.

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”I ’m feeling good.
I ’m ready to shoot the arrows. ” Yi Su Ran said confidently.

”How about you, Miss Tang Yu Qi? ” Jin Su Wang asked.

”Same as Miss Yi Su Ran. ” Yu Qi mimicked the way Yi Su Ran talk.

Yi Su Ran glared to Yu Qi.
She thought this bitch was making fun of her.

”Just you wait.
You will be ashamed of yourself . ” Yi Su Ran said while grinding her teeth.
Since it was said in a low tone and Yi Su Ran ’s mouth did not move when she was talking, so, only Yu Qi and Jin Su Wang heard that sentence.

”I will be waiting for that. ” Yu Qi also replied in a low tone.
She was saying that while she was smiling.

In Yi Su Ran ’s view, it was like direct provoke to her.
’Calm down, Yi Su Ran.
She will lose this time. ’ Her eyes flashed a cold glimpse.

Jin Su Wang could feel his body tensed up when hearing words from these two girls.
They really hated each other.

”Without waiting anymore, we will start the competition.
Before that, we need to choose who will be going first.
So to be fair to everyone, we decide to toss a cent.
While I ’m throwing the cent into the air, you two need to choose whether you want to head or tail.
When the cent shows head or tail, you can go first. ” Jin Su Wang told them.

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The two girls nodded as they understood his explanation.

Jin Su Wang tossed the cent into the air.

”Tail. ” Yi Su Ran shouted first.
Automatically Yu Qi chose head.

Jin Su Wang caught the cent.
Then he opened up his hand.
It showed a tail.
Meaning Yi Su Ran would go first.
Yu Qi would go after Yi Su Ran.

”Let ’s wait for Miss Yi Su Ran to wear all the required gear. ” Jin Su Wang told the audience.

Yu Qi walked to the place that she sat before since it was not her turn.

”The distance is quite far in the shooting game. ” Zhu Xiao Ling commented.

”Really? ” Mei Lilli asked.

”In the normal shooting game, the furthest distance is 50 meters. ” Zhu Xiao Ling told them.

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”Oh, I see.
Then it is a disadvantage to Yu Qi, isn ’t it? ” So Pang Lim said.

”I don ’t think so.
Yu Qi manages to beat the most talented woman in the archery club two years ago. ” Ding Na An voiced her opinion.

Everyone looked at Ding Na An weirdly.

”What? Why are you guys looking at me like that? ” Ding Na An asked when seeing her friends gave a weird look to her.

”No no no…
We are just surprised that you actually talked about the thoughts in your mind.
You are usually like Yu Qi, dazed off or doing your own stuff. ” So Pang Lim said.

It is true. ” Yun Xiao added.

Ding Na An rolled her eyes at her friends.
Everyone around Yu Qi was laughing.
They did not pay any attention to the Yi Su Ran who was about to shoot her first arrow.

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