Seeing Mu Yian did not say anything, Mu Rong Xie continued talking.

“He must be ugly or something like that.”

The moment Mu Rong Xie said this, people around them looked at her with hostile intentions.

A woman and two men approached her.

“Hey, what do you say just now?” That woman asked.

That woman was Bucong Jiye and the two men were Bucong Jian and Bucong Nanyi.
They also had been invited.

The ancestor was a person who was highly respected by the people in the cultivation world.
They would not allow someone to disrespect the Ancestor like that.

“Wha… What?” Mu Rong Xie stepped back when seeing those people being so aggressive.

She looked around.
People looked at her maliciously.
She did not understand why these people doing something like this.

“How dare you insult our ancestor?” Bucong Nanyi said.

“Ancestor? When did I insult your ancestor?” Mu Rong Xie shook her head, and denied the accusation.

“We all heard that.
‘He must be ugly or something like that.’ That is what you said just now.” Bucong Jiye mimicked Mu Rong Xie.

“What? Huh? He is your ancestor? How come? He is obviously a young man.
How could such a young man become the ancestor?” Mu Rong Xie was dumbfounded when she knew this.
“Are you guys nut?”


Mu Rong Xie felt the pain on her face.
She looked at the person who slapped her.

“How dare you slap me?” Mu Rong Xie shouted.

The person who slapped Mu Rong Xie was not Bucong Jiye or her two brothers but Huo Yiang.
The person from Huo Family, the granddaughter of Huo Xi.

“Your mouth is stink.
You should close your mouth.” Huo Yiang glared at Mu Rong Xie.

“Miss, you can just slap people like this.” Mu Yian interfered.

“You should be glad that I don’t kill her on the spot.” Huo Yiang replied.

Otherwise, you will see the Yama King.”

“If this place is our place, you already lost your life.”

Mu Rong Xie was shocked while Mu Yian was startled.
How could they talk about killing a person like this?

Well, killing was a normal thing in the cultivation world.
If fighting and killing were the same things.
As they said if this place was their cultivation world, Mu Rong Xie was already being hacked by them.

Grandma Dian and Wei Sha Lin, Dian Qi Qi’s mother came and found out what happened.

“What happened here? Why do I hear someone screaming here?” Grandma Dian asked.

“She is screaming earlier.” Huo Yiang said.
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“Old Madam, she insults our Ancestor by calling him ugly, just because he wears the mask.” Bucong Jiye added.

“What? You again.
Just now you insult my granddaughter.
And now you insult our ancestor? I can’t stand you.
Leave our place immediately.” Grandma Dian could not stand this girl anymore.

The ancestor was like a god for people in the cultivation world.
Grandma Dian could not tolerate this behavior.

Mu Rong Xie wanted to speak up.
But Grandma Dian did not want to hear any more from her.

“Do you want to walk by yourself or do you want me to call someone to escort you out?” Grandma Dian glared sharply at Mu Rong Xie.

Grandma Dian put on pressure on Mu Rong Xie.
Mu Rong Xie felt horrible.
Even though Grandma Dian was old, she was still strong.

“Calm down, Madam.” Su Yu Qing rushed over when seeing her daughters in trouble.

“I want her out of my house.” Grandma Dian demanded.

“Just… ” Su Yu Qing wanted to talk again but Grandma Dian did not want to hear anything anymore.

“Raymond, escort this girl out of our house.” Grandma Dian called Grandpa Ray.

“We will leave… We will leave.” Su Yu Qing became scared when Grandma Dian started to call someone.

“You are her sister.
Leave too.” Grandma Dian said at Mu Yian.

Mu Yian wanted to stay but when Grandma Dian also said that to her, she could not stay anymore.
She was flustered to have someone moron like Mu Rong Xie to be her sister.

The three women left the hall.
Someone appeared to show them the way out.
They really kicked the three women out.
Since it was the top of the mountain.
The scene was a little bit creepy.

“Yian, call our driver to pick up us here.
I don’t want to stay here.
Scary.” Su Yu Qing said.

“Okay.” Mu Yian called their driver.

Luckily their driver was asked to stand by close to this place.
Otherwise, they needed to wait for the driver to arrive at this place.

While waiting for the car to come to pick them up, Su Yu Qing asked what happened since the old woman was so angry that she refused to hear anything and demanded them leaving the party right now

“You should ask Rong Xie.” Mu Yian rolled her eyes.

If it was not because of Mu Rong Xie’s lousy mouth, they would not be kicked out like this.
It was so embarrassing.
She never experienced this before.

“Rong Xie?” Su Yu Qing turned to Mu Rong Xie.

“I am not doing anything wrong.” Mu Rong Xie did not want to talk.

“If it is not because of your mouth, none of this would happen.
You should control your mouth.
You don’t learn at all.” Mu Yian was getting annoyed by her younger sister.

How could she have a sister like this? So stupid.

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