The police came and took a look at the situation.
After getting a statement from everyone, the police escorted the students to the police station.
Since they were under 18 years old, their parent had been called.
The parent immediately came to the police station.

“What are you doing, you stupid son?” One middle-aged man shouted as soon as he arrived at the police station and saw his son.

The boy just looked down.
He did not dare to look up.

The police officer tried to calm down the parent who was very angry.
Other parents arrived.
The police officers explained everything to the parent.

The parents immediately apologized to Yu Qi as soon they heard the explanation.
The parents did not want to make things worse.
So, they decided to pay the money to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi agreed with that.

Uncle Song Nan who had work to do outside the town came back as soon as possible after getting a call from Yu Qi.

He did not believe what he just heard.
He apologized to Yu Qi nonstop.
His nephew came to live with him a few days ago.
He never thought that something like this would happen.

Yu Qi did not make things difficult for Uncle Song Nan.
She knew him for such a long time.
She knew how honest Uncle Song Nan was.
So, she forgave him.

Uncle Song Nan pulled Song Bin to apologize to Yu Qi.
Song Bin trembled while asking for forgiveness.

Yu Qi made a suggestion to Uncle Song Nan to transfer Song Bin to another school.

“What?” Uncle Song Nan was surprised.

“Miss Tang, I am really sorry about this.” Song Bin cried.

“Listen, from what I see, you are being bullied by them, right?” Yu Qi looked at Song Bin.

Song Bin did not answer, just looked at the ground.
How could he admit that he had been a bully’s victim?

“You should not be afraid to admit it.
Admit it does not mean you are weak.
Admit it meaning you are willing to face and fight it.” Yu Qi said.
“Those people will try to bully you even though after this because they would think it was your fault that they were brought to the police station and get reprimanded by their parents and the police officers.”

“Then, what should I do?” Song Bin looked at Yu Qi.

“I am suggesting you change the school.
I am not telling you to run away.
But to build your strength.
After you feel you can fight back, you can come back and make them taste your fist.” Yu Qi smiled.

Song Bin felt like he was told by an angel.
The woman in front of him was really beautiful.

“I want to do it but which school should I go to?” Song Bin sighed.

“Military school.” Long Hui interfered.

Everyone looked at Long Hui.

“Can I?” Song Bin asked in yearning.please visit panda(-)

I can recommend you under my name.” Long Hui said.

“Really? I would like to go to military school.
I will do my best.” Song Bin clenched his fist.
Then he looked at Long Hui again.
“Are you a soldier, Mister?”

I am a soldier.
We will settle it tomorrow.
You go and rest for tonight.” Long Hui added.

It changed Song Bin’s perspective on Long Hui.
A soldier.
A career that earned respect from Song Bin.
Song Bin really likes soldiers.

“Thank you, Miss Tang, Mister” Song Bin bowed deeply before leaving.

“Miss Yu Qi, Mr.
Long, thank you for helping my nephew.” Uncle Song Nan also bowed to Yu Qi and Long Hui.

“We just help what we can help.
The rest is up to him.” Yu Qi said.

“Yes… But really….
thank you.” Uncle Song Nan said.

pAn,Da nv,e1 Uncle Song Nan also left leaving Yu Qi and Long Hui.

“Are you sure Song Bin can enter the military school?” Yu Qi asked while they walked to Grandpa Tang’s garden.

“Of course.
However, whether he can survive or not, is up to him.” Long Hui smiled.

“Okay… okay… enough about him.
Right now, I need to transport out some of the lake water in my space outside.
You need to guard the surrounding.
Let me know if Uncle Song Nan or Song Bin comes here.
If they see me disappear and reappear, I don’t what know to explain.” Yu Qi remembered the reason she was here.

I will be your bodyguard.” Long Hui nodded.

Yu Qi entered the space.
Her little cuties were already waiting for her.
Bo Ya already found the large containers that she could use to transfer the lake water out.

The three cuties helped her to fill the lake water into the containers.
Five of the containers were full of lake water.
Yu Qi decided to transfer out two of them first.
Then she could come back in for the rest.

Long Hui did not wait for a long time.
Yu Qi was only gone for 10 minutes.
His beloved Qi Qi reappeared with two large containers.
Before he managed to say anything, Yu Qi already cut him off.

“I will go back inside.” Then, she just disappeared.

She came back with two more containers and went back.
Then she came out again with one container.
Seeing this, Long Hui knew she finished.

“I guess it is enough for the time being.” Yu Qi looked at the container.

“Since you are finished, you can pay attention to me then.” Long Hui smiled.

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