“Well, a week ago, the man, he is called Mr.
Wang came and stayed at our ryokan for about 3 days.
We served him like we serve other guests.
However, he came back two days ago telling us that he wanted to buy the place.
I told him repeatedly that we are not selling the place but he did not listen to me.” Chui Mei Fung sighed.

“Do you know who he is?” Yu Qi asked.

“I don’t.
I have never seen him before.” Chui Mei Fung shook her head.

“Never mind.
I will investigate him.
You just need to pay attention to the surrounding.
Never let him play us.” Yu Qi looked at Chui Mei Fung with a serious look.

Chui Mei Fung got what Yu Qi meant by that.
She would ask the staff to pay more attention too.

“Since you are here, let me report to you about the finance.” Chui Mei Fung stated.

Usually, she would send the report to Yu Qi by email.
Since Yu Qi was here, she would brief the report to Yu Qi.

“Sure.” Yu Qi nodded.

Long Hui stayed seated inside while Chui Mei Fung reported to Yu Qi.
However, he did not pay much attention to what Chui Mei Fung said to Yu Qi.
He just observed Yu Qi.
Yu Qi in working mode was quite a blessing in his eyes.

Leaving the Saisei Ryokan, Yu Qi immediately got in touch with Shiro, the hacker that she hired before.

Q: Hey.

Shiro: What’s up?

Q: I need you to look up someone.

Shiro: Sure.
But why don’t you do it yourself?

Q: I am kind of busy.
I will send the picture.
He goes by the name Wang.
I don’t know whether it is his last name or surname.

Shiro: Okay… I will check and give the result to you as soon as possible.

Q: Great.

The conversation ended with Yu Qi sending a picture of MMrWang that she got from the camera set up in Chui Mei Fung’s room for safety reasons.
Never know it would be convenient like this.

“I wonder who the mastermind behind that man is.” Yu Qi snorted.

“You will know later.
Do you need my help?” Long Hui asked.

“Not for now.
I will ask your help if I can’t settle it myself.” Yu Qi looked at Long Hui.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m They walked home.
Arriving home, they saw Uncle Song Nan and Song Bin.

“Miss Tang, Mr.
Long…” Song Bin greeted Yu Qi and Long Hui.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Song Bin seemed to have greater respect when he greeted Long Hui.
He admired the soldier.
When his uncle told him about Long Hui, he admired Long Hui even more.
Becoming a high-ranking soldier at a young age was something that one could be proud of.
He also wanted to be someone like Long Hui.

“Call me Sister Yu Qi and him, Brother Hui.” Yu Qi said.

“Yes, Sister Yu Qi, Brother Hui.” Song Bin corrected the calling.

“When will you are going back?” Uncle Song Nan asked.

“We will be going around 5 p.m.
Song Bin, have you finished packing?” Yu Qi answered Uncle Song Nan’s question first, then turned to ask Song Bin.

“Yes.” Song Bin nodded.

“Have you talked about the transfer to his parent?” Long Hui asked.

Hearing this question made Song Bin’s face pale.
His parent did not think well of him.
They did not care about him at all.
Because they already had a perfect son.
Smart and strong.
Unlike him, he had a weak personality and did not smart either.

Song Bin could not stand it anymore when his parent completely ignored him.
At first, they did not talk to him.
Not until they did not even prepare a meal for him.
He was starving for almost a week.

Then, Song Tao and Uncle Song Nan came to visit his home.
His parent and his brother greeted them.
Song Tao asked for Song Bin.

Seeing a strange look on his parent and brother, Song Tao decided to take action and went to find Song Bin.
Song Bin was in an empty room without anything inside, laying down.
His body was very thin.
They almost could see the bone’s lines.

Song Tao ignored Song Bin’s parents, lifted Song Bin, and rushed them to the hospital.
After that, Uncle Song Nan took care of Song Bin.
He became the legal guardian of Song Bin

Yu Qi noticed the change.

“His parent already gave me custody.
I will be his legal guardian.” Uncle Song Nan said.

“I see.
Okay, then.” Yu Qi did not probe much about that.
“Uncle Song Nan, let’s go to FINN City too.
Grandpa will be happy to see you.”

“Me? Go to FINN City?” Uncle Song Nan could not imagine himself.

You don’t have things to do here anymore.
The garden that you should take care of here is already being destroyed by those teenagers.” Yu Qi said.

“But…” Uncle Song Nan was reluctant to leave Shiwa Town.

I will not force you to leave and stay over there.” Yu Qi did not want to force Uncle Song Nan.

“It is better for Song Bin to have someone that he is familiar with when registering for the military school.” Long Hui said.

Song Bin looked at his uncle.
Under his nephew’s eyes, Uncle Song Nan agreed to accompany to send Song Bin to military school.

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