They arrived at Tang’s Residence around 8 p.m.
Grandpa Tang was surprised to see Uncle Song Nan.
However, he was happy to see Uncle Song Nan.

Yu Qi explained the situation.
Grandpa Tang told Uncle Song Nan and Song Bin they could stay one night before going to the military school tomorrow.

Grandpa Tang did not invite Long Hui but he invited himself over.


At breakfast, Tang Jin Wei was surprised to see Long Hui and two unfamiliar faces.
As a busybody, he began to ask Yu Qi about that.

“Sis, do you know them?” Tang Jin Wei asked.

“Uncle Song Nan and his nephew, Song Bin.” Yu Qi answered.

“Uncle Song Nan… Uncle Song Nan… Oh, him.” Tang Jin Wei remembered him.
His Grandpa’s helper.
“What is he doing here? Is he going to work here?”

“No, he is not going to stay here.
He just comes here to handle his nephew”s paperwork for transferring schools.” Yu Qi said.

“Oh, which school?” Tang Jin Wei asked again.

“Military school.” Yu Qi said.

Tang Jin Wei was surprised.
“Military school?” He turned to Song Bin.
“Are you sure you want to enter the military school?”

Song Bin was startled when hearing the sudden question from Tang Jinn Wei but he still answered it.

“It is super hard.
Are you sure you can handle it?” Tang Jin Wei stated the fact.

“I will try.
No, I will handle the pressure.” Song Bin nodded.

Seeing such determination from Song Bin, Tang Jin Wei stopped pushing the subject.

After breakfast, they went to separate ways.
Long Hui went together with Uncle Song Nan and Song Bin.
Yu Qi and Tang Jin Wei went to the hospital together.

Yu Qi had a scheduled surgery today at 10 a.m.
So, she needed to do some early preparations.


Han Baise finally found out what his boss wanted.
He read the information.
‘Wang Qui’.
He did not know what this man did to offend his boss.
He could say, his background was quite impressive.

Wang Qui was from Zonghi City.
40 years old.
He has been working in Japan for about 12 years.
Had a net worth of about 12 million.

Han Baise sent the information to his boss.
His job for this was settled.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om Then he received a message from his boss saying thank you.
He smiled.

Yu Qi received the information.
She just finished her work here.
It was a perfect time to receive the information.
She received the information.

After reading the information, she finally understood why the man wanted to buy Saisei Ryokan.

Wang Qui was working in the same business as well.
He was a director at a Japanese company.
That company had a chain of resorts and hotels around Japan.
He must be seeing the potential of Saisei Ryokan and wanted to purchase it for them.

However, the information on the next page made Yu Qi reanalyze the matter.
The Japanese Company had some ties with BaI Corporation.please visit panda(-)

“So, you want to attack mine again? You should be looking for death.” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

The knock on her door made Yu Qi stop thinking about that matter.
She would handle this matter later.

The nurse came and told her that she had a patient to handle.
She asked the nurse to welcome the patient in.
The patient came in.

Yu Qi’s eyes became narrow again when she faced the patient.
It was Bai Yu.

Bai Yu smiled when seeing Yu Qi.
He sat on the chair in front of Yu Qi.
Yu Qi put aside their feeling and became professional about this.

“Why are you here?” Yu Qi asked.

“To come to see you.” Bai Yu said.

The answer made Yu Qi glare at him.
He changed the answer.

“Oh, no… I am feeling sick.
My throat is uncomfortable.” Bai Yu explained.
He was not lying.

“Please close your close.
Let me see your throat.” Yu Qi said.

Bai Yu followed her order and opened his mouth.
Yu Qi looked over and saw his throat was kind of red and swollen a little bit.

“Do you feel anything else?” Yu Qi asked.

“I am also feeling a little bit dizzy.” Bai Yu told her.

‘He must be having a fever.’ Yu Qi thought.
She grabbed a thermometer.

“Put on your mouth for a while.” Yu Qi ordered.

Bai Yu took the thermometer and put it in his mouth.
While doing so, he observed Yu Qi.
This was the first time he was close to Yu Qi at such a distance.
Usually, they would stand far away from each other.
He liked her.

“That’s enough.” Yu Qi grabbed the thermometer and looked at the temperature.

“Hmm… You have a mild fever.
I will write the prescription and you can get the medicine at the pharmacy down here.” Yu Qi said.
She started writing.

“Miss Tang, can I invite you for dinner tonight?” Bai Yu tried his luck.

Yu Qi did not stop writing or look up.
“Me Bai, you need to rest.
You have a mild fever.”

“Then another night?” Bai Yu asked again.

Yu Qi finished writing the prescription.
She handed over the paper to Bai Yu.

“Me Bai, I don’t plan to have dinner with you.
Not now and ever.” Yu Qi rejected him mercilessly.

“But why? Since ever we meet, you hate me so much.” Bai Yu remembered the time when they were at the university.

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