“Hate you? Of course, I hate men like you.
Playing with women’s feelings.
Tell me, do you even have a tiny love feeling for those women before?” Yu Qi looked at Bai Yu.

Receiving such a look made Bai Yu dazed.
Those women, he did not have any feelings toward them.
They also did not love him but loved his status and money.

“Those women just like my money and status.
How could I love such women?” Bai Yu mumbled.

“See? That is why I hate men like you.
You like to play with women like that.
You saw women as your plaything.” Yu Qi argued.

“I know that.
But I love you.
I know it after meeting you.” Bai Yu let out.

“Humph… Love me? You are just telling me that because you just want to have my body.
After you get what you want, you will toss it away.
Please… Stop talking about you love me.” Yu Qi snorted.

Bai Yu wanted to say something again.
But Yu Qi already did not want to hear the bullshit from Bai Yu.

“Here is your prescription.
You can leave now.
Otherwise, I will call someone to escort you out.
You choose.” Yu Qi pushed the paper again when Bai Yu did not pick up it earlier.

Bai Yu took the paper.
He wanted to stay here but having someone to escort him out would be embarrassing.
So, he left the room.

Yu Qi sighed.
She looked at the time.
It was about time to finish her work here.
She would need to go to Tiantang Research Center.

Yu Qi cleaned up the things and took her bag.
While locking the door, she was greeted by a group of doctors.

“Doctor Yu Qi.” A doctor called Yu Qi’s name.

“Yes? Is there anything?” Yu Qi asked them.

“Hmm… We would like to shadow you on your next surgeries.
Can we?” The doctor asked.

“Hmm… You can but please take turns.
Only two places on each surgery.
Discuss among yourself.” Yu Qi said.

The operation theatre could not be overcrowded.
Of course, they could not join the surgery at once.
So, it was better to take turns.

“Thank you, Doctor Yu Qi.
Are you finished for today?” The doctor asked.

I need to go to Tiantang Research Center later.” Yu Qi told them her plan.

“Oh, we waste your time.
We are sorry.
Once again, thank you for the opportunity.” The doctor said.

Once he finished his words, all of the doctors bowed to Yu Qi and left.

Yu Qi who left behind chuckled.
When she thought about that again, she felt like she was a mafia boss or something like that.
This incident made Yu Qi forget about Bai Yu earlier.

She walked to Tiantang Research Center.
It was not far from Tang Private Hospital.
Once arriving there, she showed her ID card to the security guards.
The security guards were confirming her identity and allowed her to enter.

When she was at the entrance, she placed her hand to scan her fingerprint.
While there, the system scanned her retina and heart.
The system confirmed her identity and the door automatically opened.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Master, you are back.
I miss you so much.” Neko-chan greeted Yu Qi.

“How have you been?” Yu Qi asked.

“I am fine… But it is lonely without you.” Neko-chan said with a sad tone.

“Lonely? You have other people to talk with.” Yu Qi allowed Neko-chan to get along with other researchers.

“No, one could follow up with my intelligence.” Neko-chan sighed.

Yu Qi raised her eyebrows.
It seemed Neko-chan developed such a character.
Well, Yu Qi did not think it was a bad thing.
If Neko-chan did not do something that she considered bad, then it was fine.

Yu Qi went to her room.
Her research had been put off for a while in order for her to go and celebrate Great-Grandpa Dian’s birthday.

“Neko-chan, I will restart my research.
Remind me when the time is 9 p.m.” Yu Qi told Neko-chan.

“Yes, Master…” Neko-chan said.

On the screen, Neko-chan appeared and put on her headphone on her ear.
She began to select the drama that she wanted to watch.

Lately, she was hooked on watching k-dramas.
She chose the drama Alchemy of Souls.
Yu Qi glanced at Neko-chan and was speechless.
She created an AI who liked to watch dramas.

“Is the drama fun?” Yu Qi asked.

Human is very creative.
They could create a lot of interesting stories.
I have been watching a lot of them.” Neko-chan grinned.

‘I can Hear Your Voice, My Love From The Star, The Girl Who Can See The Scents… You can name the title, she watched a lot.
She also watched the political drama.

Yu Qi began working on her research.
This time, it was research about blood cancer.
She wanted to research the cure using herbs.
She completely forgot about time.
She learned a lot from them.

master… It is already 9 p.m.
9 p.m.” Neko-chan pulled out Yu Qi.

Yu Qi heard the voice and looked at the watch.
It was 9 p.m.
Her eyes narrowed.
It was about time.

She stopped doing research.
Well, it was nothing left.
She already prepared the sample.
It needed to be left for 12 hours in the incubator.

pAnD a(-)n0ve1.com “Neko-chan, let’s play.
I will show it to you.” Yu Qi said.

Hearing the word let’s play, Neko-chan stopped watching the drama.
Her master invited her to play.
Of course, she would follow her master.

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