“Master, I am ready to play.” Neko-chan’s eyes looked at Yu Qi with excitement.

“Sit beside me.
I will show a good thing to play.” Yu Qi grinned.

“Okay.” Neko-chan followed her master’s order and sat beside her.

Yu Qi started to type something on the screen.
Since Bai Cooperation wanted to reach their claws on her thing, she would touch their thing too.

Wang Qui was indeed working with a Japanese hotel.
However, Bai Cooperation had some share in that Japanese hotel.
Bai Cooperation told Wang Qui about Saisei Ryokan.

Since Saisei Ryokan’s concept was based on Japanese culture, the owner became interested in Saisei Ryokan.
He sent Wang Qui to see the hotel.

Wang Qui was impressed with Saisei Ryokan during his stay.
He immediately informed the owner about that.
The owner told Wang Qui to buy Saisei Ryokan.

The Japanese Hotel that Wang Qui worked with was Mizukami Hotel.
It was a quite famous hotel that had branches around Japan.
The owner probably wanted to change Saisei Ryokan into his own.

“Master, are you hacking into someone’s system?” Neko-chan was an AI, she knew what her master was trying to do right now.

“Yes.” Yu Qi nodded.

“But is that a wrong thing to do?” Neko-chan asked again.

“If someone decides to delete the K-dramas that you download, are you angry?” Yu Qi took a different approach to explain to Neko-chan about the matter.

p-n0ve1、com “Of course, I am angry.” Neko-chan showed an angry emoji on her screen.

“This person wants to touch my thing.
I hack into his system to teach him some lessons that he should not touch someone’s belongings.” Yu Qi said.

“Owh… I see… Master, let me help you.” Neko-chan offered her help.

Let’s play together.” Yu Qi nodded.


The technician personnel sat and talked while eating some snacks.
Then, an alarm was ringing indicating some intruders wanted to enter their system.

They threw away the snack and started focusing their attention on the computer.
After the last invasion, the technician personnel tried to block the intruders.

“Call our head right now.”

“Hurry up.”

One of them began to call the head of the technician.

“Why do you suddenly call me in the middle of the night?” The head of the technicians was angry when the call disturbed his sleep.

“Sir, our system has been intruded on by someone.
Please come.
We can’t handle it.” The technician personnel cried out loud.

The head of the technician who was feeling sleepy stood up immediately.

“Okay… I will go there.” The head of the technician said.

His wife who had been sleeping woke up when there was a sudden move from her husband.

“What happens?” His wife asked.

“There is a problem at the office.
I need to go right now.” The head of the technician said.

“Can you wait until the morning?” His wife asked again.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

If  I wait until morning? I might lose my job.” The head of the technician said.

He quickly changed his clothes, rushing out to the office.
It was chaos in the office.
His subordinates were working hard to stop the intruder.

He pushed one of them away and took his place.
He began to type.
He tried to create a chat with the hacker and it succeed.

Are you Q?”

Q: Oh, you are quite excellent at trying to contact me in the middle of this.

The head of the technicians quickly typed.

‘Sir Q, please stop attacking our system and tell me what you want.’

The head of the technicians waited for Q to reply.

Q: Hmm… Because I bored?

The head of the technicians felt like he wanted to punch someone.
Because he was bored, he hacked into their system? What the fuck?

Q: Well… Of course not… Your Bai Cooperation is the one who starts all of this.
I just retaliate.

The head of the technician frowned as he read that.
His subordinates also read the message.

“Head, what does he mean?” One of the technicians asked.

How could the Head of the technicians answer that? He also did not know about this.
However, it could not be continued.
The head of the technician typed again.

‘Well, Sir Q, you can discuss it with us if you have something to say.
You can’t just attack us like this.’

Q: I will hack you.
What can you say?

NC: Yes… yes… What can you say… Ha ha ha…

They looked at the screen.
‘NC? There was another one? They are together? Q was already difficult to deal with.
Now, we had another one.’

“Call Director Mu Chin right now.” The head of the technician made the decision.

He could not handle this.
He needed upper management to help him.

“Meanwhile, try to trace their IP address.” The head of the technician made another order.

My Chin was also in dream land and woke up when a call disturbed his sleep.
He could see the number was from his office.

He stood up and got out of bed, walking out of the bedroom and answering the call.

“What do you want?” Mu Chin asked.

“Director Mu, Q is attacking our system again.” The man said.

Hearing the name ‘Q’, Mu Chin completely woke up.
“What do you just say?”

“Q is attacking our system again.
Our people are currently trying to fight with him.
But I don’t think we can counter him completely.” The man said.

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