Tell me about your identity. ” Ren Qian Yi said to the two of them.

The old man did not answer.
Seeing that his boss did not say anything, the scarred man did not want any more problems and answered Ren Qian Yi.

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”My name is Hong Nan.
This is my boss, Mr.
Yu An Wong.
We are merchants. ” The scarred man answered.

”So, tell me what had happened here? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

”The devil girl killed them all. ” The old man quickly told him the truth.

”Killed them all? ” That sentence made people wonder what the truth could actually be.

Ren Qian Yi could conclude roughly that there were around fifty to sixty men lying dead on the ground.
How could a weak girl like his sister in law kill that many people? Ignoring the old man, Ren Qian Yi turned to the scarred man.

Understanding the look given by Ren Qian Yi, the scarred man told the same thing that the old man said before.
”My boss told you the truth.
That young girl is really the one who killed all those men.
We are not lying. ”

”I see.
Where did the gun come from? ” Ren Qian Yi asked again.

I don ’t know. ” The scarred man answered.
He then added.
”I am also curious as to how did she get the gun. ”

”Bring them to the police station and ask some of the police officers to come here.
Our Major Long will handle the rest, but there is a lot of work here to do. ”

Why should I go to the police station? I ’m not doing anything wrong! You should send that devil girl there since she has killed so many people, ” the old man shouted.
He totally forgot that he had asked his men to kidnap Yu Qi in the first place.

Ren Qian Yi looked at the old man.
”Not doing anything wrong? Are you forgetting that you kidnapped my sister in law and brought her here? ” Ren Qian Yi chuckled.
”You are lucky that our Major Long is completely worried about his beloved.
Otherwise, you would be facing his anger.
Well, you might be facing him sooner or later after he has confirmed that nothing is wrong with sister in law. ”

The old man remembered the man who shot him in the first place.
That man really scared him.
After shooting him in the leg, he had just let his soldiers take him away.

Ren Qian Yi took a look at the men.
They were dead because of a single shot, one that hit in the center of each forehead.
Ren Qian Yi was surprised to see this.
It was a  very good shot.
Even he would not be able to be that accurate.
He knew that his sister in law was good at shooting, but he did not expect her to be that good.

The police officers entered inside of the mansion and the sight that they saw left them shocked.
They never thought they would come across this kind of scene in their careers.
The pile of lifeless bodies was scattered around the place.
No words could describe the horror of that place.

The leader of the police officers came and greeted Ren Qian Yi.
”Good evening Sir.
I ’m Lan Shu Wen.
Maybe I know what has happened here? ”

”A girl had been kidnapped and been brought back here.
We came to save that girl. ” Ren Qian Yi explained the overall incident.

Lan Shu Wen frowned.
”Then you are responsible for killing those men here? ” He pointed to the bodies on the ground.

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”Eh, no.
This is not our doing. ” Ren Qian Yi denied the accusation.

”Then, who was doing this cr… ” Lan Shu Wen could not finish his words since Ren Qian Yi interrupted him mid-sentence.

”Cruel? Sir, what would you think if was your daughter that was kidnapped and facing this amount of men? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.
”This is not our work.
The girl that had been kidnapped by those men, it was her doing.
She killed them to protect herself.
Do you really think this is cruel? What would happen if she did not protect herself? She might become a victim of rape because of those men. ” Ren Qian Yi defended the actions of Yu Qi.

Lan Shu Wen and the other police officers were dumbfounded when they heard that this terrifying scene was not the work of the soldiers, but rather the girl that been kidnapped by them.
However, some of the police officers that came here with the other police officers understood what the girl had been through in order to protect herself to this extent.

”The girl must have snapped. ” One of the female police officers said.

”But, her aim is truly terrifying.
Look, most of the bullets were shot through the men ’s forehead. ” The police officers said while examining the bodies.

”The girl practiced her shooting.
She was the best female shooter in the last year ’s shooting competition. ” Ren Qian Yi told them.

”What? Really? I know that girl.
She is beautiful.
Her aiming was truly terrifying. ” The female police officer said.

I also went to see the competition.
Her skill is amazing. ” Another police officers said.

Lan Shu Wen coughed.
”Enough talking.
Let ’s get this work done. ”

Meanwhile, Long Hui and Aoi had brought the unconscious Yu Qi to the hospital.
Long Hui also make a call to Grandpa Tang and gave him an update about what had happened.

”Hello, Elder Tang.
This is Long Hui.
I have found Yu Qi.
Right now, I ’m bringing her to Senyu Hospital.
Let ’s meet there. ” Long Hui told Grandpa Tang.

Grandpa Tang was waiting for the call.
He could not sleep, thinking about his granddaughter being kidnapped.

”Okay, I understand. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.

Long Hui ended the call.
One hour later, they arrived at the hospital.
He stopped at the emergency department.
Long Hui carried Yu Qi in his arms as he rushed into the hospital.
Aoi was waiting outside.
He knew he was not allowed to enter this place.
He remembered what his master told him the last time when he tried to follow her into the hospital.

When the nurses saw this scene, they rushed to him and asked about the situation.
Long Hui gently laid Yu Qi on the bed that the nurses had indicated.
One nurse left and went to find the doctor.
A female doctor soon came in.

”What ’s just happen to this patient? ” The doctor asked Long Hui with caution.

”I don ’t know.
She just fainted like that.
I had just rescued her after she was kidnapped.. ” Long Hui answered the question.

The female doctor went silent.
She approached Yu Qi and did a thorough check-up.
She became relieved.
According to the results, there were no major problems with her as a result.

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”She just fainted from being so stressed for an extended period of time.
Judging from what you just said, she was kidnapped, right? She is just relieved when she knew she was safe again.
Her body forced her to take a rest, so you don ’t need to worry about her.
She will wake up soon.
Just let her sleep. ” The female doctor said.

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