After wearing all the archery gears, Yi Su Ran went to the place where she would be shooting the arrow.
Since she was a member of the archery club, she used the gears that she always used during her practice including the bow and the arrows.

Yi Su Ran pulled the string and released the arrow.
The arrow flew toward the target board.
Yi Su Ran was confident that her arrow would be hit the board since she already practiced this distance of 50 meters a lot but she did not sure that it would hit the ’X ’ mark.
The highest mark that she managed to get on this distance was 8.

Maybe, because she was nervous, she hit the 6 points.
Seeing the point, her expression tightened.
Because she needed to shoot three arrows in 2 minutes, she pulled the second arrows and shot it.
Now the second arrow land at the 9 points.
She gained her confidence.
This was the first time she hit the 9 points on this distance.

Yeah, she could win this.
Won against that bitch.
Then Bai Shu Jin might feel that bitch was just a normal girl that wanted to seduce him.

She pulled another arrow and shot the target.
9 points again.
She was smiling.
Her hard work had shown the result.
She shot another three arrows continuously and got 8 points on the fourth and fifth arrows and 9 points on the last arrow.

Seeing the result, Yi Su Ran satisfied with it.
Only the first arrow was a little bit missed.
Overall for 50 meter distance, she gained 49 points.
The audiences were clapping when they saw the result.

”Miss Yi Su Ran has 3 minutes break before continuing with another distance which is 80 meters.

”Nice, Su Ran.
You will win against that bitch. ” Yi Ren Shiang encouraged Yi Su Ran.

”I will try my best. ” Yi Su Ran said.

The 3 minutes break ended.
Yi Su Ran went to the 80 meters.
Actually, to be honest, Yi Su Ran did not confident to get the high points in this distance.
It was a far distance.
The highest mark that she managed to achieve before was 6 points.
It was not that low and high points.

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Yu Su Ran took her first arrow and shot.
The first point was 4 points.
Yi Su Ran frowned.
She quickly grabbed the second arrow and shot and got the 5 points.
The third arrow land on the 6 points area.

Seeing this, Yi Su Ran was excited.
The points might increase as she shot the next arrows.
However, when she shot the fourth arrow, she only got 6 points.
It was the same as the fifth and last arrow.
Yi Su Ran stepped out from the archery area.

”Miss Yi Su Ran already finished her shooting.
Let ’s see how many points that Miss Yi Su Ran gets from these two distances? It ’s 82 points. ” Jin Su Wang announced Yi Su Ran ’s points.

”So, it is Miss Tang Yu Qi ’s turn. ” Jin Su Wang called Yu Qi ’s name.

Yu Qi had already finished equipping the archery gear.
She walked into archery ground.
When she walked, a lot of eyes looked at Yu Qi especially, of course, the eyes of men.

Yu Qi picked the bow and arrows.
Then she was getting ready to shoot.
When she was pulling the string, something happened.
The string was snapped and injured Yu Qi ’s hand.
The blood was dripping down to the ground.

”Yu Qi!!! ” Song Ha Ting screamed her name.

Her other friends ran toward her.
Jin Su Wang also panicked when seeing this incident happened in front of him.
He also approached Yu Qi.

”Miss Tang, are you okay? ” Jin Su Wang asked.
Jin Su Wang was about to call the paramedic to see Yu Qi.

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However, Ding Na An already opened the first aid kit box.
She quickly stopped the blood from flowing.
As expected for a future doctor.
When seeing the blood already stopped.
Ding Na An put some medicine and wrapped it.

”Wow, that girl already act fast. ” One of the onlookers said.

She even brings the first aid box here. ”

”It is no surprise since they are from medical faculty. ”

The audience was talking to each other.
They saw that the girl ran to Yu Qi bringing the first aid box to treat Yu Qi.

”Na An, thank you. ” Yu Qi thanked her.

”No worries. ” Ding Na An replied.
”Are you okay? You want to continue? ”

”Of course. ” Yu Qi nodded.

When her friends heard Yu Qi said that, they left Yu Qi and went back to their place.

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”Miss Tang, are you sure you want to continue? You have already been injured. ” Jin Su Wang asked.

”It is a small wound.
Don ’t worry about that. ” Yu Qi said.

”But…. ” Jin Su Wang hesitated to say.

”It ’s okay.
I still can shoot.
But however, I will like to request something from you. ” Yu Qi said

”If it is something that I can help with, I will try my best to help you. ” Jin Su Wang said.

Yu Qi smiled.
When Jin Su Wang saw the smile, he felt something in his heart.
’This girl is really beautiful.
However, she was already taken by someone. ’ He did not have the confidence to take the girl from the man because from what he had been listening to, the man was very handsome and loved the girl very much.

”Senior Jin, I would like to use the bow that Miss Yi used before.
Since Miss Yi did not get injured while using the bow, I think it is safe to use that bow. ” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi ’s reason was very acceptable.
Jin Su Wang went to take the bow that Yi Su Ran used before.

Yi Su Ran did not have any excuse for not lending the bow to Yu Qi.
She was afraid that someone would talk about it.
So, she had to be kind to lend the bow to Yu Qi.

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