“What? That bastard appear again?” Mu Chin gritted his teeth.

He could not forget the bastard who embarrassed him in front of President Bai.

“How are things?” Mu Chin asked.

“It’s getting worse.
Not only Q appears.
It seems he brings his friend too.” The man informed Mu Chin.

“What? I will go to the office now.” Mu Chin ended the call.

His wife woke up and saw her husband getting ready to go out.
“What happens?”

“Something happens at the office.
I need to go.
You can go back to sleep.” Mu Chin said.

“Okay.” His wife nodded.

Mu Chin drove to the office.
It was already late at night.
So, there were fewer cars on the road.
He rushed straight to the technician department.

“Director Mu.” The head of the technician greeted Mu Chin.

“How is the situation?” Mu Chin asked.

“I already communicate with Q.
What can I conclude from the conversation, it seems our side poked their side first.” The head of the technician said.

Mu Chin frowned.
‘We provoke them first? But I don’t remember provoking such an opponent.’

“Sir, he has stolen our money.
10 million.” The subordinate shouted.

Both Mu Chin and the head of the technicians quickly turned to the screen.
The head of the technician sat down again and typed something.

‘Sir, please don’t be like this.’

Q: You should know not to provoke me.

NC: You guys are very weak.
I don’t feel fun playing with you guys.

Another message popped out.
It sounded very childish but they knew this guy was more capable to defeat them.

“Ask him, can we know what thing makes him think that we provoke him?” Mu Chin voiced.

The head of the technicians nodded and began to type.

‘Can you tell us what thing makes you so angry with us?’

They waited for the answer.

Q: I think your big boss knows about this.

NC: You should ask them.

Q: I will leave first.
Enjoy my present.

NC: Bye, you loser.

“Director Mu, they leave a virus again.
I will try to counter it.” The head of the technician said while typing so fast at the keyboard.
Without looking at his subordinates, he shouted.
“You guys, help me too.”

The people began to work their butts off.
Sometimes the curse and swearing could be heard, they were from those people.
The virus that Q left was slightly the same as the one that he left but it was an improved version.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

They worked on defeating the virus for about 3 hours.
After succeeding, all of them were not so happy about that.
It was because a lot of data in their system was destroyed in the process.

It might get them to be scolded by their big boss.
It might cost their salary to be deducted.
It was 4 a.m.
They were tired and sleepy but they could not sleep thinking about the consequence that they might face this morning.

“Director Mu, we already destroyed the virus but a lot of data was also destroyed too.” The head of the technicians reported everything to Mu Chin.

Mu Chin could not be angry about that.
He watched how hard his subordinates worked earlier.

“Don’t worry.
I will talk to upper management later You better rest for now.
We need to work tomorrow.” Mu Chin said.


“Master, they are so weak,” Neko-chan commented.

“Hmm…” Yu Qi just acknowledged that.

“Why do you need to play with them?” Neko-chan asked while tilting her head.

“Because they want to touch what’s mine.
So, I need to play hard with them.” Yu Qi explained.

“I see.
When people want to touch what’s mine, I need to play hard with them.
I understand, Master.
I learn something today.” Neko-chan nodded.

Since it was already late, Yu Qi decided to stay at Tiantang Research Center.
She would go to the hospital from here.
She would take a nap for now.
She told Neko-chan to wake up her at 6 p.m.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m At 6 p.m., Neko-chan woke up her master.
Yu Qi was very sleepy fighting to wake up.
Yu Qi washed her face and brushed her teeth.
She changed her clothes to sport attire and entered the space.
She went jogging.

Shino and Aoi were left at Tang Residence.
Only Bo Ya was there.
He accompanied Yu Qi.
After jogging for one hour, she made breakfast, ate, and left the space, preparing to go to the hospital.

When she came out of the room, she saw Dian Shu Xian.

“Brother Shu Xian.” Yu Qi called him.
“You are early.”

“And you don’t return home last night?” Dian Shu Xian guessed.

Yu Qi just grinned.
“He he he… I have work to do here.
I don’t have any scheduled surgery for today.
So, I will be here again in the afternoon.”

“Hmm…” Dian Shu Xian nodded.

“I will leave here.
Bye.” Yu Qi rushed over when she looked at the time.

Yu Qi arrived at the hospital 10 minutes later.

“Doctor Yu Qi.” The nurse shouted.

“What is going on?” Yu Qi could see the nurse was desperate.

“There is a patient who wants to meet with you.” The nurse said.

“Which room? I will go after putting my bag.” Yu Qi said.

“Room V-29.” The nurse said.

Room V-29 was a VVIP room.
There were 30 VVIP rooms altogether.
Only people with status and money could stay in those VVIP rooms since it was expensive.

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