“Hurry up, Doctor Yu Qi.” The nurse said.

Yu Qi rushed to her room, put on her white coat, and went to Room V-29.
She knocked on the door and entered the room.
When she entered the room, there was another doctor and nurse, two men and women, and the patient who lay on the bed.

“What? Who are you? How can you enter without getting our permission?” It was a middle-aged woman who said that.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m Then it continued with the young woman.
“This is the VVIP room.
You should not be here.
Oh, I see.
You probably want to test your luck here since it is a VVIP room.” It was a very sarcastic way to speak to others.

“Doctor Yu Qi.” The doctor and nurse greeted Yu Qi.

“Wait, she is Doctor Yu Qi? Are you serious?” The young woman was shocked, looking at Yu Qi.

“How can she is Doctor Yu Qi? She is so young.” The middle-aged woman said.

“Sirs, madams, miss, she is indeed our Doctor Yu Qi.” The doctor confirmed Yu Qi’s identity.

“Two you, just shut up.” A middle-aged man said to two women.
He then turned to Yu Qi.
“Doctor Yu Qi, I am Wong Nanyi.
I am sorry for my wife and daughter’s rudeness.
The patient is my 60-year-old father.”

“Hmm… Never mind about that.
Why do you call me here?” Yu Qi did not want to waste her time here.

“I want your help.
Please take a look at my father.” The middle-aged man said with respect.

Step aside.” Yu Qi said while walking toward the patient.

People around stepped backward.
The patient was conscious.

“Hi, Sir.
I am Doctor Tang Yu Qi.
I will diagnose you right now, okay.” Yu Qi smiled.

The old man nodded weakly.
He felt warm when he looked at the smile.

Yu Qi began to take his pulse reading.
Everyone just watched it but the young woman whispered.

“Huh? What kind of technique is that? Is she really a qualified doctor?”

Even though her voice is very low, people still could hear that.

“Wong Suhe!” Wong Nanyi looked at his daughter.

Wong Suhe hid behind her mother.

“Doctor Yu Qi, I am sorry.” Wong Nanyi apologized once again on his daughter’s behalf.

Wong Nanyi was really afraid that Yu Qi felt offended and did not want to treat his father.
His father had suffered for a long time.
He also visited several doctors before but still had no promising results.

Then he came across Doctor Yu Qi.
He read the information about her before deciding to come and meet Doctor Yu Qi.

“If I hear once again, I will not tolerate this rudeness.” Yu Qi said without looking at Wong Suhe.

Wong Suhe wanted to respond but her eyes met her father’s eyes.
She immediately closed her mouth.

Yu Qi focused on the old man’s pulse again.
Her expression changed once she realized something.

“How long he has been in this situation?” Yu Qi asked.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Two years ago.
It happened so suddenly.
We had been seeing doctors everywhere but still no result.
The doctors could not detect what happened to my father.” Wong Nanyi said.

“I see.
He must have someone who hates him so much.” Yu Qi commented.

“Doctor Yu Qi, what do you mean by that?” Wong Nanyi asked.

“He had been poisoned.
The poison that did not kill you but can make you suffer a lot until you died.” Yu Qi explained.

Wong’s Family was startled to hear the words that came out of Yu Qi’s mouth.
‘Poison? By who?’ However, Wong Nanyi pushed the matter behind.
It was not important at the moment.
The most important right now was whether Doctor Yu Qi could heal his father.

“Doctor Yu Qi, can you heal my father?” Wong Nanyi really hoped the answer would not be disappointing.

It is very complicated.” Yu Qi said.

Hearing the positive answer from Doctor Yu Qi make Wong Nanyi and his family really happy.

“How complicated is it?” Wong Nanyi asked.

“He will need three months of treatment.
He will need to drink the prescription drug.
You can not make him drink other drugs at all.
I will supervise that.
And I also have one condition.” Yu Qi looked at Wong Nanyi.

“What is this? We will fulfill your request.” Wong Nanyi did not think Doctor Yu Qi would request something weird.

“When I treat your father, your wife and daughter can’t be in the room.” Yu Qi said.

“What? Why?” Wong Nanyi’s wife, Cai Ying asked.

We have the right to be here.” Wong Suhe also protested.

“I don’t want to be disturbed especially by you two.” Yu Qi did not look at Cai Ying and Wong Suhe but at Wong Nanyi.

I will make sure they will not be here when you treat my father.” Wong Nanyi nodded.



Cai Ying and Wong Suhe looked at Wong Nanyi.

“You are here is not helping at all.
So, there is no point for you two to be here.
Or you don’t want Father to be cured?” Wong Nanyi glared at them.

That made them quiet.

“When can you start the treatment, Doctor Yu Qi?” Wong Nanyi asked.

“In two days.” Yu Qi wrote something on her iPad.

“Why don’t you start right now? I thought you are a powerful doctor.” Wong Suhe snorted.

“Miss Wong, I need preparation to do before treating your grandfather.” Yu Qi replied.

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