Yu Qi told Grandpa Tang about the poison.
Grandpa Tang became interested to know more about the poison.
So, he decided to join Yu Qi in Old Man Wong’s treatment.

Wong Nanyi and his family were waiting for Yu Qi to come on the promised day.
When he saw the old man who walked beside Yu Qi, he was shocked.

In order to heal his father, he investigated all of the famous doctors.
Tang Jiang Man knows as the legendary doctor.
He used his connection to contact the legendary doctor but it did not go through.

The person he asked to contact the legendary doctor told him that the legendary doctor already retired from the medical world.
But now the legendary doctor was standing in front of him.

“Grandpa, this is Mr.
Wong, son of the patient and his family.” Yu Qi introduced them to her grandfather.

Grandpa Tang reached out his hand to shake his hand with Wong Nanyi.
Wong Nanyi quickly shook his hand with Grandpa Tang.

“I am here just to observe my granddaughter’s work.” Grandpa Tang told his intention.

Wong Suhe frowned.
She knew this old man.
He was the legendary doctor.
He was a much more suitable doctor to treat her grandfather.

“Dad, why don’t you ask this man to treat grandpa? He is much more reliable than this woman.” Wong Suhe said to her father.

pAn,Da nv,e1 Hearing this, not only did Wong Nanyi frown, but even Grandpa Tang also disliked hearing that.
Cui Ying noticed that and pulled Wong Suhe’s hand.

“Suhe, stop saying something like that.” Cui Ying reprimanded Wong Suhe.

“But…” Wong Suhe still wanted to say more.

“Miss Wong, I teach everything I know to my granddaughter.
Now, she suppresses me.
Do you want your grandpa to be cured or not?” Grandpa Tang threw a question to Wong Suhe.

“Of course I do.” Wong Suhe said.

“Then shut up and let my granddaughter do it.” Grandpa Tang scolded Wong Suhe.

“Please come in Doctor Yu Qi, Master Tang.” Wong Nanyi said, telling them to enter the room first.
Then, he turned to Cui Ying and Wong Suhe.
“You two, stay outside.
Don’t come inside.
Cui Ying, take care of your daughter.”

Wong Suhe still thought she needed to argue back but her mother pulled her hand and looked at her while shaking her head.
Wong Nanyi saw that and did not say anything before entering the room and closing the door.

Wong Suhe felt very wronged.
She also just wanted the best for her grandfather.
That’s all.

Inside the room, Yu Qi looked at Old Man Wong.
His condition was very the same.
Yu Qi took out the medicine that she already prepared.
Song Tao sent someone to deliver the herb by hand.
Yu Qi appreciated that very much.

Grandpa Tang was interested in the poison.
He even followed Yu Qi when Yu Qi made the medicine.

Yu Qi asked the nurse to help Old Man Wong drink the medicine.
Old Man Wong cooperated very well with the nurse.
He finished drinking the medicine.

Suddenly, Old Man Wong vomited some blood.
His clothes became dirty due to his blood.
Seeing this, Wong Nanyi immediately approached his father.

“Father!” Wong Nanyi shouted.

It was very loud even Cui Ying and Wong Suhe who had been outside could hear that.
They immediately entered the room and watched this.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m



Wong Suhe turned to Yu Qi.
“You witch.
You are trying my grandfather.
I will sue you.” She told Yu Qi in anger.

“Stupid.” Yu Qi said.

“Doctor Yu Qi…” Wong Nanyi wanted to say something.

“Step aside.” Yu Qi told them.

They did not move, wanting to protect Old Man Wong from Yu Qi.

Wong, this is part of the treatment.
Please cooperate with me.
However, if you insist, then there is nothing for me to do.
I will stop the treatment here.” Yu Qi was not a kindhearted person.  She still had many things to do.

Wong Nanyi felt complicated.
He had searched for a way to cure his father for such a long time.

“Please help my father.” Wong Nanyi stepped away, giving way to Yu Qi.

“Dad!” Wong Suhe shouted.

“Before that, please tell them to get out of the room.” Yu Qi looked at Cui Ying and Wong Suhe.

Wong Nanyi told both of them to get out.
Cui Ying quickly pulled her daughter’s hand.

“Every time, I do my treatment, please lock the door.” Yu Qi told the nurse.

“Yes, Doctor Yu Qi.” The nurse nodded.

“Right now, please wipe the blood, first.
Then, open his clothes.
” Yu Qi ordered.

The nurse did what Yu Qi asked.
Yu Qi took out the acupuncture needles.
After seeing Old Man Wong ready for the acupuncture, Yu Qi quickly strikes the needles at the acupuncture points.

Wong Nanyi was impressed with Yu Qi’s moves.
It was quick and smooth.
He looked at his father.
He looked fine with the needles stuck in his body.

Not only Wong Nanyi but Grandpa Tang was also impressed with Yu Qi’s swift action.
‘She is more capable than me.
As expected my granddaughter.’ He praised his granddaughter.

After one hour, Yu Qi finally took out the needles from Old Man Wong’s body.
She checked his vital sign.
Everything was okay.
The first treatment was over.

“It is done for today.” Yu Qi said.

“Doctor Yu Qi, can you explain to me why my father vomits blood?” Wong Nanyi was very worried about that.

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