“The blood that he vomited was part of the poison.
I need to force blood out little by little.
I can make the poison suddenly disappear.
It would hurt your father’s body very badly.
Even forcing a small amount of the poison would hurt your father.
That is why I do the acupuncture after that.” Yu Qi explained in simple terms to make Wong Nanyi understand.

“I see.
I am sorry for stopping your treatment here.
I will not do it in the future.” Wong Nanyi nodded and apologized for his behavior just now.

“Hmm… I will come back later.” Yu Qi nodded.

She then left the room with Grandpa Tang.
When she came out, she had time to glance at Wong Suhe.
That woman glared at her.

Wong Suhe saw people come out and entered the room.

pA(nD)A no ve1 “Dad, how’s grandpa?” Wong Suhe asked.

“He’s okay.” Wong Nanyi answered.

“Dad, I think we need to stop the treatment.
You saw grandpa vomit blood.
Meaning the treatment is not good for grandpa.” Wong Suhe persuaded Wong Nanyi.

“From tomorrow on, you don’t need to come here anymore.
You have classes to attend.
I will arrange the flight for you later.” Wong Nanyi said.

“What? Dad, why?” Wong Suhe was shocked.

“You don’t have reason to be here.” Wong Nanyi did not want to hear any reason.
So, he threatened her with money.
“If you don’t go back as I say, you should forget about your allowance.”

Wong Nanyi knew that Wong Suhe would follow his order when it came to money.

“Mom…” Wong Suhe turned to her mother.

“Your mother would help you.” Wong Nanyi did not let Cui Ying say anything.

Cui Ying could not help her daughter.
“Suhe, listen to your father.
You also need to go to the class.
Your leave days will be over in two days.
You also can ask your brother for help.”

Her husband was right.
There was no need for Cui Ying to be here.
It would be better if she returned to her university.
Her husband most likely going to stay here to accompany his father for treatment.

The business would be fully handled by his stepson, Wong Mubai if the thing did not require Wong Nanyi to be there.

Wong Suhe looked at her mother.
Her mother wanted her to get along with Wong Mubai.
‘Is she for real?’ However, she could not stay here anymore.
If she refused, she would not get the allowance.

“I will return tomorrow.” Wong Suhe nodded.

“Good.” Wong Nanyi was satisfied with his daughter’s attitude.

Wong Suhe went out.
It was because of that bitch.
It was because of that bitch, that made her (Wong Suhe) father was angry at her.
Before she returned home, she needed to pay some interest to that bitch.

She saw a nurse walking around and called her.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Hello, I need to see Doctor Yu Qi.
Do you know where is she right now?” Wong Suhe asked.

“Doctor Yu Qi? You need to ask the nurse at the registration.
But usually, she already left the hospital in the afternoon.” The nurse said.

“What? She already left? It must be because this hospital is owned by her family.
How irresponsible she is.” Wong Suhe commented.

“Please don’t say something like that about Doctor Yu Qi.
She left because she has another work at Tiantang Research Center.
She works for humankind.” The nurse rebuked Wong Suhe’s words.

The nurse admired Doctor Yu Qi so much.
Not only she but a lot of people who worked here knew that Doctor Yu Qi was a kind person.

Wong Suhe did not expect those people here like Yu Qi so much.
Without saying anything to the nurse, she left.
After asking another nurse, it turned out to be true that Yu Qi already left the hospital and she was at Tiantang Research Center.

It was ten minute walk from the hospital to Tiantang Research Center.
Wong Suhe decided to take a look.
She saw some people walk in.
So, she also was going to do that too but she was stopped by the guards.

“Miss, where are you going?” The guard asked.

“Inside.” Wong Suhe answered arrogantly.

The guards frowned.

“Then, please show us your card.” The guard said.

“Huh? What card?” Wong Suhe asked.

“Everyone who works inside has their own card.
But if you are invited into the building, you need the person who invited you to come here and bring you inside.” The guard explained.

“What? This place required a card to enter?” Wong Suhe asked with a displeased face.

“The card is not enough.
Even with the card, you still need to scan your fingerprint, your eyes, and your heart.
So, it is better for you to call someone inside to bring you in.” The guard still needed to be polite.
It would be bad if he offended someone that he should not.

“Huh?” Wong Suhe could understand if they used fingerprint scans, it was quite normal.
But eyes and heart scan, was that necessary? “Then, please call Tang Yu Qi out.”

“What?” The guard was confused.

“I want to see Tang Yu Qi.
Call her out right now.” Wong Suhe ordered the guards.

“Miss, we can’t do it.
If you want to meet Doctor Yu Qi, please contact the correct channel and make an appointment.” The guard would not follow Wong Suhe’s order.
They were not her boss.

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