“How dare you?” Wong Suhe shouted.

Then she saw someone walking out of the building.
She was stunned by the man’s look.
He looked so dreamy.

“Doctor Dian.” The guards bowed respectfully while greeting Dian Shu Xian.

“What is the commotion about?” Dian Xian Shu asked while glancing at Wong Suhe.

“This woman wants to meet Doctor Yu Qi but she does not have an appointment with Doctor Yu Qi.
She wants us to call Doctor Yu Qi out.” The guard explained the situation to Dian Shu Xian.

Dian Shu Xian turned to Wong Suhe.
“Why do you want to meet my sister?”

“Your sister?” Wong Suhe was surprised to hear that Yu Qi was this handsome man’s sister.

“She is indeed my sister.” Dian Shu Xian nodded.

“Then why does your surname is different?” Wong Suhe asked.

“Miss, that is not your business.
Just tell me why you want to meet my sister.” Dian Shu Xian asked again.

“I… Never mind.” Wong Suhe ran away.

Of course, she was not telling Dian Shu Xian that she wanted to make trouble with Yu Qi.
She did not want Dian Shu Xian to think badly of her.
First impression needed to be good.

Wong Suhe went back to the hospital.
She forgot to ask the handsome man’s name.
‘What an idiot.’ She scolded herself.

However, she heard that the guards called him ‘Doctor Dian’.
She was dying to know his full name.
The hospital probably knew about that.
So, she went to the registration counter to ask about that.

“I want to ask something.” Wong Suhe straightly asked the nurse there.
“Do you know the full name of Doctor Dian?”

The nurse checked the system.
Then, she told Wong Suhe the answer.

“According to our system, there is no doctor with the surname Dian.” The nurse said.

“You are lying.
I meet him just now.
Everyone calls him Doctor Dian.” Wong Suhe rebuked the nurse’s words.

“Miss, I already checked our system several times.
There is no doctor with that surname.” The nurse stated the same.

“I know you just don’t want to tell me his full name.
You want to hide it because he is so handsome and you don’t want me to know about him.” Wong Suhe said.

Another nurse came and asked what happened.
The nurse earlier told the truth.

“Miss, can I ask you where you meet him?” Her colleague asked.

“In front of that research centre.” Wong Suhe asked.

“Oh, that.
If that is so, the doctor that you mention is not one of our staff members.” The nurse said.

“How come?” Wong Suhe did not understand.

“Our hospital and Tiantang Research Center are two separate institutes.
We are not related.” The nurse explained.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“But that Doctor Yu Qi works there too right?” Wong Suhe asked.

“Doctor Yu Qi is different.
She is indeed our staff member.
At the same time, she also worked there.
Well, she owns that place.” The nurse said in admiration.

“What? She owns that place? How is it possible?” Wong Suhe could not believe her ears.

“Believe it or not, it is the truth.
Back to the topic, if you want to know about Doctor Dian, you need to ask them about this.
Not us.” The nurse cut Wong Suhe.

The nurse noticed the tone used by Wong Suhe.
It seemed like this woman disliked Doctor Yu Qi.
She did not want to talk to Wong Suhe anymore.
And Wong Suhe did not ask about the hospital and another institute.

Wong Suhe wanted to ask more about that but she saw that the nurse did not want to handle her anymore and they were busy doing their work.

Wong Suhe felt angry and left the place.
She went to her grandfather’s room again.

pAnD a(-)n0ve1.com “Where did you go?” Cui Ying asked her daughter when she saw her.

“I was just walking.” Wong Suhe said.

“If you want to go back to the hotel, it is fine.
You also need to pack things up since you are leaving tomorrow.” Cui Ying said.

“Mum, can I not go back?” Wong Suhe asked her mother whining.

“Dear, you can not get your father angrier with you than before.
You should know about that.” Cui Ying sighed.

“Okay… okay… I understand.
I am leaving first.” Wong Suhe knew she would leave no matter what tomorrow.

When she left the room, she looked at her watch.
She still had time.
It was 4 p.m.
It was still working hours.
That doctor must leave to go to do something else.
He would be going to return to the research centre.

So, she still had her chance to know about that doctor.
If she went back to the research centre, she might meet him again when he left work.

So, Wong Suhe decided to go to the research centre again.
The guards frowned when they saw the same woman.

“I want to ask you.
What is the full name of Doctor Dian?” Wong Suhe asked.

“We are not obliged to answer that question.” The guard answered.

They could not tell outsiders anything about the research centre.

“I am just asking for his name.” Wong Suhe said.

The guards ignored the woman.
Just now, she came looking for Doctor Yu Qi.
And now her attention turned to Doctor Dian.
She was just a nuisance.

“Hey, answer my question.
Otherwise, I will make you lose your job.” Wong Suhe threatened the guards.

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