The guards were just laughing when hearing Wong Suhe’s threat.

“You dare laugh?” Wong Suhe felt her face red when getting ridiculed by low-life people like them.

“You are not our boss.
Why do we have to worry about that?”

Our boss is Doctor Yu Qi.”

“I wonder how you will persuade Doctor Yu Qi to fire us.”

The guards joked among them.

“You!!!!” Wong Suhe glared at them.

The air began to tense suddenly.
The guards had grim looks on their faces right now facing Wong Suhe.

pA(nD)A no ve1 Wong Suhe felt scared to see that.
She stepped back.

The guards were a group of retired soldiers that Yu Qi hired to take care of the outside area of Tiantang Research Center.
How could they be normal guards?

Then, the guards stood up and made a posture of saluting someone.

“You don’t have to salute me.” A voice appeared behind Wong Suhe.

The guards saluted someone behind her.
She immediately turned out and saw another handsome man.

“Even though we are retired, you are still our leader.” The guard smiled.

It was Long Hui.
He came to pick up Yu Qi.

Wong Suhe watched them.
‘So, he is the same as them.
Just a guard.
What a waste.
He should join the entertainment instead.’ She looked down at Long Hui.
Her eyes lifted when she thought about that.

“Hey, do you have time? I want to talk about something that can change your life.” Wong Suhe interfered when the guards talked with Long Hui.

Long Hui glanced once at Wong Suhe and ignored her.

“Hey, I try to offer work.
It is high pay work.
With your look, you can be famous.” Wong Suhe looked very arrogant at this point.

The guards looked at Wong Suhe for a moment and burst into laughter.
Wong Suhe could not understand why they suddenly laugh.
She did not think that she said something funny at all.

“Colonel Long, I think she tells you to join the entertainment industry.” A guard said.

Your current job is low-pay work.
Be an entertainer pay you more than this.” Wong Suhe convinced Long Hui.

The guards held their laugh.
An ignorant woman tried to persuade Long Hui to join the entertainment industry.

“Not interested.” Long Hui said to Wong Suhe.

“You should think more.
Working as a guard will not give you a higher salary.” Wong Suhe said.

The guards looked at Wong Suhe like an idiot.
This woman thought Long Hui was a guard like them.

“Why do you think his work is a guard?” A guard asked Wong Suhe.

“Huh? You say he is your leader.
Meaning his work is the same as you but at a higher position.” Wong Suhe stated.

Everyone laughed except for Long Hui.
Wong Suhe felt confused again.
Did she say something funny again?

“Miss, he is a high-ranking soldier.
A senior officer with Colonel title.” The guard explained to Wong Suhe.please visit panda(-)

“What? But you said he is your leader though.” Wong Suhe could not believe what they told her.

“We are retired soldiers.
He was indeed our leader.” The guard said.

Retired soldier? Them? Why did they work as a security guard here? And this handsome man was a higher-ranking senior officer with a Colonel title.
He looked so young.

Wong Suhe was a foreigner.
She came from another nation.
So, she did not know much about Binhai Nation.

While they were engaged in the conversation, they did not notice that Yu Qi was already out of the building.
Only Long Hui noticed her.
He rushed to her.

“Qi Qi.” Long Hui gave a quick kiss on Yu Qi’s lips.

Yu Qi smiled.
“Did you wait long?”

I just came.” Long Hui shook his head.

“Let’s go home, then.” Yu Qi grabbed Long Hui’s hand.

“What? What is your relationship?” Wong Suhe came over and threw the question to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was quite surprised to see Wong Suhe here but she still answered Wong Suhe’s question.

“He is my fiancee.
Do you have any problem with that?” Yu Qi asked back.

“What? How can you have a fiancee like him?” Wong Suhe could not believe it.

“This has nothing to do with you.” Yu Qi rolled her eyes.

“Ignore her.” Long Hui already thought of Wong Suhe as a crazy woman.

“Hmm…” Yu Qi nodded.

They walked past Wong Suhe.
Wong Suhe watched them walk away.
She was very jealous that Yu Qi had such a handsome fiance .

Then she remembered her aim of coming here for a second time.
It was for Dian Shu Xian.
She wanted to know about Dian Shu Xian.
She went to the guards again.

“Tell me about Doctor Dian.
I want to know about him.” Wong Suhe said.

“Miss, I suggest you go home.
We will not tell anything about him.”

If you are lingering around here any longer, we can call the police on you.
Do you want that?”

The guards did not want to deal with Wong Suhe again.

“What? You can’t.
I didn’t do anything wrong.” Wong Suhe said.

If she was brought to the police station, she did not know what her father would do to her.

“You are disturbing peace here.
Go back home.” The guard told Wong Suhe to get lost.

“First, tell me about Doctor Dian.
I just want to know his full name.” Wong Suhe demanded.

The guards picked up the phone and wanted to call the police.
Seeing this, Wong Suhe ran away immediately.

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