Feng Yue came to visit Yu Qi by surprise.
Seriously Yu Qi did not expect that she would come to visit her.

“I am on vacation.
So, I thought to come and visit you.” Feng Yue said.

Yu Qi just finished her experiment and happened to look at her phone when Feng Yue messaged her.
Otherwise, Feng Yue would need to wait until she looked at her phone.

Yu Qi rushed out of the research center when she got the call from her friend.
Feng Yue was talking to the guards.
When she saw Yu Qi, she waved at Yu Qi.

“Hey, Yu Qi.
Long time no see.” Feng Yue hugged Yu Qi.

“You should tell me about coming to visit.” Yu Qi hit Feng Yue’s shoulder.

“Well, I like to make a surprise.” Feng Yue smiled.

“You can meet with Brother Hui too if you tell us.” Yu Qi said.

“I am coming today because I know that Brother Hui will not be here.” Feng Yue grinned.

“What?” Yu Qi was confused.

“I already asked Brother Qian Yi about Brother Hui’s schedule.
He is away on a mission right now.
It is a perfect time for me to come and visit you.” Feng Yue proudly said it.

“Why are you going through such a plan?” Yu Qi asked.

“If I come here and he is here too, I can’t catch up on anything with you.
He would not even let me sleep with you.” Feng Yue rolled her eyes.

Yu Qi was a little bit speechless.
The guards who also listened to the women’s conversation were speechless too.
They thought it was normal for Long Hui to sleep with his beloved fiancee.

“Miss Feng Yue, it is normal for a man to want to sleep with his fiancee especially when he is a soldier.” The guard interfered.

“So, it should be normal for me to come when he is not around.” Feng Yue replied.

When Feng Yue put it that way, it made sense.

“By the way, good work everyone.” Feng Yue said.

“Do you know them?” Yu Qi asked.

“Hmm… You know, I followed my grandfather to the military base.
We met there.” Feng Yue explained.

“Oh… I forgot about that.” Yu Qi remembered that now.

“Miss Feng Yue used to be punished running for being naughty.” The guard chuckled.

“Oh! Don’t even talk about that.” Feng Yue felt embarrassed.

She indeed had been punished by Grandpa Long because she was so naughty when Grandpa Long brought her to visit the military base.

“Forget about that.
Yu Qi, give a tour.
This is my first time coming to Tiantang Research Center.
I want to see the inside.” Feng Yue shook Yu Qi’s head.

“Sure… Sure… Since you are here, let’s go in.” Yu Qi nodded.

Both of them went to the scanning.
Feng Yue was curious about that.
Yu Qi told Feng Yue to stand in front of the scanner for a few minutes.

“New visitor.
Need permission to enter.” Neko-chan’s voice appeared.

“Proceed to give the permission.” Yu Qi said.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Okay… The permission is granted.
Feng Yue can enter for 24 hours.” Neko-chan said.

pAnD a(-)n0ve1.com “Wow, that technology is sick.
I kinda want this system.
Who is the developer?” Feng Yue was impressed with the technology.

“I will tell you later.
Let’s go in first.” Yu Qi said.

Both women entered the research center.
Like others, Feng Yue felt that she was entering another world.
it was so different.

“I know what, I went to another research center but they are nothing like yours.
How do you do this?” Feng Yue looked around.

There were some people walking in the corridor.
When they saw Yu Qi, they bowed and greeted Yu Qi respectfully.

“Wow, Doctor Yu Qi, you are so amazing.” Feng Yue did not stop complimenting Yu Qi.

“It is nothing.” Yu Qi smiled.

Then Feng Yue was surprised to see someone laying down.
“What? What happened to him? Is he okay?”

Yu Qi did not panic and slowly approached the man.
It was Yi Qihan again.
Yi Qihan really had some weird habits.
He would fall asleep everywhere he could.

“Qihan… Qihan…” Yu Qi called his name.

The latter slowly opened his eyes.

“Oh, it is you, Yu Qi.” Yi Qihan yawned.

“If you are tired, go and sleep in your room.” Yu Qi said.

“I was planning to but I can’t stand anymore and fell asleep here.” Yi Qihan scratched his head.

Yu Qi sighed.
The researchers had their own restroom that they could use to take a rest or nap without going home.
It was more convenient like that.
Even Yu Qi tended to use the room too.

“You sleep around again?” Teng Li appeared, saw the situation, and guessed the right one.

“I finally succeed in my experiment.
So, I want to go to take a nap.” Yi Qihan said.

“Then you ended up sleeping here, instead.” Teng Li finished Yi Qihan’s words.

“Yeah… yeah… That’s it.” Yi Qihan nodded.

“Just go to your room now.
No… Let me bring you there.” Teng Li said.
He saw Feng Yue and greeted her.
“It seems you have a guest here.
Don’t worry about him.
I will take him to his room.”

“Like mother and son.” Feng Yue commented.

Yu Qi laughed.
“Indeed, Teng Li seemed to be a mother to him.”

“You seem to be the boss of weird people.” Feng Yue commented.

“Maybe because I am weird too…” Yu Qi replied.

The tour continued.

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