Yu Qi took the bow from Jin Su Wang.

”Are you sure you want to continue this competition? ” Jin Su Wang could not help but ask it again.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi answered firmly.

Seeing this, Jin Su Wang stepped back.

Yu Qi did not have to waste her time any longer.
So, she grabbed three arrows at once.
When the audience saw this scene, they shrieked.
This girl would show them again the scene where this girl would be shooting the three arrows at the same time.

Yu Qi placed the arrows on the bow and pulled the strings.
Within a second, she released the three arrows.
The three arrows flew as they had full control over themselves.
However, the two arrows slowed down and stayed behind the first arrow.
The arrows seemed to distance themselves.

The audience was stunned by watching this scene.
It was very unbelievable.
How could the arrows slow down just like that? They were released at the same speed.
It was almost like someone was controlling the arrows.
That could not be true.
However, it happened in front of their eyes.

The arrows landed on the ’X ’ mark.
Three of them!!! Yu Qi did not waste any time.
She grabbed another three arrows and shot them like the first one.
Again, the three arrows struck at the ’X ’ mark.

”Can I continue the next distance without a break? ” Yu Qi turned to Jin Su Wang.

”What? Are you sure you don ’t want to take a break? ” Jin Su Wang asked.

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”Yes. ” Yu Qi answered firmly.
She did not want to waste her time.
It was better to finish this farce earlier.

If you insist. ” Jin Su Wang nodded.

Yu Qi went to the line of 80 meters distance.

”She doesn ’t take a break, does she? ”

”Probably. ”

”Maybe she is in pain.
So she wants to finish this earlier. ”

”If she is in pain, how is her performance still amazing? ”

”That means she is very skillful in the archery. ”

”But how does this incident happen? ”

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”They will investigate, I guess. ”

”Yeah. ”

There were people talking not far from Yi Su Ran sat.
So, she could hear exactly what were they talking about.
Why did it not proceed as her plan? With the help of Meng Qiang Su, they had chosen that bow for Yu Qi in the first place.
The bow looked okay, however, Meng Qiang Su did something to the bowstring.

The bowstring had been damaged.
Meng Qiang Su purposely had exposed the bow directly to the sunlight.
After a day of sunlight exposure, they splashed water on the bowstring.
They repeated these two steps every day right after they started working together.
With prolonged humidity and heat exposure had made the line frail and weak.

Yi Su Ran was actually aiming for Yu Qi ’s injured face.
Once Yu Qi ’s face was injured, it would leave some scar.
Then Yu Qi would look ugly.
Everyone would hate Yu Qi.

However, Yi Su Ran did not expect that Yu Qi managed to dodge the coming bowstring.
Only her hand got some injuries.
And the more frustrating thing was Yi Qi with that injured hand was still performing but it did not seem to affect her performance.
Yi Su Ran clenched her fist.
Yi Su Ran swore at Yu Qu indirectly.

Meanwhile, Yu Qi swiftly shot another three arrows that landed straight on the ’X ’ mark.
Then she proceeded to shoot another three arrows.
Yu Qi had finally finished her turn.

The audience clapped and shouted.
They were calling Yu Qi ’s name.

”We have the winner for this archery competition.
It is an obvious result.
The winner is Miss Tang Yu Qi. ” Jin Su Wang announced the winner.

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Jin Su Wang turned to Yu Qi when he heard that Yu Qi was calling his name.
Yu Qi seemed to want something.
When he came closer to her, Yu Qi said that she wanted the microphone.
Jin Su Wang thought she wanted to make some speech so he gave the microphone to Yu Qi.

”Miss Yi Su Ran.
I want to make the claim for our bet.
So, please come here. ” Yu Qi made the statement.

Yi Su Ran paled.
She actually forgot about the bet.
She assumed that she would be the winner since Yu Qi might be injured in this competition.

”Wow, they did not compete for nothing. ”

”It is becoming more and more interesting. ”

”I made this bet between Miss Yi Su Ran.
The bet is the winner can ask another party to do one thing.
So, I want to claim it right now.
Miss Yi Su Ran, please come here.
Oh, you need to bring one of your friends as well assuming you will need the help too. ” Yu Qi said.

Yi Su Ran did not want to go but under everyone ’s eyes, she went to Yu Qi with Yi Ren Shiang.

”Miss Yi Su Ran, please don ’t get hard on this.
You are the one comes out with this betting.
You should honor it. ” Yu Qi said when she saw the unsatisfied look on Yi Su Ran ’s face.

”Hurry up.
Tell me what you want me to do to you. ” Yi Su Ran said.

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”I want your friend to slap your face twice.
One on the left, one on right. ” Yu Qi said.
They could hear that.

”And the mark should be visible.
So that your friend did not try to cheat. ” Yu Qi added.

”You!!! ” Yi Su Ran shouted.

”Tang Yu Qi, you can ’t do this. ” Yi Ren Shiang also shouted to Yu Qi.

”Your friend seems to reject it.
Maybe I need to ask for my friend ’s help. ” Yu Qi said.

”Yu Qi, choose me. ” So Pang Lim shouted.

”Choose me. ” Mei Lilli also shouted.

They wanted to teach that Yi Su Ran some lessons.

”So, Yi Su Ran, how about it? Do you need my friend to help you? ” Yu Qi asked.

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Fung Meng Xuan approached them.
”Miss Tang, can we forget about this? Yi Su Ran is a playful girl.
She is just a young girl. ”

Everyone could hear Fung Meng Xuan ’s opinion since she came closer to Yu Qi.
Fung Meng Xuan wanted to swing everyone ’s thought.

”I ’m two years younger than her. ” Yu Qi blocked Fung Meng Xuan ’s way.

”And she was the one who came to me, challenged me and made the bet.
What? Now she did not honor it. ” Yu Qi really pushed it hard.

Yu Qi wanted to teach them a lesson.
She would not stop until Yi Su Ran did what she needed to do.

You bet.
Just do it. ” One of the audience shouted.

Now everyone had shouted the same thing.
The audience was on Yu Qi ’s side.

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