Feng Yue stayed at Tang Residence.
At first, she just wanted to greet the elders and would be going to stay at the hotel.
But Ming Yue and Su Xiao told her to just stay over at their place.
It was quite dangerous for a woman like Feng Yue to stay at the hotel alone.

Yu Qi went to go to Old Man Wong for his treatment.
So, she left Feng Yue with Shino and Aoi.
Feng Yue did not mind being left behind.
She could spend time with Shino and Aoi.
She also wanted to play with the twins.

Yu Qi entered the ward and saw Wong Mubai, Wong Nanyi’s son.

“Good morning, Doctor Yu Qi.
My father will not be here for two days because of work.
I will replace him for now.” Wong Mubai explained.

Yu Qi nodded.  She did not care whether anyone was there or not.
She would do her work.
As usual, Old Man Wong vomited blood.
The nurse who helped Yu Qi was not surprised anymore.
However, it was Wong Mubai’s first time witnessing this.

“Is my grandpa okay?” Wong Mubai asked.

Wong, you don’t need to worry about this.
It is normal.
The blood that Elder Wong vomits is a part of the poison inside his body.” The nurse explained.

Yu Qi proceeded to do the acupuncture.
Wong Mubai asked again.
The nurse explained again to Wong Mubai.

After the treatment, Yu Qi asked the nurse to clean Old Man Wong and change his clothes.
The nurse nodded and Yu Qi left the room.
Before Yu Qi left, Wong Mubai thanked her for her hard work.

Yu Qi did not have any work left at the hospital.
So, she decided to return home.
Feng Yue was there.
She saw Feng Yue playing with the twin.

Tang Bo Lin saw Yu Qi.
He still could not walk.
So, he just could crawl over to Yu Qi.
He reached out his hand for Yu Qi telling her to pick him up.
Yu Qi smiled and picked him up.

“Are you having fun?” Yu Qi asked Tang Bo Lin then proceed to kiss him.

Tang Bo Lin immediately smiled when he received a kiss from Yu Qi.

“This kid is smiling.
When he is with me, he doesn’t smile at all.” Feng Yue showed envy.

“Bo Lin also shows favorites to Yu Qi.” Su Xiao watched Yu Qi and Tang Bo Lin.

They played with the twins before going out.
Feng Yue wanted to go to antique street again.
Yu Qi had eyes for the antique.
She would get the real antique.

“Why do you want to buy an antique?” Yu Qi asked.

“It is for my grandpa’s birthday.
It’s next week.” Feng Yue said.

“Owh, I see.” Yu Qi nodded.

“I will hand out the invitation to your family later.” Feng Yue said.

They arrived at the antique street.
It was the same as they came last time.
Since it was Antique Street, there was a lot of shops that sold antique.
People just needed to smartly choose the antiques and not let the shopkeeper scam them.

“Do you remember the last shop where we bought the antique last time?” Feng Yue asked.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Yu Qi looked around trying to remember the shop.
Then she saw the store.

“That’s the one.” Yu Qi pointed to one of the shops.

“Eh, it is weird.
Why does the shop seem to be closed? It is just the past afternoon.” Feng Yue reached out the door but it could not be open.

“That shop has been closed for about one week.
You can’t buy from there.” An old man from the next shop came out from his shop and told the girls about the shop.

“Why?” Feng Yue asked.

“Old Man Cui fell sick.
But from what I heard, someone sold an unclean antique.
That antique makes Old Man Cui feel sick.” The man opened the story.

“Really?” Feng Yue was interested in the story.

Well, it is a normal thing for our shop.
Sometimes, the tomb raider came here and sold the unclean antiques.
We call the master to handle things like this.
But in Old Man Cui’s case, it was strong enough to affect humans.” The man said.

“I see… Hmm… Well, then, can I come into your shop?” Feng Yue said.

“Of course, come in.
We have a lot of antiques around.
Look around, you might find something that you like.” The man welcomed the girls and gestured for the girls to come inside his store.

The girls looked around to see the antiques.
Nothing looked interesting in Feng Yue’s eyes.
Feng Yue shook her head.

“Let’s go to another shop.” Feng Yue pulled Yu Qi’s hand.

“Sure.” Yu Qi followed Feng Yue.

The man did not stop the girls.
If the customers did not like what was inside his shop, he did not have the right to stop the customers from leaving.

“Have a nice day, young ladies.” The man said goodbye to the girls.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m When they came out of the shop, they saw people in front of the shop that they wanted to go in first.
There were people wearing taoist priest outfits and carrying swords.

Yu Qi saw an old man and remembered who he was.
It was Old Man Cui.
Old Man Cui must have called someone to take care of the unclean antique.

“This is my shop, Master Taoist.” Old Man Cui said to the taoist priest.

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