The Taoist Master looked around the shop.

“Even without entering your shop, I already feel the evil aura.” The Taoist Master said.

“Please help me, Master Taoist.” Old Man Cui begged the Taoist Master.

“You don’t need to worry anymore.
I can help you.
Let’s go inside.
” The Taoist Master ensured Old Man Cui.
Then, he turned to his friends and said something.
“Don’t let others in.”

“Yes, Master Lee.” People who wore the same outfits as the Taoist Master nodded.

Before Taoist Master entered the shop, he saw Yu Qi and looked very surprised.
However, he composed himself and entered the shop.

Yu Qi noticed the look given by the taoist master.
She was confused about this.
She was confident that she never saw the man.

“If we can go and watch, it will be great.” Feng Yue mumbled.

“You hear that old man earlier.
You can’t enter.
Let’s go.
You still need to find a present for your grandpa.” Yu Qi said.

However, Yu Qi did not know that the taoist master got out later and asked someone to follow Yu Qi and Feng Yue.
Yu Qi noticed that someone wearing a taoist outfit walking around too.
She did not pay much attention to the latter since she thought he would just walk around seeing the area.

The girls entered the shop one by one.
But Feng Yue still did not find something suitable for Grandpa Feng.
When she entered a shop, her eyes caught something.
It was a vase.
Blue sky-colored vase.

“Yu Qi, look at this.” Feng Yue pointed it to Yu Qi.

“Hmm… It is beautiful.” Yu Qi nodded.
She agreed with Feng Yue.

“Ladies, your eyes are very good.
This vase has existed for 1200 years old.
It was from Shang Dynasty.
It was owned by a noble family during that period of time.
It had been changed owner since then.
Until the owner decided to sell it to us.” The shopkeeper came and explained the origin of the vase.

“How much is this?” Feng Yue asked.

“One million.” The shopkeeper told her the price.

“Three thousand.” Feng Yue smiled showing her three fingers.

“Miss, how can I lower the price like this?” The shopkeeper sighed.

“Three thousand.
That is the maximum price that I can go.” Feng Yue tried to bargain.

“Miss…” The shopkeeper tried to reason with Feng Yue.

“You must be glad that it catches my eye.
Otherwise, it will stay here longer than you thought.
If you accept the price now,  I will buy it.
If not, I will leave.” Feng Yue hugged herself while smiling.

The storekeeper’s mouth was twitching.
He needed to think smart.

“It seems you can’t make the decision, I will leave then.” Feng Yue pulled Yu Qi’s hand and turned around.

“Okay… Okay… I will sell it to you for three thousand.
But you need to buy it in cash.” The storekeeper stopped Feng Yue and Yu Qi.please visit panda(-)

I will go and cash out the money.” Feng Yue said.

Yu Qi stopped her.
“I will cash out the money.
You wait here.”

“But it is your money then.” Feng Yue pouted.

“You can transfer the money to me later.” Yu Qi smiled.

“Okay… Okay…” Feng Yue nodded.

There was an ATM not far from the antique street.
It was a little bit dangerous for a woman like Feng Yue to go and cash out the money alone.
It was okay for Yu Qi since she could detect people around.
Before they could make a move on her, she would attack them first.

Yu Qi walked to the ATM.
Then she noticed the taoist person again.
Even though he tried so hard to distance himself from Yu Qi but Yu Qi knew that this man was following her.
She did not know the reason.
She would not attack him if he did not attack her.

After cashing out the money, Yu Qi put the money into the bag.
It seemed someone who had a bad intentions was here now.

“Miss, you have a lot of money to spare.
Can you spare some for us?” A man approached Yu Qi with a smile on his lips.

His brothers slowly surrounded Yu Qi.
They were also smiling.

“Please… You don’t have to get hurt.” The man added.

“I wonder who will be the one that gets hurt?” Yu Qi tilted her head.

The man tried to grab Yu Qi’s hand.
However, before he managed to grab Yu Qi’s hand, Yu Qi already knocked him out.

“Who wants to be like him, come forward.
I don’t have time to waste here.” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

They watched how the first man had been knocked out by this woman.
She just used her leg to kick the man’s head and it was instant K.O.

Then someone from the group pointed his finger at Yu Qi in fear.
He then shouted, “Wait… It is you.
Why are you here again?”

Yu Qi did not understand what this man meant by that.

“What are you talking about?” His friend asked.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m “Remember, last time others ended up in jail for six fucking months because of her.
Before that, they were also being beaten up.
They were still feeling pain from the incident.” He said.

Everyone looked at Yu Qi.
Yu Qi remembered there was a group of men who wanted to snatch the things that they bought.

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