Someone opened the meeting room’s door.
Feng Yue looked over and saw Su Yu Hi accompanied by his secretary.

“Miss Feng.” Su Yu Hi formally greeted Feng Yue.

Feng Yue stood up and shook hands with Su Yu Hi.
They knew each other.

“Then, let’s start our meeting, shall we?” Su Yu Hi smiled.

“Yes.” Feng Yue nodded.

Feng Yue began to present the new project to Su Yu Hi.
She tried harder to convince Su Yu Hi about the new project.
After two hours, the meeting was over.
Of course, Feng Yue did not get a direct answer on whether YQ Investment Company would invest in her new project or not.

“We will give the answer within one week.” Su Yu Hi said.

“Sure.” Feng Yue nodded.
“By the way, I hope you tell your boss that this is a new project from Feng Cooperation.
Not from me.”

Su Yu Hi was surprised to hear that.
“Why? Isn’t it better to just tell her about that?”

“I hope she thinks about this project without considering the friendship.” Feng Yue smiled.

“I see.
I understand.
I will follow your wish.” Su Yu Hi nodded.


It was almost for one and a half months that Yu Qi had been treating Old Man Wong.
He looked better than the first time Yu Qi met him.
Usually, Old Man Wong would faint after vomiting the blood but now, he was conscious during the treatment.

The happiest person was Wong Nanyi.
Seeing his father getting better, Wong Nanyi became more grateful to Yu Qi.
He was glad that he trusted Yu Qi from the beginning.
When he told the relatives that he was going to find Yu Qi, those relatives said something bad about Yu Qi like she was too young, her achievements were a lie, and many more.

But now, Yu Qi proved them wrong.
She was indeed capable, more than those doctors who claimed they were the bests.

“Your father can move around.
You can bring him to the park.
Let him breathe fresh air.” Yu Qi told Wong Nanyi.

“Thank you, Doctor Yu Qi.” Old Man Wong said.

He indeed felt bored staying in the room all the time.
But he could not move in the past.
Now he felt stronger than before, he wanted to go out.

“Sure, I will walk my father to the park.” Wong Nanyi smiled.

“You brat, don’t talk like I am a dog.” Old Man Wong said while his hand moved around to hit his son.

“Father, don’t move too much.” Wong Nanyi did not avoid the hit.
He just let his father hit him.

Yu Qi smiled watching them.
She quietly left the room.
Outside the room, there were Cui Ying and Wong Suhe.
It was a while since Yu Qi met Wong Suhe after being forced to return home.
She was probably coming to visit her grandfather.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m Yu Qi did not say anything and just walked away.
However, she was stopped by Wong Suhe.

“Wait, I want to talk about something with you.” Wong Suhe said.

“Yes, what is it?” Yu Qi glanced at Wong Suhe.

“Can we change the place? I don’t want to talk about this here.” Wong Suhe said.

“Sure, let’s talk in my office.” Yu Qi thought  Wong Suhe wanted to talk about her grandfather.

“Mom, I will go first.” Wong Suhe winked at her mother.please visit panda(-)

Cui Ying nodded while smiling.

They arrived at Yu Qi’s room.

After sitting, Yu Qi immediately asked what Wong Suhe wanted to talk about.

“I want to talk about Doctor Dian.” Wong Suhe said.

Yu Qi looked at Wong Suhe in confusion.
“Doctor Dian?”

“Yeah, Doctor Dian, Dian Shu Xian, he works at the research center under you, right?” Wong Suhe smiled.

“Yes, he is indeed working over there.
But I can’t see in which way that is related to you.” Yu Qi looked at Wong Suhe.

“I like him.” Wong Suhe voiced it with confidence.

“Huh?” Yu Qi could not believe her ears.

“I like him.
I want to marry him.” Wong Suhe stated.

“So, why do you want to talk about this to me? You should go and tell him by yourself.” Yu Qi leaned over to the chair.

“You are his family member.
You can help me.” Wong Suhe demanded.

“I am sorry to disappoint you but I will not help you.” Yu Qi said.

“Why?” Wong Suhe stood up.

“I have no reason to help you.” Yu Qi sighed.

This talk was wasting her time.
She should be going to the research center.

“I will get married to your brother and you will get a beautiful sister-in-law.” Wong Suhe patted her chest proudly.

Yu Qi never met a person so narcissistic as Wong Suhe.

“Then, you can go and talk to him by yourself.” Yu Qi stood up and took off her white coat.

“But…” Wong Suhe wanted to talk more.

However, Yu Qi did not want to hear anymore.
“Miss Wong, I have another work to do.
Can you please leave my room?”

“Hey, you can’t drive me away like this.” Wong Suhe did not want to leave.

“I can.” Yu Qi said.

“You must want to go to the research center right? Let me follow you.
Allow me to enter the research center.
Then I will not disturb you anymore.” Wong Suhe was eager to meet Dian Shu Xian.

Dian Shu Xian did not go anywhere.
Home and research center.
He did not go anywhere else.
Making it difficult for Cui Ying to know about Dian Shu Xian.

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