“What do you want to talk about?’ Yu Qi asked when they were sitting in front of each other.

“Yu Qi, you are Shu Xian’s family member right?” Su Ziqing asked back.

Yu Qi nodded.

“Then, can you tell me, what is the percentage of me going to be his wife?” Su Ziqing threw the question to Yu Qi.

“Zero percentage.” Yu Qi gave a quick answer.

“So quick.” Su Ziqing commented.

“Well, that is my thought.” Yu Qi was being honest.

“So, you think I don’t match him at all?” Su Ziqing sighed.

“Well, I am telling you right now for your own sake.
Brother Shu Xian likes someone else.” Yu Qi decided to tell Su Ziqing.

“What? Really? Who?” Su Ziqing looked at Yu Qi.

“Well, she comes from his hometown.
I don’t know her very well.
But to be honest, his family like it if he gets married to someone from his hometown.” Yu Qi said.

That part, she was not lying.
The family preferred for him to get married to another cultivator.

“So, is this over?” Su Ziqing mumbled.

Without her notice, the tears flew down her cheek.
She realized when she felt wet on her face.

“What… I am crying…” Su Ziqing kept laughing.

Yu Qi sighed.
She patted Su Ziqing’s shoulder softly several times to comfort Su Ziqing.
It seemed that Su Ziqing really liked Dian Shu Xian.
But they could not be together.

Dian Shu Xian just treated Su Ziqing like a normal co-worker.
Nothing more, nothing less.

“I need some break.” Su Ziqing said.

You can take the days off.” Yu Qi nodded.

It was better for Su Ziqing to stay away from here.
She needed time to absorb everything.
After she was done, Yu Qi knew that she would be fine.


Yu Qi was about to head home when suddenly she got an emergency call from the nurse who had taken care of Old Man Wong.

She knew it was an emergency call because the nurse would not call her at a time like this.
She did not step into the vehicles yet.
So, she rushed back to the hospital and went straight away to Old Man Wong’s room.

Wong Nanyi was worried by his father who suddenly acted weirdly.
His father’s body started to twitch horribly.
He helped the nurse to hold his father’s body, preventing his father from falling from the bed.

“Call other nurses to help.
Wong, and Mrs.
Wong, please step aside.” Yu Qi ordered.

The nurses called her colleagues to help out.
Old Man Wong was twitching so hard.
She narrowed her eyes.

Someone sabotaged her treatment, making Old Man Wong became unstable.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Inject 0.5 mg/kg of midazolam.” Yu Qi ordered.

pAnDa (nov)e1​ The nurse prepared the sedative but because Old Man Wong moved so much, it was not easy for the nurse to inject the sedative.

Seeing this situation, Yu Qi increased her strength in holding Old Man Wong’s body.
After that, the nurse successfully injected the sedative into Old Man Wong’s body.

Everyone was relieved seeing Old Man Wong finally stop moving.
He was sleeping.
That midazolam was very helpful.

Not Yu Qi, she did not feel relieved at all.
She quickly took a reading pulse on Old Man Wong.
She frowned.

“Take the blood sample.
Bring it to the blood test.”  Yu Qi ordered.

The nurse quickly did what Yu Qi asked.
The nurse rushed out and almost collided with the Wong Couple who had been waiting outside.

When the door was opened, the couple looked inside.
The nurse bowed and left.
They entered the room.

“Doctor Yu Qi, what’s wrong with my father?” Wong Nanyi asked.

“I gave him a sedative.
He would be sleeping for about six hours.
So, he is fine for now.” Yu Qi explained Old Man Wong’s condition.

“So, why does my father suddenly act like that?” Wong Nanyi wanted to know the reason.

“Well, I suspect someone injects something into your father’s body that causes that kind of situation.
But it is my suspicion.
It will be clear when the result of the blood test comes out later.” Yu Qi said.

“What? You mean someone was messing with my father’s body?” Wong Nanyi was shocked.
Then it turned into anger.
“How dare they mess with my father at times like this?”

“Do you suspect someone?” Yu Qi looked at Wong Nanyi.

“Well, we as businessmen have a lot of people who want to drag my father and me down.
It is probably them.” Wong Nanyi suggested.

“I see.” Yu Qi nodded several times.
“Better to hire some bodyguards.”

“I will work on it.” Wong Nanyi also thought of the idea.
Since Doctor Yu Qi already suggested that, he would follow the suggestion.

“Anyway, let’s wait until the blood test comes out first.” Yu Qi said.

“Thank you, Doctor Yu Qi.” Wong Nanyi bowed down.

“It is nothing.
Your father is my patient.
I am doing what I need to do.” Yu Qi waved her hand.
“I will stay here for tonight.”

It was better to stand by here.

“We too.” Wong Nanyi said.

From the beginning, Cui Ying did not say anything.
She was silent beside Wong Nanyi.
Yu Qi did not care about her at all.

She texted Ming Yue that she would not return home for tonight.
So, there was no need for Ming Yue to prepare dinner for her.

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