Yu Qi stayed awake watching Old Man Wong.
She did not have anything to do other than wait for the blood test.
She asked someone to bring her laptop here.

Someone must come here and inject the substance into Old Man Wong’s body.
The substance could not go in by itself.
Yu Qi looked around.
This was the VVIP room.
There should be CCTV cameras somewhere around.

Yu Qi decided to look at the security system of the hospital.
The system was very easy, and could not stop her from entering the system in a minute.
If the technical team knew about this, they would be devastated.

There were about five cameras around the room.
Three cameras were outside and two of them were inside.
Yu Qi chose one of the inside cameras and watched the footage.
She chose the time after she treated Old Man Wong this morning.

She fast-forwarded the footage.
On the day, she found nothing suspicious.
However, around 7 p.m., someone suspicious came into the room.
She was wearing a nurse uniform and a mask, hiding her face.

She bowed to Wong Nanyi.
She checked Old Man Wong’s condition like a professional.
Once Wong Nanyi turned around, she brought out a syringe.
Yu Qi narrowed her eyes when she saw that.
Her suspicion was correct.

However, she knew the suspicious nurse already left.
It was impossible to track her whereabouts.
She closed the footage.

Wong.” Yu Qi called Wong Nanyi.

“Yes?” Wong Nanyi looked at Yu Qi.

“Someone came over around 7 p.m., right?” Yu Qi wanted confirmation.

Wong Nanyi thought about that for a second.
He then remembered that.
Indeed, a nurse wearing a mask came.
He did not suspect anything and let the nurse do her job.

“You mean?” Wong Nanyi was not an idiot.
He immediately understood what Yu Qi wanted to say.

“Yeah.” Yu Qi nodded.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m “How do you know about that?” Cui Ying suddenly asked.

“You are asking me how I know that nurse did it?” Yu Qi smiled.

“Yes.” Cui Ying felt uncomfortable seeing Yu Qi smile like that.

“Because I watched the footage.” Yu Qi showed them the footage.

Both husband and wife watched the footage.

“That nurse is really the one.” Wong Nanyi fisted his hand.
He began to blame himself.
“I did not suspect anything.
If only I watched my father properly.”

“How did you get this video?” Cui Ying asked.

“I got it from the security team, of course.” Yu Qi answered.

“I don’t know we have CCTV cameras around here.” Cui Ying said.

Wong, this is the VVIP room.
It will be weird if there were no CCTV cameras around.
But I feel Mrs.
Wong seems to be distracted by the CCTV cameras.
Why is that?” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Cui Ying just smiled.
I am just asking.
That’s all.” She turned her attention to her husband and comforted him.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
Well, she did not have the evidence but she felt that Cui Ying was also involved in this incident too.
She did not care about their family’s matter but this included her patient and the hospital too.

Around 5 a.m.
the nurse brought the blood test result to Yu Qi.
She took the result and read them.
As she expected, there was baclofen in the body.
And it was above the allowed amount that should be in the human body.

“How is the result?” Wong Nanyi asked.

“As I suspect, someone injected baclofen into your father’s body and it was in large quantity.” Yu Qi explained.

“Is my father in danger?” Wong Nanyi asked again.

Luckily we found out early, otherwise, your father’s brain would have died.
Don’t worry.
We will treat your father along with the poison treatment.
The poison treatment still needs to be continued.
If we stop now, everything we have done before would be ruined.” Yu Qi stated the truth.

Please continue the treatment.” Wong Nanyi said.

“Before that, we need to tighten the security around this area first.
I will discuss with my uncle about this.
The doctors and nurses would be identified before entering this room.” Yu Qi mentioned the plan.

“My bodyguards will take care of it.” Wong Nanyi said.

“It is already 6 a.m.
I will go and refresh myself before coming back for the treatment.” Yu Qi excused herself.

Yu Qi passed Cui Ying.
Their eyes met each other.
Yu Qi left the room.
As Wong Nanyi said earlier, outside the room was full of bodyguards.
The nurse who followed Yu Qi was startled when she saw them.
They looked scary.

They glanced at Yu Qi and the nurse.
The nurse kept a close distance between her and Yu Qi.
She almost grabbed Yu Qi out of afraid.

Yu Qi noticed her feeling and grabbed her hand.
“Don’t worry.
Let’s go from here.” Yu Qi smiled.

The nurse saw the smile, enchanted by the smile.
“Yes, Doctor Yu Qi.”

The bodyguards who also saw the smile thought the doctor was a very beautiful person.

Yu Qi went to the cafe to grab something to eat.
Then she came across Tang Qin Hao.

“Morning, Brother Qin Hao.” Yu Qi went to greet Tang Qin Hao.

“You are here meaning you are also on-call, am I right?” Tang Qin Hao presumed.

Something happened to my patient last night.
Some idiot snuck in and injected Baclofen into my patient’s body in a large amount.
I stayed up treating him.” Yu Qi sighed.

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