“What? How did that happen? You need to tell the management.” Tang Qin Hao stated.

“I know.
I am planning to do it later.
First, I need to eat.
I am super duper hungry.
I already skipped dinner last night.” Yu Qi patted her stomach.

“Okay… Let’s have breakfast together.” Tang Qin Hao said.

“You have not returned home for a while now.
You should go home and spend some time with your twin brother and sister.” Yu Qi said.

“I am busy.
I will return when I have time.” Tang Qin Hao put the food in his mouth.

“Oh, you two are here too.” A familiar voice came and greeted them.

They did not need to see the person.
They also knew him.

“You are on call too, Little Sis?” Tang Jin Wei sat beside Yu Qi.

“Something needed my care.
So, I couldn’t leave.” Yu Qi said.

The three siblings were eating together getting attention from others.
Some of them even took pictures of them.
They even mentioned, if Tang Han Lee was there, it would be a complete picture of the Tang Siblings.

After eating, they went their separate ways.
Yu Qi went to the management to talk about yesterday’s incident.
It was a serious matter.
Someone snuck into the hospital, disguised as a nurse, and harmed a patient.

Her uncles took a serious look into the matter.
Yu Qi also asked permission for Wong Nanyi to empower his bodyguards.
Her uncle did not have any problem with that as long as the bodyguards did not disturb others.

Yu Qi also got advice from Tang Jung Wen.

“You also need to be careful.
Their enemy wants him to suffer and die.
But you saved him.
The other side must be angry at you too.
So, be aware and protect yourself.” Tang Jung Wen stated.

“Thank you, uncle.” Yu Qi nodded.


After treating Old Man Wong, Yu Qi stayed in her room.
She also told the nurse that she would not accept patients now.
She wanted to take a break for 2 hours.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om Well, she would enter the space to get a longer break.
2 hours equal to 6 hours in the space.
It should be enough for her to get some sleep.

She managed to sleep for 4 hours.
After taking a bath, she came out of the space.

She immediately got a call from Chui Mei Fung.

“Sister Mei Fung, what is it?” Yu Qi asked right now.

“Miss Yu Qi, that man came again.” Chui Mei Fung stated.

“Who?” Yu Qi asked.

“Wang Qui.
The one who wants to buy our place.” Chui Mei Fung reminded Yu Qi about that man.

“Oh, that man? Did he do something?” Yu Qi had a bad feeling about this.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Miss Yu Qi, to be honest, many of our customers had cancelled their bookings for the past weeks.
At first, I thought it was a normal thing since only one, or two customers cancelled.
But now a lot of them cancelled.
When I called and asked the reason, they told us that someone told them that our ryokan had been closed.
Someone spread a rumour about our ryokan being closed.
Then I went to investigate…” Chui Mei Fung could not finish her sentence.

“That man came and asked to sell the place since no one was interested to come there, am I right?” Yu Qi guessed.

“Yes…” Chui Mei Fung admitted.

“That bastard!” Yu Qi smeared.
She took a deep breath.
“So, do you have customers to serve right now?”

“No.” Chui Mei Fung said.

“Then, give everyone a week off.
I will handle the matter from now on.” Yu Qi gritted her teeth.

“Are you sure?” Chui Mei Fung asked.

Don’t worry about that.
You can take a week’s break.” Yu Qi replied.

Take care.” Chui Mei Fung finished the conversation.

“These bastards want to play a game with me.
Then I should respond as you wish.
First, let’s take care of that bastard, Wang Qui.” Yu Qi displayed an evil grin.

She wanted to go to Tiantang Research Center.
Neko-chan must be bored.
She would bring Neko-chan to play again.

After that, she went to Old Man Wong’s ward.
The security had been tightened greatly.

Before Yu Qi could enter the ward, she would be surrounded by tough-looking bodyguards.
Wong Nanyi opened the door when the bodyguard knocked on the door.

Wong Nanyi looked at Yu Qi and nodded to the bodyguard.
Then the bodyguards paved a way for Yu Qi to enter the ward.

“Is your father awake?” Yu Qi asked.

He has been sleeping since this afternoon.” Wong Nanyi responded.

I will come over tomorrow.
Oh, before I forget, please tell your bodyguards not to surround people like that.
Some of our nurses are timid people.” Yu Qi stopped and commented on the bodyguards.

“Yes.” Wong Nanyi nodded.

Yu Qi left the ward and wanted to walk out of the hospital.
However, she could not do so because she saw a code brown.
Meaning there was an emergency.
Many patients came to the emergency department.

It must be some kind of accident that hurt a lot of people.
She stopped and rushed back into the hospital.
At a time like this, the emergency department probably needed extra hands.

When she arrived at the emergency department, everyone already rushed to transfer patients from the ambulance vans.

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