Wang Qui went to the airport in the morning to take a flight.
He was about to go to the first-class lounge when his phone rang.
He looked at the screen and saw his secretary’s phone number.
He answered the call.

‘I am going to Japan for a few days.’ That was what Wang Qui wanted to say to his secretary but the secretary responded first.

Wang, something terrible happens at the office.
The police come and confiscate everything in the office.” The secretary sounded very panicky at this moment.

“What? What happens? Tell me clearly.” Wang Qui uttered.

“The police came with a warrant stating everything in the office needed to be confiscated under tax evasion’s crime.” The secretary explained.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Wang Qui could not hold back his feeling and ended up shouting loudly in the middle of the airport.

Everyone immediately looked at him.
Wang Qui felt embarrassed and he walked away to the corner.
He wanted to know more about the situation.

“Are you sure about the warrant? Is it a fake warrant or something like that?” At this moment, Wang Qui still wanted to think positively.

“The document looks legit.
The officer told us that we can check it with the police station nearby.” The secretary explained.

“What more?” Wang Qui said.

“And they are looking for you, Mr.
Wang.” The secretary stated.

“Huh? Me?” Wang Qui felt the cold on his back.

“Yes, they ask your whereabouts…”

The secretary did not complete her sentence, Wang Qui beat her up first.

“You don’t tell them where I am, right?

“Well, I did tell them about you.
Telling that you might be at the airport since you need to go to Japan.” The Secretary said.

“IDIOT! WHY DID YOU NEED TO TELL THEM THAT!” Wang Qui felt extreme anger toward his stupid secretary.

“I am sorry.” The secretary apologized immediately.

“Humph! I am really wondering why I hired you.” Wang Qui sneered.
Then he asked another question.
“When did this happen?”

“Three hours ago, I guess.” The Secretary answered.

“Why didn’t you tell me right now the moment the police came over?” Wang Qui shouted angrily again.

Everyone looked at him again.
The airport personnel even came to him asking whether he had problems and they were willing to help him.

Wang Qui just put on a smile on his face and apologized to the airport personnel.

“I am just getting my phone back.
And thinking that you need to know about this too.” The Secretary told him the reason why she just made the call to him right now.please visit panda(-)

“Is there anything else you don’t tell me?” Wang Qui asked again.

“No more.” The Secretary stated.

“Humph, you better.” Wang Qui scolded the secretary again.

The call ended.
Wang Qui looked at the time.
The flight would depart at 13:00.
He had still one hour.
But anything could happen within this hour.

Wang Qui walked back and forth.
He told himself that he needed to calm down but his body could not relax at all.

“I need to escape.
It will be dangerous to stay here anymore.” Wang Qui made the decision.

He picked up the bag that he put on the ground.
He rushed to the exit.
Before he managed to exit, he was stopped by someone.
He did not realize that the police were already there.

Wang Qui, I assume?” The completed uniform policeman asked Wang Qui.

“What?” Wang Qui was surprised that the police were already there.

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m Without thinking straight, Wang Qui ran away from the police.

“Chase him.” The leader of the policemen shouted.
Then he also shouted at Wang Qui.
Wang, don’t make things difficult for us.”

Wang Qui ignored the police’s warning and kept running away.
He managed to get out but his hope to be free was automatically destroyed when he saw three policemen around his car.

The police arrested Wang Qui.
Everyone took pictures and videos about the incident.
The onlookers thought they were filming a movie.

Someone even posted online telling about the situation.
The chase and run between Wang Qui and the police.
Wang Qui immediately was brought to the police station for further investigation.

Neko-chan notified Yu Qi about the video in which Wang Qui getting arrested at the airport.
Yu Qi watched the video.
Yu Qi smirked.

Wang Qui was not a smart person though.
At a time like that, he should not be running away.
When you were running away, it gave a clear perspective that you might know what you did wrong.

Yu Qi just sent the evidence of tax evasion only.
She knew that everything would be investigated thoroughly.
So, she was sure if the police made a good job, they would find out about the other crimes that he committed.

Yes, Yu Qi was talking about the sex service.
It was another serious crime.
Wang Qui was screwed up.

Yu Qi felt she did not need to pay more attention to Wang Qui anymore.
Saisei Ryokan was safe for now.
Unless Fujiwara Sakaki wanted to extend his hand on her business again.

However, she was sure that Fujiwara Sakaki did not have any time to deal with her because he might be busy with Wang Qui’s case.
After all, Wang Qui was his subordinate.
Not to mention the embezzlement of money that was done by Wang Qui.

Yu Qi felt relieved.

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