Wang Qui’s arrest news reached Bai Xia Feng’s ears.
He could not believe that.
How did Wang Qui suddenly got caught? He really wondered about that.

So, he sent someone to ask about the matter.
Turned out someone reported Wang Qui to the authorities about his tax evasion.
They had solid evidence about tax evasion.

Bai Xia Feng thought Wang Qui was crazy to avoid paying the tax.
He did not care much about that.
Since Wang Qui got caught, Fujiwara Group would be sending someone to take care of their hotel here.
He would get along with the person then.

He was more interested in the one who got the evidence about Wang Qui.
It seemed that the person was very talented making him want to recruit him to his side.
However, the authorities did not want to reveal the person.

So, Saisei Ryokan’s acquisition stopped again.
Bai Xia Feng felt that girl’s luck was really good.
Or she was the one behind Wang Qui’s arrest.
He did not know about that.


Yu Qi entered Old Man Wong’s ward to see Wong Mubai around.

“Doctor Yu Qi.” Wong Mubai greeted Yu Qi.

Yu Qi also bowed down.

“My father has something to do.” Wong Mubai explained.

“Is it about the intruder that had been caught recently?” Yu Qi asked.

“Oh.” Yu Qi did not want to probe into much detail.

“The intruder was indeed related to the person who poisoned my Grandfather.” Wong Mubai stated.

You have clues now.” Yu Qi was happy with their finding.

Having a family member being poisoned like that really hurt.
They would do anything to find the culprit.

“I think you would believe me if I tell you that my father’s wife is the culprit.” Wong Mubai smirked.

“She did?” Yu Qi asked.

“I heard from my father that you asked some questions to his wife.” Wong Mubai said.

I did ask her some questions.” Yu Qi nodded.

“The questions were a little bit suspicious.
“Wong Mubai smiled.

I guess it was.” Yu Qi admitted.

“The questions did help us.” Wong Mubai stated.

“Oh, really? You mean?” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

It was her who poisoned my grandfather.” Wong Mubai sneered.please visit panda(-)

“So, your father is not here because he handles the matter over there.” Yu Qi assumed.

“That’s right.” Wong Mubai nodded.

“Good for your father.
By the way, can you get your father to ask Cui Ying about the poison? I would like to know where she get the poison from.” Yu Qi asked for a favor.

“I will tell my father about that.” Wong Mubai nodded.

“Thank you.” Yu Qi nodded.

She really wanted to know about that.
That kind of poison should not exist outside the cultivation world.

Yu Qi began the treatment on Old Man Wong’s body.
Old Man Wong’s body was still weak due to the last incident.
However, Yu Qi could tell that the poison in Old Wong’s body decreased.

Wang Qui had been interrogated by the police officer about his crime.
They already have solid evidence about tax evasion.
When they investigated Wang Qui more, they discovered another crime which was sex service.

Wang Qui did not admit to doing something like this to the police officer.
He knew if he admitted to it, his life would be over.

However, it would not stop the police officers who wanted to prove Wang Qui’s guilt.
Upon investigation, the police officers found victims in the crime which were the women that Wang Qui offered to the powerful people.

One of the victims, a 23 years old woman, stepped forward, informing the police officer about herself.
She wanted Wang Qui to pay for his crime.

She was a housekeeping staff at the hotel where Wang Qui was in charge.
She worked diligently until Wang Qui saw her when she was walking passing him.
Wang Qui asked for her name.

She thought Wang Qui just casually asked for her information.
She told him her name.
She did not think much about that.

However, everything changed when her supervisor told her that Wang Qui wanted to meet her.
She did not expect anything.
So, she went to Wang Qui’s office.
Wang Qui raped her in the office.

Wang Qui even threatened her to stay quiet and listened to his order.
Otherwise, he would leak the video that she had been raped in the office.
She did not want other people to know about that, especially her parents who worked so hard to send her daughter to the city.

After that, her life as a prostitute began.
Wang Qui began to offer her to various men.
She did try to run away.
But Wang Qui found out about that and had his people dragging her back.

As a punishment, he had her locked up in a room, only with a meal per day.
But she needed to do her work as a prostitute.

When she heard about Wang Qui’s arrest, she was very happy.
At first, she thought, Wang Qui got arrested because of this crime but turned out it was tax evasion.
She was a little bit disappointed.
But she was glad that the police discovered another crime of his.

She was willing to be a witness in order to push Wang Qui to jail.
She even incited other women who were also victims like her to do the same.
She did not care about the embarrassment anymore as long as a bastard like Wang Qui could go to jail.

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