After getting the young woman’s heartful confession, the police officer made a full investigation on the hotel employees.
The poor woman who confessed earlier gave names and the police made use of that.

So, a lot of people had been caught.
Especially the people who were directly guarding the poor women.

As for Fujiwara Sakaki, he was a bit flustered about the whole thing.
His subordinate ended up being arrested by the authorities.

It seemed the one who sent the email to him reported Wang Qui to the authorities.
The person wanted to ruin Wang Qui and his hotel too.
The hotel at Binhai Nation now had to be closed for a while due to the arrest.

The worse was the sex services being offered at the hotel were exposed and the hotel now lost its good reputation.
That was what Fujiwara Sakaki did not want to happen.

He needed to make a statement regarding this matter.
He asked the public relation department to handle the case as he wanted.

Then, the website of the hotel stated that they had no idea about the sex service that happened inside the hotel.
They sincerely apologized for the matter.
They also hope something like this would not occur in the future.

This statement showed that the hotel pushed all the blame on Wang Qui and they did not have anything to do with that.

Even though Wang Qui helped Fujiwara Sakaki before, Wang Qui was not as important as his business.
Of course, he needed to protect what is important to him.

Not to mention, Wang Qui also embezzled money from the hotel.
That also cut off any good feelings that he had toward Wang Qui before.

He also wanted to pursue the matter the court.
He would sue Wang Qui for embezzling the money.

The public who read and followed the news had many thoughts about the matter.
Some of them commented on the topic.

The passerby: ‘I don’t think the company itself did not know what Wang Bastard was doing.
They just want to keep quiet.’

Moneyscum: ‘What a pity for the girls.
They must be young.’

QueenBee: ‘Hey, these girls probably want to work like that.
It is easy money.’

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om Hellmouth: ‘The commenter above, it seems you know a lot about the work.
I assume you’re already working in the same industry.’

QueenBee: ‘Watch your mouth.’

HelloKitty: The hotel did have a good service but I didn’t know that hotel has something like that.’

MotherKey: I will never stay at that hotel again.’

A lot of people stated that they did not want to stay at a hotel like that anymore.
The hotel’s reputation was going down to hell.

Yu Qi also read and followed the case.
She laughed when reading the news.
As for Saisei Ryokan, the employees returned to work as usual.

They also began to receive the guest again.
The website was working excellently.
Han Baise had been supervising the website.

Those people who hacked the website before disappeared after getting abused by Neko-chan.
They got a lot of abuses from Neko-chan.
They had suffered a lot.

They even paid Neko-chan for her to stop harassing them.
Neko-chan wanted to continue but Yu Qi told her to stop.  Saisei Ryokan was out of the crisis for now.please visit panda(-)

Long Hui walked to General Zhu Guang He’s office.
He just returned from the mission that he had at Zinos Country.

While he was working, he saw Zhu Shanggun walking toward him.
Zhu Shanggun was smiling when she saw Long Hui.

“Colonel Long, it has been a while.” Zhu Shanggun saluted Long Hui.

Long Hui returned the salute but he did not say anything else.
He continued to walk.

“Colonel Long, where are you going?” Zhu Shanggun wanted to talk more to Long Hui.

Zhu Shanggun deliberately walked closer to Long Hui.
Long Hui frowned and kept his distance from Zhu Shanggun.

“Please keep your distance from me.” Long Hui stated.

“Why? You are afraid that your fiance will know about this?” Zhu Shanggun asked.

But I don’t like any woman to be close to me.
Your perfume is bad for my nose.
You should not wear perfume.
You are a soldier.” Long Hui commented.

Zhu Shanggun was embarrassed when Long Hui mentioned about the perfume.
She was wearing perfume but not all the time.
Only when he saw Long Hui, then she took out the perfume and wore it.

“You keep your distance from other women, is that worth it?” Zhu Shanggun asked.

“Of course, it is worth it.” Long Hui nodded.

Thinking about his beloved Qi Qi, Long Hui automatically smiled.

Zhu Shanggun who saw the smile felt very bad.
Long Hui must be thinking of that woman.

“Long Hui, you can look at another woman.
You might find someone better.” Zhu Shanggun already forgot about the title.
She just wanted to talk sense to Long Hui.

Long Hui stopped walking and turned to Zhu Shanggun.
Zhu Shanggun gulped.

“Another woman? Who? You?” Long Hui asked.

“Ye… yes… I think I am better than her.” Zhu Shanggun tried to be brave.

“Tell me, why do you think you are better than her?” Long Hui narrowed his eyes.

“I am also a soldier like you.
So, I understand your work very well.
I am also a granddaughter of the general.
I have my own family.
Unlike her.
She’s just been adopted into Tang Family.
Who knows about her biological family? Maybe they are criminals.” Zhu Shanggun stated her best point of her.

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