“Sister Yu Qi, let’s go to the market.” Dian Qi Qi said.

“Sure.” Yu Qi nodded.

Dian Qi Qi glanced at Long Hui and smirked.
Long Hui saw that and narrowed his eyes.

“What do you want to do?” Yu Qi asked Dian’s three brothers.

“Well…” Dian Ren Qi scratched his back head.

“They must be wanting to see their lovers.” Dian Qi Qi replied.

That made three of them cough.

“I guess she is right.” Yu Qi smiled.

Three of them looked around.

“We will go to the market.
See you later then.” Yu Qi said.

So, they went their separate ways.
Dian Qi Qi grabbed Yu Qi’s hand and pulled her away.
Long Hui just could walk behind them acting like a bodyguard to them.

The market was full of people.
Not to mention, they were probably here for the miracle space too.
The women and Long Hui walked around the market.

Until they arrived at a place where the people decreased.
They were not familiar with the place.
So they did not know that they were stepping into danger.

Long Hui noticed someone was watching them.
He became alert.
When he focused, he noticed that someone was not alone.

Then, they were surrounded by a lot of men.
The women stopped.
Long Hui stepped in front of them and protected them.

“What a gentleman.” One of the men mocked when seeing Long Hui’s action.

“I don’t think he will think about them after getting beaten by us.” Another man mocked Long Hui again.

Long Hui’s face did not change at all.
He firmly protected the women.

“Bro, just leave the women behind.
I will let you go unharmed.” The leader of the men said while smiling.

“Don’t dream.” Long Hui snorted.

“Brat you should leave to the elder.” The leader said.
“Men, go and grab the women.
You can kill the brat.” He gave the order.

“You think I am a weak girl.” Dian Qi Qi was kind of pissed off.

She displayed martial art by kicking one of the men who wanted to grab her.

“Come on.” Dian Qi Qi provoked the men to attack her.

The men were not weak too.
They did have strength.
They attacked Dian Qi Qi.

“This one must be a lamb.” The men looked at Yu Qi who just stood over watching Long Hui and Dian Qi Qi.

“Don’t let your guard down, you idiot.” The leader shouted.

However, his men who tried to approach Yu Qi already fell to the ground growling about the pain.
Everyone was shocked to see their friends like that.

They looked at Yu Qi.
They wondered how the weak-looking woman could do something like that.

“In case you asking, I can tell you that your friends have been struck by poison needles.” Yu Qi stated.

Most terrifying was Yu Qi’s smile.
The men shivered when seeing the woman smile like that while holding a bunch of needles in her fingers.

“Boss, help me.”

“It hurts.”

“Why don’t I feel my legs?”please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Boss, that hurts.”

“Help us.”

The men were asking for help.

“Nice move, Sister Yu Qi.” Dian Qi Qi gave a thumb up after kicking another man.

The leader thought the women were weak when the man protected them behind him.
That must be an illusion to let their guard down.
He had miscalculated.

“Men… Let’s go.” The leader made the decision to run away.

The fallen men were surprised to see their leader willing to abandon them.

“Boss, don’t leave us.”

“Help us.”

They shouted calling their leader.

“Don’t ever think about leaving here.” Yu Qi said.

Hearing this, Long Hui and Dian Qi Qi also made their moves.
Yu Qi attacked the leader.
This time, she did not use the poison needle but her martial art.

The leader did not expect Yu Qi to be so strong.
He thought she was only proficient in poisoning people.

“Please, let us go.” The leader could not help but beg.

“Give up on running away.” Yu Qi said while smiling.
Then she added.
“Otherwise, you will end up like your men.
Let me tell you, that the poison effect is permanent.
They would not be able to walk again.”

The leader was shocked.
What a terrifying poison.



“I don’t want to be like this.”

“Humph! Why didn’t you think like that before attacking us like this? You reap what you sow.” Dian Qi Qi snorted.
She did not feel a little bit of pity for those men.

“So, what do you think?” Yu Qi asked the leader.

“I give up.
Please don’t poison me.” The leader begged Yu Qi.

Let’s call someone to catch them.” Yu Qi clapped her hand.

“You who hiding over there.” Long Hui suddenly said.
He was looking in a direction.

The young boy who was hiding over there came out.

“Can you call some people?” Long Hui asked.

The young boy nodded.
He then ran.

“We just wait here.” Dian Qi Qi said.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m The leader and his men were silently waiting for people to take them away.
It was better to leave them with this terrifying woman.

What bad luck crossing paths with the terrifying girl… No… She-Devil.
If they knew, they would not dare to provoke such a person.

The young boy came with some people.
They were kind of police officers from the outside world.
They would deal with outlaws like these men.
So, they caught the men and left.

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