The leader of the apes made a roar’s sound.
He glared at Yu Qi sharply.

pAn,Da nv,e1 ‘Master, I guess he likes your food.’ Aoi said.

Yu Qi rolled her eyes.
She could guess that.
But what did that ape need to be angry with her?

Then, they could see that the leader of the apes gave orders to other apes.
The order was probably to ask the apes to attack Yu Qi and others.
The apes rushed to Yu Qi.

“Fighting could not be avoided.” Yu Qi took out her sword.

It would be much easier if she took out the gun.
But she did not want to.
She wanted to polish her skill in wielding the sword.
The apes seemed to be intelligent, avoiding the sword.

Aoi also changed his size to the bigger one.
He attacked fiercely.
As for Shino, he did not have the power to attack those apes.
He stayed inside Yu Qi’s pocket.

The number of apes was too many.
Yu Qi needed to speed up a little bit.

‘Master, be careful.’ Aoi shouted.

His master was fighting an ape while another ape wanted to make a sneak attack.
Luckily, the attack had been blocked by Bucong Shuye.
Yu Qi was a little bit surprised about that.

She thought Bucong Shuye already left when the apes started their attack because he did not want to be involved with this.
She also rejected his suggestion to team up.

“Thank you.” Yu Qi appreciated the help.

“It’s okay.
Let’s deal with these things first.” Bucong Shuye stated.

Both of them cooperated very well.
The leader of the apes saw this and did not feel happy about it.
He really thought that these two humans were weak.
That thought slapped his face hard.

So, he decided to join the battle.
He wanted to catch Yu Qi.
That human would be his slave later.
He would ask her to make the dish for him.
With that mindset, he attacked Yu Qi.

Yu Qi had been cautious and noticed that the leader of the apes making a move toward her.
So, when the leader of the apes attacked her, she defended perfectly.

The leader of the apes was very angry when his attack had been blocked by this human.
He attacked her again.
The continuous attack made Yu Qi unable to do anything but only block.
This made the leader of the apes feel he could defeat Yu Qi.

Yu Qi changed her rhythm step .
With that, she could attack and defend at the same time.
The leader of the apes was very surprised about that.
This disturbed his attack on Yu Qi.

Yu Qi took out another weapon, a dagger to be precise.
When she saw the opportunity to attack, she quickly slayed the dagger toward the leader of the apes’ chest.

The leader of the apes managed to step back but he still got injured by the attack.
He gritted his teeth in anger when seeing the blood flowing down from his chest.
He glared at Yu Qi.

“What? Angry? You don’t have the right to be angry.
Weak.” Yu Qi sneered.

With that provocation, the leader of the apes did not care for things anymore.
He wanted to injure this human.

As for other apes, Aoi and Bucong Shuye already cleaned them up.
The ape knew he would not able to kill all of them but he wanted to kill the human who managed to injure him.please visit panda(-)

So, he rushed to the human.
Yu Qi knew that she was the person the ape wanted to hurt.
She already made a standing defense.
The ape could not break her stand defense and felt very angry again.
He increased his strength.

‘Aoi, attack him from behind.’ Yu Qi ordered Aoi.

‘Yes, I will.’ Aoi nodded.

The ape was totally focused on Yu Qi.
So, he failed to notice Aoi who just walked toward his back.
At Yu Qi’s command, Aoi attacked the ape’s behind.

“ROAR.” The ape screamed in pain.

While the ape was screaming, Yu Qi stabbed the sword into it’s chest.
The ape was shocked to see the sword in his chest.
Yu Qi pulled the sword.
The ape slowly lost his breath.

Yu Qi took a long breath.

“Good job.” Yu Qi patted Aoi’s head.

Aoi waved his tail excitedly.

Yu Qi then turned to Bucong Shuye.
“Thank you, Young Master Bucong.”

“It’s nothing.” Bucong Shuye stated.

“Well, let’s start to work.” Yu Qi stored her sword and only let her dagger out.

“Huh? What?” Bucong Shuye was confused about what Yu Qi meant by that.

“Oh, no.
You don’t need to care about it.
Just talking to myself.” Yu Qi waved her hand, feeling embarrassed.
She forgot that Bucong Shuye was still here.

What she meant by that was Yu Qi wanted to dismember the part of the apes’ cores.

“Oh, do you need their cores too?” Yu Qi turned to Bucong Shuye.
“If you want them, you can dismember them by yourself.
I will not help you.”

I dont need them.” Bucong Shuye shook his head.

Up to you.” Yu Qi stated.

Dian Shu Xian talked about the miracle space before this.
After killing the monsters, you could take out the core.
The cores could be sold on the market.
The alchemist and pharmacist sometimes required the monster core to make their products.
She wanted to do research about the core too.
Who knew that maybe the core could be used for the medicine in the outside world.

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