Without waiting any longer, Long Hui rushed to attack the eyes.
The giant snake could not stop Long Hui.
It made a sound when Long Hui managed to stab deep into its eyes.

It never felt hurt like this.
The previous humans did not manage to land any damage.
So, this was the first time for him.

Because of the pain, the giant snake did not pay any attention to Long Hui anymore.
Long Hui attacked the second eye.
The giant snake screamed even louder than before.

The eyes were really its weakness.
The giant snake became weak and weaker.
Until it fell and died on the ground.

Long Hui sat down catching his breath.
He looked at the giant snake.
This place was really a fantasy.
Like in a game.

After resting for a while, Long Hui stood up and walked toward the giant snake’s body.
He remembered his beloved Qi Qi telling him to dismember the core of the monster.

His beloved Qi Qi wanted to sell the core.
She was such a money grubber.

However, how to dismember this giant snake? Where was the core? The question popped into his mind.

The core was an important part of the monster’s body.
It was usually located at the head.
Well, perhaps.
He needed to try.
Anything to make his beloved Qi Qi happy.

Long Hui went to the eyes.
It was the soft part of the body.
He would continue from there.
He was right.
It was easy to cut the eyes.

He was lucky that the core was located right behind the eyes.
He took out the core and placed it into the ring space.

Then, he heard a scream.
It was near his place.
He looked around and saw a woman standing not far from his place.
He frowned.

The woman then saw Long Hui after he stood up.

“You… You kill this serpent?” The woman looked horrified.

Long Hui did not want to waste time any longer here.
He needed to find his beloved Qi Qi.
He then turned around and walked away.

The woman was flustered when the man did not answer this question.
She ran toward Long Hui.

“Wait, let me be on your team.” The woman shouted.

It was normal to create a team to explore this miracle space.

But Long Hui did not care about that.
His mission right now was to find Yu Qi.
So, he ignored her.

“I am Bucong Jiye.” The woman introduced her name.

When Bucong Jiye saw the man’s face, she was stunned.
She remembered this handsome man.
He was from the Dian Family, a fiancee of that woman, she guessed.

She looked around and found no one.
This man must be separated from his fiancee.
Her eyes lifted up.
The chance was finally here.

Bucong Jiye always thought this man was very handsome.
She wanted to talk to him but he was from Dian Family.
Not to mention, his fiance was always stuck on him making the chance to talk to this man disappeared.

Now the chance was in front of her.
It would be stupid if she did not grab it.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“You are Long Hui, right?” Bucong Jiye wanted to start the conversation.

Still being ignored, Bucong Jiye did not give up.

“You are so amazing killing that serpent.
Not many could kill it.” Bucong Jiye continued.

Long Hui did not reply.
He was too lazy to talk with another woman without any aim.

“It is my first time coming to this miracle space.
I am worried.”

“My parent tell me that I need to be careful.”

Bucong Jiye was still talking to Long Hui.
She subconsciously wanted to get closer to Long Hui but Long Hui noticed it every time, he distanced himself from Bucong Jiye quickly.

Bucong frowned in her heart.
Why his man did not look at her once? Was the woman called Tang Yu Qi so amazing that he did not think much about another woman?

Then Long Hui noticed something.
He became alert.
He glanced at the woman.
She did not catch up on anything.
He wondered if she was truly a cultivator or not.
How could she not have noticed the strangeness of this current situation?

The pack of wolves appeared in front of them.
This time, Bucong Jiye noticed the wolves.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m “Flame wolf.” Bucong Jiye shouted in panic.

Even though she was a cultivator, she was usually spending her time cultivating in her house, without experiencing a hard time.
It was the very first time gaining experience like this.
So, she panicked.

“Protect me.” Bucong Jiye said.

“Not my problem.” Long Hui replied.

It was his first time replying to Bucong Jiye.

“What? You are a man.
You should protect me.” Bucong Jiye stated.

“Why should I protect you?” Long Hui rolled his eyes.

She did not even an acquaintance to him.
Why should he waste his time and effort to protect her?

Long Hui already wielded the sword.
The pack of wolves had a dozen of wolves.
Two of them began to approach Long Hui and Bucong Jiye.

One was on Long Hui and another one set its eyes on Bucong Jiye.
Bucong Jiye felt very scared at this moment.
She was trembling.

Long Hui snorted.
He remembered a few months ago when they first came into this world, they met Bucong Jiye.
Bucong Jiye was acting so mighty in front of them telling Dian Qi Qi that her strength increased a lot.

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