The wolf attacked Long Hui.
When Long Hui was inside its range, the wolf breathed fire to attack Long Hui.
Long Hui jumped to the side to avoid the fire.

‘Flame wolf.
No wonder it was named that way.
It used fire to attack others.

As for Bucong Jiye, she fell on the ground while avoiding the attack.

“No… Don’t come near me.
I don’t want to die.
Help me.” Bucong Jiye shouted.

Long Hui did not have time to care about Bucong Jiye.
He, himself was fighting with the wolf.
This time, three of them were attacking him at the same time.
How could he have time to care about her?

The wolf seemed to notice the human in front of it was weak and scared of it.
It thought it could have a taste of human meat today.

“No!!!! Help!!!” Bucong Jiye shouted.

When the wolf was about to bite her, it was sent flying backward.

“Jiye, are you okay?”

Bucong Jiye heard the voice of someone she knew.
She looked up and saw Bucong Jian.

“Brother Jian.” Bucong Jiye cried when seeing her brother.

She felt lucky that someone came to help her.
Otherwise, she would already have lost her life.

“Are you okay?” Bucong Jian asked Bucong Jiye again.

pAnDa (nov)e1​ “Yes… I am okay.” Bucong Jiye nodded.

“Hmm… Let’s kill the wolf right.” Bucong Jian stated.

“I am scared.” Bucong Jiye said.

“Don’t worry.
I am here now.” Bucong Jian patted her head.

“I asked him to help me but he ignored my call.” Bucong Jiye was angry about Long Hui not helping her earlier.

She knew that Long Hui was fighting with another wolf but she still wanted Long Hui to protect her.

Bucong Jian saw Long Hui fighting with four of the wolves.
He even managed to kill one of them.
Other wolves noticed another human appeared.
They began to approach the two siblings.

Bucong Jian shielded Bucong Jiye behind him.
He knew it would be hard to fight while protecting someone.
He wanted to ask Long Hui for some help but he knew that Long Hui was not willing to help them due to their past interaction.

In addition, he could see that Long Hui was currently fighting by himself.

“Brother Jian…” Bucong Jiye clung to Bucong Jian’s clothes tightly.please visit panda(-)

“Jiye, remember when we are practicing, you just need to do the same.” Bucong Jian said.
He needed his sister’s help.

Long Hui felt the sword was not enough for him.
He took out a gun that he got from his beloved Qi Qi.
He was more proficient in using the modern weapon after all.

To injure the wolf with one shot, he needed to determine which part could easily be penetrated.
After fighting with the wolves for a while, he knew where to shoot.

Long Hui lured the wolf to attack him.
The wolf fell into his trap.
Without wasting any time, he shot the wolf in its chest.
The wolf fell to the ground.

As Long Hui expected, the wolf did not die immediately.
He growled in pain.
He took the sword and stabbed the wolf.
Another wolf died.

Seeing their comrades die again, the pack was very angry.
They ended up rushing to Long Hui to kill this human including the wolves at Bucong Jian and Bucong Jiye’s side.

Bucong Jian was very relieved when the wolves left their side.
He did not dare to go and help Long Hui because of his sister.

However, they were astonished by what they were seeing.
Long Hui killed the wolves one by one with the sword and gun.
The last one of the leader of the pack.

It was furious to see its kind die in this human’s hand.
Since it was the leader, it was much stronger than other wolves.
He was fast too.

Long Hui was struggling to kill it.
Seeing this, Bucong Jian thought to help Long Hui.
He wanted to go and help but he was stopped by Bucong Jiye.

“Where are you going, Brother Jian? Don’t leave me here.” Bucong Jiye said.

“I want to help him.” Bucong Jian said.

“No need to help him.
He did not even help me earlier.” Bucong Jiye held grudge against Long Hui for not helping her earlier.

Bucong Jian felt hesitant.
He knew that Long Hui did not come to help Bucong Jiye earlier because he also faced another wolf at that time.

The gun was out of the bullet.
Long Hui threw it away.
The wolf was very aggressive.
It had more confidence seeing its enemy throw the weapon could injure it.
Now this human power decreased.

However, its eyes were opened widely when seeing the human take out another similar weapon.
It was swiftly avoided when the human pointed the weapon in its direction.
If it got hit by the weapon, there was no way that it could survive.

Long Hui could see that the wolf was afraid of his gun.
When the wolf wanted to attack him again, he pointed the gun at the wolf, it would step back.

Long Hui miscalculated the distance.
The wolf managed to injure his hand the one holding the gun.
The gun dropped.
The wolf was happy to see that.
He became more aggressive.

The wolf approached Long Hui with an open mouth.
This time it would bite another hand the one holding the sword.
This human would die.

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