Aoi was silent when they were leaving.
Yu Qi knew that Aoi was sad.
She comforted him.

“When we return to the outside world, I will try to find the connection between my space and this place.
If we find that, you can return and meet your family easily.” Yu Qi said.

“Hmm…” Aoi nodded.

“For now, let’s find Dian family first.’ Yu Qi said.


“We still don’t find Sister Yu Qi anywhere.” Dian Qi Qi pouted.

“I am sure that she is safe.
She is strong.
Not to mention, she is with her fiancee.” Dian Shu Xian stated.

“Humph! That man.” Dian Qi Qi rolled her eyes.

“Qi Qi, why do you seem to dislike Long Hui?” Dian Ren Qi asked.

“If he is with Sister Yu Qi, I can’t be with her.
He will stick together with Sister Yu Qi.” Dian Qi Qi complained.

Dian Ren Qi laughed.
“Of course, he wants to be with her all the time when he has the chance.
You still don’t have a first love.
You will not understand the feeling.
And I heard Long Hui is a high-ranking soldier for their country.
He must be very busy.
So, he wants to use all the time he can spare to be with his fiance.”

“Can you support me?” Dian Qi Qi glared at her brother.

“Well, about this matter, I can’t support you.
I am feeling the same as Long Hui.
Yang Mi and I have difficulty meeting up.
So, whenever I have the chance, I want to be with her.” Dian Ren Qi smiled at his girlfriend.

Wan Yang Mi was feeling embarrassed when hearing the sentence.
She also felt the same.

“Monsters are here.
Get ready to attack.” Someone shouted.

They took out their weapon.
The monsters attacked them.
After one hour of fighting, they finally took down the last monster.

Dian Shu Xian dismembered the corpses to find the cores.
He remembered Yu Qi’s words to collect the cores.

“I want to clean up.
The blood makes me sick.” Dian Qi Qi said.

“We will get going.
If we find a river or stream, we can clean up.” Dian Ren Qi stated.

When they were walking, they met with Bucong’s Siblings again.
They met with them once.
Because of that, they found out that Yu Qi had met with Long Hui and stayed together.
Now they were meeting with them again.

“Why do I meet you again? Do you follow us?” Bucong Jiye complained when she saw Dian Qi Qi.

“Follow you? Don’t get full of yourself.” Dian Qi Qi snorted.

“You!” Bucong Jiye was angry.

“You are hurt.
It seems you are not strong enough.
I thought you told me that your strength increased.
I guess you are lying.” Dian Qi Qi chuckled.

“Shut down.
You know nothing.” Bucong Jiye shouted.

The sentence made Bucong Jiye think about the last monster that they fought.
The monster made a sneak attack.
Her brother did not protect her well.  Because of that, she got injured.

She already took a healing potion and the injury took some time to heal.
The injury was not healed yet and now she met with a person that she hated.

“Hmm, let’s go.
Don’t you want to find water to clean up?” Dian Shu Xian pulled Dian Qi Qi’s hand before she continued to make Bucong Jiye angry.

I don’t have time to talk with a weak person.” Dian Qi Qi still had time to make Bucong Jiye angry before leaving.please visit panda(-)

“You bitch.” Bucong Jiye shouted.

“Which bitch say that?” Dian Qi Qi asked.

“This bitch says… Wait! You!!!!” Bucong Jiye shouted angrily.

“You admit that you are a bitch.
I thought you would not know.” Dian Qi Qi grinned.

Dian Ren Qi could not help to chuckle.
His little sister’s power was very good.
Wan Yang Mi patted his back, wanting him to stop.

Dian Shu Xian pulled Dian Qi Qi away before they started a physical fight.

“Qi Qi, you are awesome.” Dian Ren Qi started to laugh after they were far from the Bucong’s siblings.

“I learn a lot from Sister Yu Qi.” Dian Qi Qi grinned.

“She taught you later?” Dian Ren Qi was surprised.

She told me to fight brilliantly.
Make the enemy’s mouth shut up.” Dian Qi Qi said.

“Wow, I never thought she is that kind of a person.” Dian Ren Qi said.

“She tells me that I need to kick around the bastard and bitch.” Dian Qi Qi said.

Dian Ren Qi laughed again.
Bastard and bitch.
He wondered who Yu Qi called bastard and bitch.

Both bastard and bitch sneezed.
They thought it was dust entering the nose.

“I found the stream.” Dian Shu Xian stated.

Dian Qi Qi rushed to the stream to wash up.
Before she managed to do it, Dian Shu Xian pulled her away.

“What… What’s wrong?” Dian Qi Qi was startled by that.

The fish jumped out of the stream and landed on the ground.
Dian Shu Xian took out a dagger and stabbed into the fish.
The fish was dead on the spot.

“This fish is a monster too.
They usually attack humans when they are at the stream and want to clean up.” Dian Shu Xian explained.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m

“Then, how are we going to use the clean if this fish monster is around?” Dian Ren Qi said.

“Their batch would run away after their friend is killed.
They can smell their own blood.” Dian Shu Xian explained again.

“How do you know about this?” Dian Ren Qi asked.

“Well, I happen to came across the information.” Dian Shu Xian stated.

It was like Dian Shu Xian said.
They could use the water safely.

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