However, it was not the same for the group that just bickered with Yu Qi ’s group earlier.
They just sat at a normal table.
Customers around them were watching the scene just now.
In the beginning, they thought that Mu Rong Xie ’s group was richer than Yu Qi ’s group.
Turned out Yu Qi ’s group was richer than them.
Otherwise, Mu Rong Xie ’s group would not be sitting on the normal table with other customers.

”Sister Yian, why did you stop me just now? ” Mu Rong Xie asked.

”Rong Xie, do you forget that father reminded you to not cause any problem? ” Mu Yian asked Mu Rong Xie back.

”I just… ” Mu Rong Xie could not find the right word to retort back.

”We came here to have a holiday.
We could not afford to offend someone here. ” Jing Sui said.
She also dislikes Mu Rong Xie ’s behavior earlier.

”Jing Sui is right.
That girl may be from some affluent family here. ” Tony Mei Mei nodded.

”I also think so.
Rong Xie, remember to watch your mouth.
This is the Binhai Nation.
It is not our place. ” Mu Yian gave a warning to her sister.

I will remember. ” Mu Rong Xie said while resented Yu Qi.

Mu Rong Xie did not unexpected that Yu Qi was from an affluent family.
Why was she being friends with some poor girls? She could see her friends were not from a rich family since one of her friends was afraid to enter this restaurant because it looked expensive.


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Yu Qi was thinking about the group of girls that she met yesterday.
She felt something familiar with the two girls.
The girl that mocked her and the girl that stopped the mocking one.
It was like the case with Qin Xia but slightly different.

”Sister Yu Qi, what are you thinking? ” Zhu Xiao Ling patted Yu Qi ’s back.

”Nothing. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”Sister Yu Qi, everyone is still talking about your win in the archery competition. ” Zhu Xiao Ling said.

”I just know a little bit. ” Yu Qi replied.

Zhu Xiao Ling wanted to choke.
’Shooting three arrows, know a little bit? Sister Yu Qi is really something. ’

”Yu Qi, the dean of your faculty wants to see you. ” Vice-captain Jung Xi Wan suddenly approached Yu Qi.

”My Dean? ” Yu Qi felt weird.

”He has already called on your phone several times but you have not picked up.
Assuming, it is time for the club activity, he has sent someone to inform me asking to tell you. ” Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan explained.

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”He wants to meet me now? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yeah. ” Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan nodded.

I will go.
Please inform Captain Heng about this. ” Yu Qi walked away from the shooting training ground.

When she arrived at the Dean ’s office, Yu Qi asked a woman.
She was probably the dean ’s secretary.

”Miss, the dean has informed someone that he wants to meet me.
Can I see him? ” Yu Qi asked politely to the woman.

The woman lifted up her face to see the person in front of her.
When she saw the girl, she knew the girl.
She was the top student in the medical course.
And she was pretty famous in the university.

”The Dean wants to meet you at the meeting room over there. ” The woman pointed to one of the meeting rooms over there.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi went to the meeting room and knocked on the door.
She heard someone asked her to enter the meeting room.

Yu Qi entered the room.
She recognized two people in the room.
One of them was the dean.
Others were strangers to her.

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”Sir. ” Yu Qi bowed to the dean and greeted him.

”Miss Tang, you are here. ” The dean greeted back.
”I have called you here to settle some matter. ” The Dean glanced at the couple that sat in front of the dean.

Yu Qi took a look at the couple.

”So, you are Tang Yu Qi? ” The woman asked while glaring at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi could assume the identity of the woman and the man that she did not recognize based on Yi Su Ran ’s presence.
Yi Su Ran probably called her parents to deal with her.

I ’m Tang Yu Qi. ” Yu Qi did not show any fear toward them.
She was confident as ever.

”How dare you slap my daughter? ” Mrs.
Yi Han Tong shouted and pointed to Yu Qi.

”It wasn ’t me who slapped your daughter. ” Yu Qi said.

”Don ’t lie to me.
My daughter said you slapped her until red. ” Mrs.
Yi Han Tong replied angrily to Yu Qi.

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”Oh, you really know how to twist the fate, did you? ” Yu Qi turned to Yi Su Ran.

”Su Ran, what did she mean by that? ” Mr.
Yi Dang Kui who was just silent from the beginning turned to Yi Su Ran and asked about it.

Yi Su Ran gulped.
Her father was not like her mother who just believed her word 100%.

”Actually Sister Ren Shiang slapped me.
She ordered Sister Ren Shiang to do it. ” Yi Su Ran said while pointed to Yu Qi.

”Then tell me, why was your Sister Ren Shiang following my order and slapped you? ” Yu Qi smirked.

”It… ” Yi Su Ran could not explain that.

”You better tell me, YI SU RAN. ” Mr.
Yi Dang Kui looked at Yi Su Ran sharply.

”Why do you get angry at your daughter? ” Mrs.
Yi Han Tong hugged her daughter.

”You have pampered her too much.
That is why she has become like this. ” Mr.
Yi Dang Kui slammed the table.

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Yi Su Ran hugged her mother.
Hiding in her mother ’s hug.

”Yi Su Ran! ” Mr.
Yi Dang Kui glared at his daughter.

”Miss Yi doesn ’t want to talk probably.
Well, let me tell you, Mr.
Yi. ” Yu Qi did not want to waste her time anymore.

Yi Dang Kui turned to Yu Qi waiting for her to speak.

”Miss Yi had challenged me in the archery competition and made a bet that we could order the party that loses the competition to obey one wish. ” Yu Qi began to explain.

Then she narrowed her eyes.
Then the air became suddenly cold.

”Your daughter played a trick to get me injured.
They did something to the bowstring so that the bowstring could break and injure my face.
Luckily, I dodged it and avoided my face from getting injured.
However, my hand was not so lucky. ” Yu Qi raised her hand that had been injured by the bowstring.

”Because of that, I ordered her Sister Ren Shiang to slap her both sides as a reminder.
So, in the future, she would not do something like this. ” Yu Qi looked at Yi Su Ran.

Yi Dang Kui turned to his daughter.
”Answer me.
Is that true? ”

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Yi Su Ran was shaking.
Her father was really angry with this.

Seeing his daughter ’s reaction, the girl in front of him must be telling the truth.
Her daughter had always acted like this when she did something wrong.
”Miss Tang, I apologize on the behalf of my daughter.
I hope you can forgive my daughter. ” He bowed to Yu Qi as he swallowed his pride.

Yi Han Tong and Yi Su Ran were shocked by Mr.
Yi Dang Kui.

It ’s for the last time.
I hope Miss Yi can restrain herself from finding a problem with me. ” Yu Qi smiled at Mr.
Yi Dang Kui.

”Thank you, Miss Tang.
I so much appreciate that. ” Mr.
Y.i Dang Kui said.

”I guess the matter has been settled.
I have to excuse myself first. ” Yu Qi left first.

”Sir, forgive me for wasting your time. ” Mr.
Yi Dang Kui said to the dean.

Yi Dang Kui was feeling very embarrassed about this situation.

The dean understood Mr.Yi Dang Kui ’s feelings.

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”We will take leave first. ” Mr.
Yi Dang Hui glared at his wife and his daughter, ordering them to follow him.

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