Ling Su Liu never thought to meet such poor cultivators here.
She snorted when watching Yu Qi.

‘Master, that woman snorted at you.’ Shino reported to Aoi when he saw Ling Su Liu’s action.

‘Ignore her.
She must think we are poor.’ Yu Qi smiled while narrowing her eyes.

‘Poor?’ Shino tilted his eyes.
His master was not poor.
If she was poor, how could they always eat deliciously all the time?

‘Hmm… She watched us collecting the cores and assumed that we are from a poor family.
She must be a young lady from a well-off family.’ Yu Qi did not care much about Ling Su Liu.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m

Ling Su Liu must be a person who always had money given to her.
But Yu Qi was different.
She knew how life was without money.
She needed to work hard to get the money to live.
Now, it became a habit.
If she saw the opportunity to make money, she would go for it.

“Are you finished yet?” Ling Su Liu was getting bored waiting for Yu Qi and Long Hui to finish collecting the cores.

“If you want to go, you can go first.
It is fine with us.” Yu Qi stated.

Hearing that, Ling Su Liu went silent.
She did not want to walk around in this place alone.
She survived up until now due to the fact that she sensed the monsters first using an artifact that was given to her by her grandfather.

The artifact could tell the strength of the monsters.
If the monster was stronger than her and she thought she could not fight the monster, then she could run away.

However, when she was caught by the evil cultivators, the artifact broke and she could not use it anymore.
If she went alone, she might meet strong monsters and also lose her life.

“Let’s go and clean at a river first.” Yu Qi stated.

Long Hui nodded.

“For what?” Ling Su Liu asked.

“To clean our hands.” Yu Qi showed her bloody hand to Ling Su Liu.

Ling Su Liu made a scream.
It was not too loud.

Yu Qi smirked.
So, they continued walking while searching for a source of water.
Luckily for them, they were not far from a waterfall.

It was a beautiful waterfall.
Yu Qi looked around.
Ling Su Liu was also thirsty.
She went to the riverbank to drink some water.
However, she was being pulled by the wolf.

“Ah!!!” Ling Su Liu shouted.

Aoi released her.

“What are your contracted beast trying to do to me?” Ling Su Liu shouted to Yu Qi.

He is saving your life.” Yu Qi glanced at Ling Su Liu.

“What?” Ling Su Liu was still angry.

“That place has monsters.
If you don’t believe me, you can try it again.
This time, my contracted beast and I will not do it.
Your death is not my fault.” Yu Qi snorted.please visit panda(-)

Ling Su Liu was speechless.
Of course, when they put it that way, she could not dare to try it.

Yu Qi asked Aoi to bring the water to them.
The monster inside the waterfall did not want to attack another monster.
So, it should be safe for Aoi to do so.

Yu Qi and Long Hui washed their hands.
It was fortunate that the blood did not get onto their clothes.

“Hmm… Let’s take a break first.
We should eat lunch too.” Yu Qi suggested.

“What? Why don’t we just walk? We also wasted our time earlier collecting those cores.” Ling Su Liu protested.

“Well, it is up to you.
We want to rest here.” Yu Qi said.

“Why do you just follow what she wants?” Ling Su Liu turned to Long Hui.

“Because she is my fiance.” Long Hui replied sharply.

Yu Qi smiled at Long Hui.
He smiled at Yu Qi back.
Of course, he would follow his beloved Qi Qi’s request.
Otherwise, should he follow her? Who did she think she was?

Ling Su Liu was stunned.
Just because of what? How could this man not have his own thought?

‘Master, what are you cooking today?’ Aoi asked in expectation.

‘I am not cooking today.’ Yu Qi said.

‘What? Why?’ Aoi asked.

‘If I am cooking here, you will share it with that woman.
Do you want that to happen?’ Yu Qi asked.



Both of her little cuties shouted at the same time.
Yu Qi’s eyes twitched.
They were also loud through the telepathy.
She felt dizzy with the sudden shout.

Then, just hold back.
I will make up for this later.’ Yu Qi patted Aoi and Shino’s heads.

Yu Qi took out something to eat and share them with Long Hui.
Ling Su Liu only had to sit down and also took out something to eat.
She chew the food hardly imagining that the food was this woman.
She wanted to leave but she was afraid.

“Next time when we collect the cores, we need to wear gloves.
I forget that I store some in my space.” Yu Qi said to Long Hui.

“Hmm… That way, our hands will not so bloody.” Long Hui also agreed with that.

“And we don’t have to find the water over and over again.” Yu Qi added.

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