Roc bird.” The roc bird answered.


“Yes.” The roc bird nodded.

Yu Qi thought for a moment.
‘What is a suitable name for a roc bird? It must be simple and good.’ She thought hard about this.

Your name is Rukh.” Yu Qi decided.
“It is another name for roc bird but it is better to call you, Rukh compared to roc bird.”

“Rukh? Thank you, Master.” Rukh accepted the name.

“By the way, which gender are you? Male or female?” Yu Qi asked again.

“I am a male.” Rukh expanded his wings proudly.

“I see.
Let’s get along, Rukh.” Yu Qi said.

“Hmm… Master… Can I eat the fruit?” Rukh asked shyly.

Yu Qi laughed.
“Well, you can take 10 for a moment.
We need to get out of this space.
Everyone is waiting.” She gave Rukh permission.

Rukh rushed to pick up the fruit.
Then, he returned to Yu Qi again.

“Bo Ya, is it safe for me to come out right now?” Yu Qi asked for safety reasons.

She did not want to appear whenever other people were around.
Bo Ya checked it for her.

“Yes, you can go out now.” Bo Ya nodded.

So, she grabbed Rukh and returned to the miracle space.

“Everyone.” Yu Qi called.

Long Hui, Aoi, and Shino looked and rushed over to Yu Qi’s side.
At last, Long Hui hugged Yu Qi.
The two, Aoi and Shino gritted their teeth seeing their master had been conquered by Long Hui alone.

“Are you okay?” Long Hui asked in worried.

“Hmm… Sorry to make you worry.” Yu Qi calmed Long Hui down.

“Master, it is….” Aoi was shocked to see the roc bird was here too.

“Oh, introducing my new contracted beast, Rukh.” Yu Qi introduced Rukh to others.

Rukh stood proudly.

“Master, why does it want to be your contracted beast?” Aoi could not believe his master right now.

“Well, Bo Ya threatened him at first.
But I didn’t force him or anything.
He wanted that himself.” Yu Qi explained.

“Tell me why do you want to be Master’s contracted beast?” Aoi asked.

“The fruit inside the space is very good.” Rukh licked his lips.

“Roc bird eats fruits?” Long Hui looked at Yu Qi.

Long Hui read about the roc bird before even though at that time, he just thought it was a made-up story from Persian folklore.
He remembered that the roc bird was a predator bird that could kill the elephant.

“Oh, you are also a food lover like us.” Aoi nodded.

He understood the feeling.
Even though he was a dog, he sometimes snacked up the fruit.
The fruit from Master’s space indeed tasted good.

“Yeah… Yeah… Just admit that you guys are gluttons.” Yu Qi laughed.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“A roc bird.
Everyone be careful.”

They heard someone shout.
They turned around and saw a group of cultivators nearby.

“What are you doing over there? That is a roc bird.
You will be killed by it.” One of them shouted.

They were ready to attack the roc bird.

Yu Qi stepped in front of Rukh.
“He is not a monster.
He is my contracted beast.”

Rukh looked at his petite master.
Feeling protected by someone was a good feeling.

“You are Tang Yu Qi, is it? You already have your contracted beast.
How could you say it is your contracted beast?” Someone recognized Yu Qi and knew that Yu Qi already had her contracted beast.

Yu Qi smiled.
“Well, before this, I already had two contracted beasts.
I just contracted this one earlier before you came here.”

“What? You had two contracted beasts before?”

“Don’t lie.”

“People usually only have one contracted beast.”

“Then, show me your another contracted beast.”

The cultivators did not believe Yu Qi at all.

“Shino, come out.” Yu Qi said.

Shino was staying inside Yu Qi’s pocket, coming out and climbing up to Yu Qi’s shoulder.
He bowed his head greeting everyone.

Everyone was speechless.
They did not expect it was true though.

“Humph… She must be lying.” A woman from that group said and looked at Long Hui.
“That is probably just his contracted beast.”

Shino wanted to protest but seeing his master shake her head, he just could roll his eyes.

“I already showed the evidence.
It is up to you whether you want to believe me or not.
We will not waste our time here anymore.” Yu Qi said.

“Let’s go, Qi Qi.
No need to bother those people.” Long Hui said.


“What again? If you try to stop us again, we can fight.
Even though you have more people on your side,  I don’t think you can win.” Long Hui stated.

The people gulped.
It was the truth.
They did not have the confidence that they could defeat Long Hui and Yu Qi.
They might get beaten by these two.

They watched Yu Qi and Long Hui as well as the contracted beasts left the place.
They came here thinking that they could fight a strong monster and gain some experience.
They did not know that monster was a contracted beast.

“Rukh, can you change your size to a smaller one?” Yu Qi asked.

Walking with a big roc bird would attract a lot of people.

“Of course.” Rukh nodded.
He changed his size to a small one.
Enough for him to sit on a human shoulder.

“Good.” Yu Qi nodded.

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