”What does your dean want from you, Sister Yu Qi? ” Zhu Xiao Ling asked.

Vice-Captain Jung Xi Wan had probably told others about that.

”It is just about my study. ” Yu Qi made a lie.

Yu Qi did not do lie for the sake of Yi Su Ran.
She was giving a face to Mr.
Yi Dang Kui.
If this spread, Mr Yi Dang Kui might lose his face.

”I see. ” Zhu Xiao Ling believed it.

However, Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan looked at Yu Qi with a smile.
It was the same as Captain Heng Ru Yen.
They did not believe it.
But they did not push Yu Qi, to tell the truth.

After finishing the club training, Yu Qi went to the cafe to buy dinner for three of them.
She entered the space with Aoi.

She gave the food to her little cuties and went straight towards her room and opened the computer.
It had been a while since she looked up the information for Wei Zhu Feng, the minister of tourism.
She opened the call-recording that had recorded all the calls that Wei Zhu Feng had.

From one of the call recordings, she got some interesting information.
Wei Zhu Feng had a nephew named Wei Hai Jing.
He was a student at Hanwei University.
When she searched for his profile, she seemed to recognize the man.

He was a man that Feng Yue admired and then gave up because the man got his own girlfriend.
And the most interesting fact was Wei Hai Jing had also purchased the white powder as well.
So, the white powder at the shooting competition probably was from his hand.

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She dug more information about Wei Hai Jing and found out about his girlfriend who was Ling Zhu Yao, granddaughter of Ling Man.
The distant relative of the Tang Family who wanted her to marry one of the sons of the Tang Family.

This was getting more and more interesting.
Yu Qi was very satisfied with this discovery.

”Master, you need to eat. ” Bo Ya came and reminded Yu Qi.

”Okay, my dear.
I will eat. ” Yu Qi patted Aoi ’s head She closed the computer and went to eat.

After that, she completed her daily routine.
Learning, and training.


”Sigh, my name is not chosen. ” So Pang Lim sighed when seeing her name was not on the list of students who were going to the medical conference at FangHai Nation.

Their faculty used to hold a contest to select the two students from the medical batch of each year to attend the medical conference that was about to start on the next month.
One student had to send his or her essay about the understanding of the topic that she or he had chosen.

”Only Yu Qi and Na An are on the list.
Oh, my…
I feel very jealous of you. ” So Pang Lim glared to Yu Qi and Na An.

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”This list indicates the top students in each year.
You need to study hard then. ” Yun Xiao said to So Pang Lim.

”Congrats to Yu Qi and Na An.
It is a three day trip, right? ” Song Ha Ting asked for confirmation.

I ’m jealous.
It is going to be fun. ” So Pang Lim once again expressed her feeling.

”Miss Song, are you jealous because they are going to a conference or just because they are going on a trip? ” Mei Lilli glanced at So Pang Lim.

So Pang Lim did not answer the question.
She just smiled at them.

”So, Yu Qi, what was your topic? ” Yun Xiao asked.

”The roles of traditional Chinese medicine in treating coronary heart disease. ” Yu Qi answered.

”It is interesting. ” Yun Xiao nodded.

”Yu Qi really likes the herbs. ” Song Ha Ting commented.

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”Then, what about Na An? ” Mei Lilli turned to Ding Na An.

”I write about one of the eye diseases that caused legal blindness which is retinitis pigmentosa. ” Ding Na An explained.

Anyway, congrats to you two.
However, please don ’t forget to buy souvenirs for us. ” So Pang Lim gave a smile.

Yu Qi told her family about the conference.
Her uncles said it was good for her, so, she better went and made the benefit of this conference.
Her aunties in another case, they were very worried about her safety.
After all,

it was in another nation.

The funny thing, when her brother, Tang Jin Wei heard about it, he was very jealous.
He said he wanted to go too.
The women in the FangHai Nation were very beautiful.
His playboy disease appeared.
So, he decided to apply for leave to take a vacation in FangHai Nation.
Her uncle, Tang Jung Weng did not approve his application for leave.

When Yu Qi heard about it, she laughed.
As for Aoi, Yu Qi had already asked the management about bringing her dog, the management did not permit her to bring the pet since the hotel room that they booked did not allow the customer to bring the pet.

Her friends especially Song Ha Ting told her to leave Aoi under their care.
However, Aoi insisted to follow her so, she told the management that she would be booking another room that allowed Yu Qi to bring in Aoi with her.

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There were 8 students that would be going to the conference.
Plus four lecturers.
This is the first time she went aboard since her reborn.
Yu Qi did go aboard several times in her previous life due to her business.
But, she was kind of excited.

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