Then, something happened.
The monster tree changed its appearance.
It became a flower girl.
On the top of her head, there was a flower crown.
Her face was also pretty similar to Yu Qi’s face.
If someone saw her, she would be mistaken as Yu Qi’s daughter.

They were dumbfounded to see the monster tree’s transformation.
They did not expect the ugly monster tree to change to a cute little girl.

“Oh, I am changed.
I am talking human language.” Even the monster tree was surprised by her changes.

Long Hui coughed awkwardly.
“Qi Qi, you should make her wear some clothes.”

Yu Qi finally noticed it.
“Owh… That’s right.” She immediately picked up the monster tree and went inside the pagoda leaving all of them outside.

“Why can she change into a human figure when contracting with Master?” Aoi was very surprised when watching the ugly monster tree change into a cute petite girl.

“I want to change into a human figure too,” Shino said.

Rukh did not say anything.
Well, he also wondered about that.

“Bo Ya, do you know why?” Aoi asked Bo Ya.

“Hmm… I don’t know about that.
It is probably related to her origin.” Bo Ya also did not know about that.

“But why does she have a similar face to Master?” Shino asked.

“Well, when she changed into a human, Yu Qi was nearby.
She was probably inspired by Yu Qi’s face.” That was the explanation that Bo Ya could think about.

Yu Qi came out with the monster tree with clothes.
She went to search for some small clothes.
Luckily she remembered about the clothes room at level 5 in the pagoda.
There were a lot of clothes including for children too.

The monster tree immediately spotted the clothes that she wanted to wear.
It was a Chinese traditional attire, a soft pink hanfu.
She told Yu Qi she wanted to wear that clothes.

Yu Qi took the hanfu and gave it to her.
Yu Qi asked her if she wanted some help.
The monster tree shook her head telling Yu Qi that she could wear it by herself.

The monster tree told Yu Qi that she also felt that hanfu was very beautiful.
She often ate humans that wore similar clothes in the past.  Yu Qi told her that she could not eat humans anymore.
The monster tree nodded.

When Yu Qi saw the monster tree, she felt she saw a small fairy with flowers on top of her head.
A name popped up.

“Your name is Xiaohua.” Yu Qi stated.

“Thank you, Master.” Xiaohua thanked Yu Qi.
The sound of Master from Xiaohua’s mouth was pretty cute too.

After that, they came out and Yu Qi introduced Xiaohua to everyone.
Xiaohua was accepted by the others easily.
Bo Ya wanted to bring Xiaohua to some places.

Yu Qi stayed at Long Hui’s side.
Long Hui to the opportunity to hug Yu Qi.

“I feel I want to have a daughter.” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi felt shy.
“What are you thinking?”please visit panda(-)

“Our daughter must be cute as Xiaohua.
I can imagine it.” Long Hui smiled.

They stayed inside the space for a while until Yu Qi called them to come out.
Xiaohua would be staying inside the space.
If she brought Xiaohua out, it definitely would be chaos.

Xiaohua obediently stayed inside the space.
She did not mind at all since Bo Ya was with her.

All of them came out of the space and returned to everyone.
Qiu Wang approached them.

“Did you go hunting monsters? Why don’t you ask me too?” Qiu Wang asked.

We didn’t do it.” Long Hui said.

“Really?” Qiu Wang asked again.

We didn’t go hunting for monsters tonight.” Yu Qi admitted the same as Long Hui.

“I see.” Qiu Wang was convinced by the couple.

The night passed without any intruders.
Everyone had recovered and wanted to continue the journey.
It was a time race.
They wanted to arrive at the white building as soon as possible.

Yu Qi and Long Hui did not care much about the inheritance of the white building.
They were more into hunting monsters.

When they were walking, Rukh told them that he had sensed that there were humans fighting within 500 meters ahead.

pAn,Da nv,e1

“It is Brother Zin Fang.” Dian Shu Xian stated.

“He has been cornered by three men.
Let’s go and help him.” Dian Qi Qi said.

With that, she rushed out before everyone could say anything.
They could not help to rush out too to help Dian Zin Fang.

Dian Qi Qi rushed to Dian Zin Fang’s side and punched one of the three men who cornered Dian Zin Fang.
The man did not have time to notice Dian Qi Qi.
So, he received full damage from Dian Qi Qi’s punch.
He went flying before slamming into a tree.

The other two men turned to the attacker.
Seeing the attacker was only a woman, one of them made a signal to his comrade to deal with Dian Qi Qi while he would deal with Dian Zin Fang.

“Qi Qi, be careful.
They are evil cultivators.” Dian Zin Fang warned Dian Qi Qi.

Dian Qi Qi was shocked.
Her face’s expression changed.
She strengthened her body.

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