“Another beautiful girl come.
I am so happy today.” One of the evil cultivators said.

“How dare you attack my brother?” Dian Qi Qi shouted.

The evil cultivators just snorted.
He did not think that Dian Qi Qi was strong.
His comrade was just caught off guard.
However, his thinking changed when he saw other people come out of the bush.

“Everyone, they are evil cultivators.” Dian Qi Qi shouted.

Hearing that, everyone immediately took out their weapons.
The evil cultivators felt that the situation was bad on their side.

They needed to escape.
They would never fight a lost battle.
One of them signaled to the others.
His comrades understood.
They rushed to their faint comrade, took him, and ran away.

“You cowards!” Dian Qi Qi shouted.

She wanted to chase the evil cultivators but Dian Zin Fang stopped her.
Even though the evil cultivators ran away, once Dian Qi Qi chased them, she would fight them alone.

The evil cultivators were very strong.
He did not want his sister to throw her life away like that.

The evil cultivators just ran away because their sides did not have as many people as this side.

Yu Qi went to Dian Zin Fang.
“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Hmm, okay… Can you look at her?” Dian Zin Fang’s attention changed to the girl who sat down on the ground.

It was Ayue.
She was bleeding from her shoulder and stomach.
Her face was pale.
Beside her was her contracted beast, the red fox.
The red fox looked worried about his master.

Yu Qi took out the potion and gave it to Ayue.
It was to stop the bleeding.

“I need to check her wound.
Can you girls help me?” Yu Qi asked other women around.

“What do you want to do?” One of the women asked.

“Hmm… I need to check her wound immediately.
I need you to make a wall to cover her from being seen by others.” Yu Qi explained.

The women understood.
They began to stand around Yu Qi and Ayue making the human wall.

“Miss Ayue, excuse me.” Yu Qi said and opened Ayue’s clothes.

Yu Qi could see that Ayue’s wound in the stomach was quite deep.
Ayue had been stabbed deeply.
She did not know if the stab ruined other organs or not.

She could not check that here.
She took out some drugs and some clean fabrics.
She wiped out the blood around the wound.
The bleeding already stopped due to the potion that Ayue drank earlier.

After the wound was cleaned, she took out the drug on the wound and bandaged the wound.
The same thing applied to the wound on Ayue’s shoulder.

“Thank you,” Ayue said in a weak voice.

“It’s nothing.” Yu Qi shook her head.
She then turned to other women.
“Thank you for helping me treat her.”

“It is nothing.” All the women said while smiling.

They moved away since there was no need to cover Ayue anymore.

Dian Zin Fang went to talk to Ayue.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Are you okay?” Dian Zin Fang asked in a worried tone.

“Hmm… I think I will be okay by tomorrow.
You don’t need to worry.” Ayue smiled.

“Those men! If I meet them again, I will make them pay.” Dian Zin Fang clenched his fist.

“Why did those men attack you?” Yu Qi asked.

“Evil cultivators cultivated using other’s power.
They want to catch us and want to use us for that purpose.” Dian Zin Fang explained.

“I meet with the evil cultivators too.
However, they did not manage to escape from me.” Yu Qi smiled.

“What? How did you do it?” Dian Zin Fang was surprised to hear the news.

“I poisoned them.” Yu Qi answered simply.

Everyone looked at Yu Qi speechlessly.
It was a worse way to die.

“Hmm… I think we should move on.” One of the people said.

“Yeah…” Everyone remembered their aims right now.

“Are you okay with this, Miss Ayue?” Dian Zin Fang was concerned about Ayue’s condition.

“It’s okay.
I can walk.
If I can’t, I can ride my red fox.” Ayue nodded.

The red fox understood.
He rubbed his body to Ayue.

Ayue knew how important the time was right now.
She did not want others to waste their time if she rested there.
And to be honest, the wound did not hurt that bad.
She could hold the pain and continued walking.

Seeing Ayue to determined, Dian Zin Fang agreed for them to get moving.
So, they continued to walk.

“Brother Zin Fang, I think this miracle space gets another entrance.” Dian Shu Xian assumed.

“Why?” Dian Zin Fang asked back.

pAnD a(-)n0ve1.com

“That makes sense.” Dian Zin Fang nodded several times.

It was impossible such a great place like a miracle space had only one entrance.
It must have another entrance.

“After getting out of here, I will ask Great-Grandpa about this.
He must know something.” Dian Zin Fang said.
“We need to be careful.
We don’t know how many of those evil cultivators are inside this miracle space right now.”

“I assume they also want to get into the white building as well.” Dian Shu Xian said.

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