After a while of walking, they finally caught a glimpse of the white building.
It was very white.
Like a snow castle.
The surrounding was full of white roses.

“Wow… This place is beautiful.”

“Hmm… It is like a snow castle.”

Everyone was admiring the beauty of this place.
It felt like magic.

When they were approaching the white building, they saw another group walking toward the white building too.
They saw it was other cultivators.
Bucong Family was among them.

“Dian Qi Qi, why do you want to waste your time here? You will not be selected.
Just go and hunt monsters.
At least, you’ll gain some experience.” Bucong Jiye opened her mouth and made a ridiculous joke to Dian Qi Qi.

“Your mouth really stinks.
Can you please restrain yourself from talking to me?” Dian Qi Qi replied.

Bucong Jiye’s face turned red.
“It is your mo…”

“Bucong Jiye.” Bucong Shuye called Bucong Jiye’s full name.

Bucong Jiye immediately shut her mouth while glaring at Dian Qi Qi.
She did not dare to talk anymore.

Dian Qi Qi smirked at Bucong Jiye.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m

“She is just jealous of my beauty.” Dian Qi Qi flipped her hair arrogantly.

Everyone who heard that looked at Dian Qi Qi.
More like Dian Qi Qi’s clothes.
Even though she was here, she was still stuck with her gothic lolita dress.

‘She is indeed beautiful but her taste in clothes is kind of weird.’ That was what they thought at this moment.

“Let’s go and enter the white building.” Dian Zin Fang said.

All of them walked to the gate.

“How will we go to enter? The gate…” Bucong Jiye commented.

She did not manage to finish the sentence.
The gate began to open automatically.

“It seems to wait for us too.” Dian Ren Qi said.

They walked inside.
There was a tree too.
But its body and leaves were also white.
Not green as a normal tree would be.

Yu Qi looked up and saw the board.
‘Xuan Yue’.
It was the word written on the board.
Her heart felt tight when she read the name.
She felt weird.

“Are you okay?” Long Hui noticed Yu Qi and asked her about that.

“It is nothing.” Yu Qj just smiled at Long Hui.

Long Hui tightened up his grip on Yu Qi’s hand.
“If you are uncomfortable, please tell me, okay.”

Yu Qi nodded, still smiling at Long Hui.

Bucong Shuye was behind them and saw the interaction between the two of them.
He unconsciously gritted his teeth.

“It must be this building’s name.” Dian Shu Xian said.

When they entered the room, they finally saw some color.
There was furniture inside the room.

A big table and chairs.
Also, there was food on the table.

“Wow, food.” Bucong Nanyi said.please visit panda(-)

He wanted to reach out but was stopped by Bucong Shuye.

“Are you stupid or what?” Bucong Shuye rolled his eyes at Bucong Nanyi.

Bucong Nanyi retreated his hand.
“I am just joking.
I will not be eating.”

“Yeah… Yeah… Your eyes literally are fixed on the food.
Why? You are that much hungry.
Poor you.” Dian Ren Qi laughed.

Bucong Nanyi gritted his teeth.
He was indeed hungry.
He had not eaten for the past three days.
His food supply is already finished.
It was the same for others in his group.

Bucong Jiye also wanted to eat but didn’t because she was more afraid of Bucong Shuye.
She did not dare to take the food and eat it.

However, some of the cultivators could not resist the temptation of food.
They went and grabbed the food.
They ate the food.

Everyone who traveled in Yu Qi’s group did not feel hungry at all because they had eaten at the correct time.
Yu Qi also shared the food that she took out of her space.

Those who ate the food felt that their bodies became lighter and more powerful.

“My body feels great after eating the food.”

“I feel the same.”

“You will regret not eating this food.”

The group who ate the food wanted to eat more.
Because of that, more people grabbed the food and ate them.

However, the happiness was not last long.
Someone fell on the ground while holding his throat.
The white foam began to come out of his mouth.
After a while, he went silent.

Yu Qi approached the man and checked his pulse.

“Died.” One word came out of Yu Qi’s mouth.

That word caused panic among those who eat the food.
There was something wrong with the food.
Everyone forcedly threw out the food from their bodies by vomiting.
But not everyone was lucky.

One by one followed the first man.
They died when the white foam started to come out of their mouth.
Some of them who just eat a little was saved.

“They died.”

“No wonder the elders say this place is dangerous.
We can lose our lives.”

“Luckily we don’t give up on the temptation.”

Yu Qi went to the table and took the food.

“Qi Qi, what are you doing?” Long Hui said.

“Miss Tang, you can’t eat that.”


Some people talked to Yu Qi.

“Is she an idiot or what? Does she want to die?” Bucong Jiye snorted when seeing Yu Qi act.

“Humph, she probably wants some attention from others.
She knows that people would stop eating those food now.” Bucong Jiye’s friend said.

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