“What do you want to do with that food?” Long Hui asked.

“Hmm… I want to research the poison inside this food later.
So, I will store some of it.” Yu Qi smiled.

Long Hui chuckled.
He forgot that his fiancee loved this kind of thing.

“What a freak.” Bucong Jiye snorted after listening to Yu Qi’s words.

“A stupid girl like you knows nothing.” Dian Qi Qi commented.

“Humph… What research? She just wants some attention from people.” Bucong Jiye rebuked.

The people who ate the food and who did not die from it were suffering in pain.
They could not walk at all.

“We need to continue.” Bucong Shuye said.

“Wait, you can’t leave me here.”

“Yeah… Please bring me too.”

The ones who could not walk begged for someone to bring them too.
People who traveled with Dian’s Family were okay.
So, they did not have any trouble continuing.

Bucong Shuye did not have sympathy for them.
Bucong Nanyi was relieved for listening to Bucong Shuye not eating the food.
Otherwise, he could lose his life or be left behind like those people.

They passed the room and entered another room.
This time, they came across a room full of treasures.

“Wait, is that divine shield?” One of them shouted.

“What? Where?”


pAnDa (nov)e1​

“Divine shield?” Yu Qi did not know about that.
So, she asked Dian Qi Qi.

“I don’t know.” Dian Qi Qi also did not know about that.

“Divine shield is a shield that could protect the owner from any kind of danger.
People said it was the best protection that a cultivator could have.” Dian Zin Fang explained.

“Oh… I see.” Yu Qi and Dian Qi Qi nodded.

“It is fine for Yu Qi not to know about this.
But you, Dian Qi Qi… You slack off in your study.” Dian Zin Fang narrowed his eyes at Dian Qi Qi.

“I have other things to study.” Dian Qi Qi hid behind Yu Qi.

Even though Dian Family lived outside the cultivation world, they still needed to learn about their cultivation world.
The Dian Family did not want their descendant to know nothing about their cultivation world.

“I will talk to uncle later.” Dian Zin Fang said.

“I will not neglect my study again.” Dian Qi Qi said.
She turned to her own brother, Dian Shu Xian.
“Brother Shu Xian, help me.”please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“You are on your own.” Dian Shu Xian said.

“You traitor.” Dian Qi Qi snorted.

Back to the divine shield, everyone went to look at that thing.
Not long after that, they found another precious treasure which was the Winglong Armour.
It had been missing from the cultivation world for almost a thousand years.

Well, in another case, this room was filled with the artifact.
One of them braved themselves, took the artifact and tried to use it.
He seemed to be fine.
He was happy to grab the artifact that he wanted.

Seeing this, everyone began to grab the artifacts.
Bucong Shuye did not have any intention to take the artifact with him.
He did not believe there was nothing wrong with the artifact.

Bucong Shuye forbade Bucong Nanyi, Bucong Jian, and Bucong Jiye to take the artifacts.
They wanted to protest but they knew that they could not fight against Bucong Shuye.

The Dian Family also did not take anything.
They did not have any uses for these artifacts since they lived outside.
They did not need that kind of artifact.

Other than them, everyone took an artifact.
Some of them even took more than one artifact.

They walked again.
Now they were stopped at a giant door.
Yu Qi stopped walking when she saw the door.
She saw this door before.
But she could not remember where she saw it.

“Qi Qi?” Long Hui called her name.
“What’s wrong?”

“I think I have been to this place before.” Yu Qi put on the barrier, preventing the sound leaked out, and whispered to Long Hui about that.

“You have been here before? How? When?” Long Hui asked.

“I don’t remember when and how.
I just remember seeing this giant door.” Yu Qi looked at the giant door.

“Maybe it is related to your space.” Long Hui made an assumption.

“It is probably the case.” Yu Qi also agreed with that.

Everyone wanted to open the door.
So, they tried to open it by pushing the giant door.
They even pushed it with many people but the door stayed still.

“Move away.
I will try.” Bucong Shuye stated.

Everyone moved away.
Bucong Shuye took a deep breath.
He accumulated his power in his palm.
Then he directed the power on his palm to the giant door.
But still, nothing happened.

“What is the hell with this door?” Bucong Jiye scolded the giant door.

“Yeah, we need this damn door to be opened to continue.” Bucong Jian sighed.

Dian Zin Fang walked around the door to find anything that could help them to open the door.
He did not find anything at all.
The wall and the door were all white.

Yu Qi and Long Hui sat down not far from the others.
Rukh and Aoi also stayed with them while Shino was safe inside Yu Qi’s pocket.

Since they entered the white building, they had lost track of them.
So, they felt a little hungry.
So, Yu Qi took out something to fill their stomach.

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