“I think nothing is here.
Should we move on?” Ling Su Liu said making people forget about Yu Qi and Long Hui.

Let’s go.
Don’t waste time here.” Bucong Jiye also agreed with that.

People listened to the suggestion, began to find a way to escape the room.
However, they did not see anything except for the door that they entered through.

“What is this? Why do no other doors?” Bucong Jiye flusteredly said.

“Hmm… Should we use the same door to get out?” Ling Su Liu suggested again.

People still listened as Ling Su Liu approached the door again.
They began to push the door to open it.
But the door did not budge at all.

Ling Su Liu looked at Yu Qi who still whispered to Long Hui.
She wanted Yu Qi to open the door again.
However, she could not say it as Dian Qi Qi cut her off.

“Why do you look at Sister Yu Qi like that? You don’t think to ask her to open that door for you, right? Just now, I heard you guys say it was a coincidence.” Dian Qi Qi snorted.

“Dian Qi Qi, just fuck off.” Bucong Jiye could not stand Dian Qi Qi.

“Sure… Sure… But don’t bother my Sister Yu Qi.” Dian Qi Qi made a gesture that she did not care.

Ling Su Liu gritted her teeth.
She looked at Yu Qi and Long Hui again and felt jealous.
She wanted to accompany a man like that.
Even though she had a handsome fiancee too, she doubted that Bucong Shuye could act like Long Hui.

People were attracted to the water.
They approached the door.
Like Bucong Jiye earlier, they watched their reflection.
The water seemed to be calling them.

After that, someone actually jumped into the pool.
Everyone was shocked.

“What? I can feel my strength increasing.
Hmm… No doubt about that.” The person who jumped into the pool shouted happily.

He even swam around.
Others who watched him felt tempted.
They also wanted that too.
They waited for a while.
After seeing nothing happening to the man, they also jumped into the pool.
Indeed, they felt their power raising.

Others wanted to jump into the pool too.
However, before they did that, they heard a scream.


It came from the first man who jumped into the pool.

“My leg… My leg… Something bites me.
Help me.” The man shouted.

The people who were already inside the pool quickly got out of the pool.
No one wanted to stay any longer.

“Ahhhh… Help me… Help me…” The first man shouted again.

But no one dared to move.
They could watch the man being pulled into the pool by something.
Then, the man disappeared into the pool.

“What? What was that?” Someone asked.

pAn,Da nv,e1

A monster like a crocodile appeared from the pool.
It crawled out of the pool.
It was so big.
The scary part was the monster was not alone.
Other monsters appeared from the pool too.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

The monsters began to attack people.
People were forced to defend themselves.

However, the monsters were very strong.

Strangely, some of the people had been ignored.
People who had been ignored were Bucong Shuye, Yu Qi, Long Hui, Ayue, and part of the Dian Family.

“Why do they not attack us?” Dian Ren Qi asked.

“Yeah… It is indeed weird.” Dian Zin Fang was also curious.

“Attack or not, let’s save others,” Ayue said.

“Hmm… Our family members also have been attacked.” Dian Shu Xian nodded.

They helped others.
The monsters were very tough.
The attack from the people seemed to not affect the monster.

“Ahhhh….” Someone shouted after he went to complete silence.

The monster ate the man.
Everyone began to feel scared seeing the monster eat him just like that.
Then, one by one, the monsters ate people.

Yu Qi frowned as she saw this.
She also attacked the monster.
The monster did not look at her at all.
It went to find the next target.
She felt weird.
The monster seemed not to see her at all.
But why?

Yu Qi was about to see one of Dian’s family members being eaten by the monster.
She stopped the monster by stabbing the open mouth of the monster.
It seemed to have some effect.
The monster screamed.

“Guys, try to attack when the monsters open their mouths.” Yu Qi shouted.

Everyone heard that and tried it.
It worked.
Their attack did hurt the monster.
But still, Yu Qi could see that the monster did not attack her.
She did not have time to think.
She attacked the monster like crazy.

Two hours later, all of the monsters had been killed.
They sat on the ground feeling all tired.
A lot of people lost their lives to these monsters.

Yu Qi was a little bit disappointed.
The monsters disappeared when they died.
She thought she would collect some cores from those monsters.

“The monsters here are on another level.
The toughness… That is really something.” Dian Ren Qi complained.

“Yeah… That is really something.” Dian Shu Xian also agreed with that.

“Guys, did you feel something weird with these monsters earlier?” Yu Qi asked.

“Weird? Like what?” Dian Zin Fang asked her back.

“The monsters… They did not attack everyone.
They seemed just to attack some people.
They even ignored my attacks.” Yu Qi explained.

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