“Who are you? What do you mean by your reincarnation?” Yu Qi decided to ask.

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“You mean you are me and I am you?” Yu Qi asked again.

Indeed.” The voice answered again.

“This statue in front of me is you?” Yu Qi wanted to know more.

“Yes.” The voice confirmed it.

“I don’t know anything.” Yu Qi stated.

“Don’t worry, I will tell you everything.
Yes, everything.
Start by the beginning.” The voice said.

Yu Qi was cut from her surrounding.

“Hey, look at Sister Yu Qi.
Does this mean she’s going to inherit from the white building?” Dian Qi Qi pointed at Yu Qi to Dian Shu Xian.

Yu Qi was in a standing position.
But she seemed to be floating.

“I guess.” Dian Shu Xian slightly smiled.

Everyone looked at Yu Qi.

“What? Why does she get to be chosen?” Bucong Jiye felt unhappy to see Yu Qi like that.

Ling Su Liu also felt like that.
She was jealous of Yu Qi’s achievement.
Then, Bucong Shuye was also floating but he was in a sitting position.
Different from Yu Qi.

“Look at Brother Shuye.
He also has been chosen too.” Bucong Nanyi said in a happy tone.

Someone like Brother Shuye would definitely be chosen.
It would be strange if he was not chosen.” Bucong Jiye stated.
She then glanced at Dian Qi Qi.
“Hey Dian Qi Qi, I don’t see someone from your family has been chosen.
What a pity.”

Dian Qi Qi did not have time to answer.
Right away after Bucong Jiye finished her sentence, Dian Zin Fang was also chosen.
Then Ayu who was beside Dian Zin Fang also sat in the same position.

One by one, Huo Jinxi from Hou Family, Jiang Shu Nan, and Qiu Wang had been chosen.

“Why am I not chosen?”

“I also want to inherit something from the white building.”

Then the last person who got to be chosen was Long Hui.
However, he was not sitting like others but standing like Yu Qi.

“Why are these two different from than others?” Dian Ren Qi looked at others, Yu Qi and Long Hui.

“We just need to wait and ask them about that.” Dian Shu Xian stated.


Yu Qi woke up and looked around.
It is not the last place that she had been.
It seemed it was a girl’s bedroom.
She was sitting in the bedroom.
Everything looked ancient here.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Yu Qi stood up and went to the copper mirror.
Even though it was a blurry image, she could see that it was not her face.
It was a young woman’s face.
It was indeed beautiful.

“Junior sister Yue, why are you still in bed? Let’s go out.” A man barged into the room with a smile.

Yu Qi wanted to ask something but she could not say anything.
However, she was shocked to see that her mouth moved by itself.

I am up.
Don’t tell Senior Brother Xia that I am late.”

“Sure… sure… I will take care of my junior sister.” The man nodded.
“Let’s go out.”

Yu Qi’s body moved following the man.
Yu Qi was shocked to see the surrounding.
This place looked very magical.
She did not know where this place was.

However, Yu Qi seemed to understand something.
She was in someone’s body.
And she did not have any control of this body.
She was just here to experience what this body did.

Then they arrived at the building.
Yes, all of the buildings here looked ancient.
She felt like she was in an ancient drama set.

“Our junior sister is here.”

Yu Qi was welcomed by the other two men.

“Senior brother Wei, Senior Brother Lin.” Yu Qi was smiling.
She looked around and whispered to them.
“Where is Senior Brother Xia? He is not here yet?”

“I am behind you.” A voice appeared behind her.

Yu Qi turned around and shouted.
“Good morning, Senior Brother Xia.”

“Hmm… Go and take the sit.
Master will be here soon.” Senior Brother Xia said.

Yu Qi finally looked at the man.
She was shocked.
This face was very familiar to her.
It was Qin Xia.
The same Qin Xia.
She wanted to say something but she could not do it again.

They got seated and an old man that they called Master arrived.
It seemed that the old man was their teacher.
Yu Qi seriously did not understand what had been taught by the old man.

However, it seemed her body understood.
Meaning, her theory about her just being inside this body to experience everything that this body did was right.
But what was the aim? Why does she is trapped inside this body?

First of all, how did she end up here? She finally remembered something.
She was talking to the status inside the white building.

‘What, does this mean this is her previous last life?’ That statue did state that she was her reincarnation.

“Junior Sister Yue, don’t daydream.
This class has ended.
We need to go to another class.” Senior Brother Lin patted Yu Qi’s forehead.

“Oh… I am sorry.
I don’t know why I feel so blurred just now.” Yu Qi smiled.
“Well, let’s go to my favorite class.”

“I know Junior Sister Yue’s taste.” Senior Brother Wei laughed.

It was an arena.
It was a fighting class.
Yu Qi had been partnered with Senior Brother Rui, the man who barged into her room earlier.

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