“Junior Sister Yue, please be gentle today.” Senior Brother Rui or Qian Rui saluted Yu Qi when they were facing each other.

“Senior Brother Rui, don’t be like that.
We need to listen to Master.
Don’t hold back.” Yu Qi smiled while cracking her fingers.

Qian Rui gulped.
He knew that today would also be the same as always.
So, they started sparring with each other.

“Rui, you should practice more.” Senior Brother Lin, Lin Shu laughed when seeing Qian Rui laying on the ground after being knocked out by Yu Qi.

“Yeah… yeah… Tomorrow is your turn to be Junior Sister Yue’s sparring partner, right?” Qian Rui gritted his teeth while struggling to stand up.

Lin Shu coughed several times.
He totally forgot about that.
Indeed, he would suffer the same thing as Qian Rui.

“Stop whining and go treat yourself.” Qin Xia said to Qian Rui.
Then he turned to Yu Qi while smiling and patting Yu Qi’s head.
“Good job.
You can do more.”

Yu Qi who had no power to control the body smiled innocently at Qin Xia.
I intend to do so.”

Qian Rui smirked at Lin Shu when he heard that.
He was feeling great knowing that Lin Shu would suffer the same fate as him.

Senior Brother Wei or Wei Jun patted Lin Shu, feeling sympathy for Lin Shu.
“Don’t worry.
It is the same thing.”

Yeah, after their Junior Sister Yue joined in under their master, they suffered the same fate.
The only one who escaped that fate was Qin Xia.

Their Junior Sister Yue could not beat up their Senior Brother Xia.
Their fight always ended with a draw.
However, everyone including their Junior Sister Yue knew that Qin Xia was much stronger than them.

Qin Xia just could not bear to beat up their Junior Sister Yue.
That was why their fight ended up in a draw.

Yu Qi’s body returned to her courtyard.
Yu Qi came to understand something.
This body belonged to a woman named Qin Yue.
She was a disciple under a master named Tang Moting, an immortal.

Tang Moting only had 5 disciples including Qin Yue.
She was the youngest of the disciples.
Everyone here doted on her.
That also included her master, Tang Moting.

Yu Qi remembered that the statue told her that she would understand what the statue meant by reincarnation.
‘Does this means this Qin Yue was her past her?’

“Pish… Pish…”

Yu Qi heard something and turned to the window.

“Junior Sister Yue, come.
The line is clear now.
We should go now.” Qian Rui whispered.

“Wait for me.
I will change my outfit here.
Wait for me at the Bian entrance.
So, get lost for now.” Qin Yue said.

Author: I will use Qin Yue’s name when the situation is about Qin Yue.

“Sure… Sure..” Qian Rui rolled his eyes and left.

Qin Yue changed her outfit wearing a man’s clothes.
It seemed the behavior was quite often because she had a lot of man’s clothes.

Qin Yue walked to the Bian Entrance cautiously.
She did not want to meet with others.
Because she knew that they would be punished because of this.

Qin Yue and Qian Rui were planning to leave the mountain and go to the market.
She safely arrived at Bian Entrance.
She saw Qian Rui.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Let’s go.
We are late.” Qin Yue said.

“Yeah.” Qian Rui nodded.

So, they descended from the mountain using their swords.
Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the foot of the mountain.
They walked for about thirty minutes and arrived at the market.

Yu Qi felt that she had been in this situation before.
Even though she knew that it was impossible.  But she did not know why she felt like that.

It seemed Qin Yue and Qian Rui came here to sell medicine.
Qian Rui began to promote the medicine.

“Oh, you come again.
Thank you.
Thanks to you, my father is getting better.” A woman came and thanked Qin Yue and Qian Rui for saving her father.

With this woman, the onlookers began to approach Qin Yue and Qian Rui.
They wanted to ask about the medicine.

Qin Yue was glad to explain everything about the medicine they were selling.

After a while, the medicine sold up.

Yu Qi blinked for a second.
When she opened her eyes back, the situation had changed.
She was currently running.
Yu Qi was confused.
So she waited.

Qin Yue arrived at someone’s courtyard.
She barged in.

“Senior Brother Xia, I have something to say.” Qin Yue shouted.

“Junior Sister Yue, don’t barge into someone’s place like this next time.” Qin Xia advised but obviously in a doting tone.

“Okay… Okay… I have something to say to you.” Qin Yue stated.

“What is it?” Qin Xia asked.

Qin Yue grabbed Qin Xia’s hand.
Qin Xia felt something making him close his eyes.
When he opened his eyes back, everything around him changed.


The air here was pure and very suitable to the cultivators.
He looked around.
He was confident that he did not recognize this place.

“Where is this?” Qin Xia asked.

My space.
I created it.
How about that?” Qin Yue was waiting for Qin Xia to comment about this place.

Qin Xia was obviously shocked when he heard this.
“Sere? You made this?”

“Hmm…” Qin Yue nodded.
“How is it?” She was still waiting for Qin Xia to say something.

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