Qin Xia looked around, looking shocked.

“You made this?” Qin Xia asked.

“Hmm… I did.
Amazing, right?” Qin Yue smiled.
She expected Qin Xia to praise her.

“Hmm… It is indeed amazing.
My junior sister is very powerful in creating such a powerful artifact.
Is this what makes you stay in your courtyard for about 3 months?” Qin Xia chuckled while making the assumption.

“Hmm… Yeah.
This artifact is very hard to make.
It takes a lot of power and material.” Qin Yue pouted.

Not anyone could create another small world like this.
Even if he got the power and the material, he was still not sure that he could successfully create a small world like Qin Yue’s.

“Who else have you already talked about this place?” Qin Xia asked.

“Only you and master.
Master is the first person that I showed Sere.
He praised me too.” Qin Yue was excited.
“I plan to tell everyone later.”

“Great but others than us, don’t tell anyone else okay?” Qin Xia asked Qin Yue to promise one thing.

“Huh, why? Master also says the same thing.” Qin Yue could not understand that.
Why should she hide this?

“You will understand later.” Qin Xia said.

“Okay… I promise not to tell anyone else about that.” Qin Yue nodded.

Qin Xia sighed.
His junior sister was still innocent and naive.
Artifacts like this could attract people.
People could kill for artifacts.
Not to mention, this artifact was a class one.

He was sure that their master also thought the same.
That was why their master told Qin Yue to keep it secret.

Yu Qi looked at this place.
The place that she was very familiar with.
Her space, Sere.
From the conversation, she could conclude that Qin Yue was the person who created the space,

‘Does that mean she was the creator?’ Well, she was still not sure about that.


The scene changed again.
Now, Qin Yue was at the market.
This time, she did not sneak out with her Senior Brother Rui.

She actually followed her Senior Brother Xia and her master buying something at the market.
That was what her senior brother said.

She obediently followed those two men.
However, she still wore the man’s clothes.
It was Senior Brother Xia and her master’s wish.

They entered a restaurant.
The waiter brought them to a private room.
There were already people inside the room.
Her master knocked on the door.

“Hmm… You can enter.” The people inside the room asked.

Her master opened the door and entered the room followed by Qin Xia and Qin Yue.

“Tang Moting, long time no see.” A bearded man said to her master while playing with his beard.

“Hmm… ” Tang Moting nodded.

“Oh, a new face.
Is he or should I say she, your new disciple?” The bearded man asked while looking at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue was surprised when the bearded man could guess her gender right away.

“Hmm…” Tang Moting acknowledged.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Wow, you accepted a female disciple?” The bearded man was so surprised to hear this.
“If those families know about this, they would see their daughter be your disciples.”

pAnD a(-)n0ve1.com

“Ho… Ho… Ho… This girl must be a very talented one.” The bearded man looked at Yu Qi while playing with his beard.
“This is also my new disciple.
Xie Likui.”

The man called Xie Likui saluted and saluted Tang Moting and his disciples.
Tang Moting just nodded without commenting anything.

Qin Yue looked at Xie Likui.
This man’s look was parred with her senior brother, Qin Xia.

“You are still young.” Qin Xia said out of a sudden.

“Huh? What do you mean by that?” Qin Yue was a bit confused as to why Qin Xia suddenly said that to her.

“It is good that you still don’t understand.” Qin Xia slightly smiled.

“But Senior Brother Xia, that man is very good-looking like you.” Qin Yue praised Xie Likui.

Qin Xia’s smile disappeared.
It was good that her junior sister praised him but why did she praise that man too?

I will do that.” The bearded man laughed loudly.

Tang Moting maintained his otherworldly look.
“Since the matter is settled, I will leave first.”

Tang Moting stood up and signaled his two disciples to follow him.

“Can we have lunch together?” The bearded man asked.

“We are not free.” Tang Moting rejected it right away.

“Yeah… Yeah… You can go.” The bearded man waved his hand.

“Qin Xia, you will be in charge next.” Tang Moting stated.

“Yes, Master.
This disciple will do it.” Qin Xia accepted it without saying anything else.

Qin Yue who did not listen to the earlier conversation was confused about the order.
However, she did not say anything at this time.
She intended to ask about that later.

“Master, where are we going now?” Qin Yue asked.

“We are going back.” Tang Moting stated.

“What? At this time? It is still early.
Why don’t we go to the market? It is the peak hour right now.
They are selling a lot of things right now.” Qin Yue stated.

She did not want to return this early.
Then she saw a shop that sold artifacts.

“Let’s go inside this shop.
It has a lot of good stuff.” Qin Yue said with shining eyes.

Qin Xia and Tang Moting looked at Qin Yue with narrowed eyes.

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