“Why are you looking at me like that?” Qin Yue asked.

“How do you know that this shop sells treasure?” Tang Moting looked at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue’s lips were clamped together.
She did not expect her eagerness to tell something like that would lead to this.

“Master is asking you.
Why are you not answering?” Qin Xia asked a question too.

“Well…” Qin Yue’s mind worked so hard right now looking for an excuse.
“Senior Brother Rui took me out.
It is so fun.”


After that, she was the one who pulled Qian Rui to sneak out.
‘Senior Brother Rui, I am sorry.
Please forgive your cute little junior sister.’ She apologized to Qian Rui in her mind.

“I guess you guys had a lot of free time.
I will increase your learning time later.” Tang Moting stated.

Yu Qi who watched this from Qin Yue’s view could feel that Qin Yue had a good life with her master and senior brothers.

Then the scene changed again.
Right now, they were gathered at an arena.
Yu Qi could see that everyone was shouting and cheering.
It was the same as when they were having martial art competition.

“Junior Sister Yue, Senior Brother Xia, and Senior Brother Lin would participate in this competition.
Let’s cheer for them, okay.” Qian Rui stated.

“Hmm…” Qin Yue nodded.

This competition was a friendly competition.
There were ten competitors.
Her master met the bearded old man two months ago because of this competition.
The bearded old man asked her master to provide a prize for this competition.

After they returned to the mountain peak, her master asked her about giving the artifact that she made for the competition.
Qin Yue did not have any objection, so, she agreed.
She could make another one if she wanted.  Her prize was made into the second prize in this competition.

Qin Xia was in first place followed by Xie Likui in second place.
Meaning her artifact would be going to Xie Likui.
Qin Yue felt happy that her artifact went to someone as handsome as Xie Likui.

Qin Yue wanted to leave but she collided with someone.

“Never mind.
I am also sorry.” It was a girl who collided with Qin Yue.

Yu Qi was trembling when she heard the voice.
Yu Qi looked at the girl.
The fact that she could not forget.
Fung Meng Xuan, the one who killed her.

“This uniform is Sir Tang’s disciple, right?’ The girl asked.

“Hmmm… I am his disciple.” Qin Yue nodded.

“I see.
By the way, I am Fung Yinluo from Fung Nan Family.
What is your name?” Fung Yinluo asked.

“My name is Qin Yue.
Nice to meet you too.” Qin Yue smiled.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

‘Is Fung Meng Xuan Fung Yinluo’s reincarnation?’ Yu Qi tried to ask the voice.

‘Yes.’ The voice said.

Yu Qi was shivering.
‘What about Qin Xia?’

‘Qin Xia never died.’ The voice stated.

Qin Xia never died.
Meaning he had been living such a long time.
No wonder people from the cultivation world called Qin Xia, the ancestor.

If Qin Xia did not die, what about the others? Senior Brother Rui, Senior Brother Lin, Senior Brother Wei, and her master, what happened to them?

‘You need to watch everything first.” The voice said.

From this, Yu Qi could see that Qin Yue became a good friend of Fung Yinluo.
She also was allowed to step into Long Mountain which only the disciple of Tang Moting could enter.

Tang Moting gave his permission after thinking about Qin Yue.
He obviously doted on this disciple.

Yu Qi was very flustered seeing this situation.
Qin Yue was getting close to Fung Yinluo.

The scene changed again.
This time, Qin Yue was in the forest.
She was alone, walking around.
She saw a monster and killed it right away.
After that, she took out the core.

Then, she heard a rustling sound.
She became alert.
From the bush on her side, appeared a man from the bush.
He was running away from a giant size monster.

Qin Yue’s eyes lifted up.
‘The material must be good.’ The stronger the monster, the greater the core.
It was her chance to get her hand on great material.
She attacked the monster right away.

The monster was very tough.
Not only tough, but the monster was very agile.
She spent almost half an hour to defeat the monster.

Qin Yue remembered the running man.
She looked around to see the man.
After looking around, she saw a man laying on the ground, unconscious.
She rushed to the man’s side to treat him.

However, she was surprised to see who the man was.
It was Xie Likui.
Without wasting any time, she took out the medicine and poured it into Xie Likui’s mouth.

The medicine did not enter Xie Likui’s mouth properly.
At this rate, he would lose his life here.
It would be sad.

Staring at the medicine and Xie Likui’s mouth, Qin Yue made the decision.
She poured the medicine into her mouth and kissed Xie Likui, forcing the medicine into Xie Likui’s mouth.

Latter she knew that Xie Likui regained consciousness the moment she kissed him.
He realized that he had been kissed but could not do anything.
He fainted again.

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