“Junior Sister Yue, don’t worry about us.
Just don’t obey him.” Wei Jun smiled.
“Ah!” He had been whipped again.

Seeing her senior brothers being tortured in front of her was not a good feeling.
The tears flew down.
Qin Yue made her own decision.

“Senior Brothers, I know my decision would hurt your feeling.
But we don’t have any choice.” Qin Yue said.

The old man smiled widely when he heard Qin Yue’s words.
“Good girl.
I know you will understand.”

Qin Yue looked at the old man’s face.
She wanted to remember this face forever.

I will not disappoint you.” Qin Yue said.

Then, Qin Yue exploded herself.
Those who were nearby were implicated.

“No!!!” All the senior brothers of Qin Yue shouted.

They would not believe that their beloved junior sister would explode herself like that.

“The fuck!!! That bitch!” The old man gritted his teeth.
He was also implicated in the self explosion.

His men were injured.
Some of them were even seriously injured.
One of them was Fung Yinluo.
She was standing behind the old man enjoying the view.

When Qin Yue exploded herself, Fung Yinluo did not have time to protect herself.
So, she ended up burning her body including her face.

“Ah… Ah… Ah…” Fung Yinluo shouted in pain.
“My face… My body…”

She was a woman.
Her face and her body were important assets.
Not to mention, she was still not married.
She took out some healing potion and poured it onto her face, hoping it would help.
But the pain did not decrease at all.
Her face still hurt.

“Sir Xien, please help me.” Fung Yinluo begged for the old man’s help.

The old man snorted.
This woman was of no help to him anymore.
Why should he help her?

Fung Yinluo could see that the old man did not want to help her at all.
However, she kept begging.

The old man already felt angry because he could not get a hand on Qin Yue’s space.
And now he had to deal with this woman? Hell no!

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Qian Rui looked at the old man.
He glared at the old man like crazy.
If the look could kill, the old man would already have lost his life.

“It is not my fault.
She is the one to choose death.” The old man stated.

“That’s because you forced her.” Qian Rui replied.
“I will not forgive you.”please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Humph! Whatever.
Kill them.” The old man ordered.

However, they did not give the old man the pleasure to kill them.
They also chose to explode themselves.

“These bastards!” The old man protected himself.

The people who held Qin Yue’s senior brothers also died in the explosion.

“Why are they choosing to explode themselves just like that? I don’t know what kind of teaching Tang Moting teaches them.” The old man frowned.

The incident was known to everyone.
Not one knew who spread the rumour but they knew that four of Sir Tang Moting’s disciples lost their life at that time.

Qin Xia was in seclusion.
No one knew where his location was.
He must not have received any news about his junior brothers and sister.
Otherwise, he would also have come out.
Everyone knew that he doted on his junior brothers and sister, especially Qin Yue.

However, the news about Qin Yue’s space did not spread.
They just assumed that the old enemy of Sir Tang Moting appeared and has taken revenge on his disciples.

The timing was great because Qin Xia was out of action.
Qin Xia was strong.
Some of the old folks were afraid of Qin Xia

No one knew what Qin Xia would do when he came out of his seclusion and found out about the incident.

The old man already ran away leaving all of his helpers.
The helpers were from normal families.
They joined hands with the old man because they were also interested in Qin Yue’s space.

Who was not interested in that kind of thing? The small world could give a lot of benefits to them.
They heard the information from Fung Yinluo.

Fung Yinluo indeed experienced that first-hand.
Qin Yue told her about it and took her inside her space.
Fung Yinluo felt her strength increase a bit.

She believed if she spent a lot of time inside Qin Yue’s space, her strength would increase magnificently.
That was what she told to others, making others want to join their hands.

The incident also arrived in Xie Likui’s ears.
He was not near the place where the incident happened.
But he was being called by his family.

His family was located far away.
It was a hidden family.
He came out of the place because he followed his master, the breaded old man.

The reason his family called him back was that his father wanted him to get married to the person which his father chose.
His father did not want their blood to be tarnished by others.
So, his father made the decision that he would get married to his cousin.

Of course, Xie Likui did not agree.
He protested, refusing to get married with his cousin.
He already had someone that he wanted to marry.
He would get married to that person only.

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