Because of that, Xie Likui had been grounded.
At the same time, he heard about that incident.
He would not believe his ears.
He asked others about that and they confirmed that it was genuine news.

He dropped his knees to the ground after that.
His beloved had died.
Died because of someone.

Why? Why he did not stay by her side? If he stayed by her side, things might be different now.
He shouted loudly.

He should not be here.
He rushed out.
His father sent people to stop him from leaving.
This time, he would not be obeying his father.

He fought his way.
At the main entrance, his father, Xie Chongsan stood there.

“You can’t leave.
You have a duty to this family.” His father stated.

“Screw with this family.
I am going to leave this family and cut ties with you all.” Xie Likui shouted.

Xie Chongsan frowned.
“Xie Likui, you are my son.
You should know better about our family.”

Xie Likui looked at his father without feeling afraid or anything.
In the past, he was really afraid disobedient to his father.
But now, he did not afraid anymore.

Seeing his son being silent like this, Xie Likui’s father thought that Xie Likui understood him.
“Since you understand, stay home and wait for marriage.
I am sure that your cousin would be happy with this.”

“If you want her so much, why don’t you marry her?” Xie Likui stated.

“What are you saying, Xie Likui?” Xie Chongson shouted in anger.

“I don’t want to get married to her.
I want to leave this house and cut ties with this family.” Xie Likui stated the same things again.

“Xie Likui!” Die Chongson shouted.
“Don’t you dare say a nonsense thing?”

Xie Likui snorted.
He already made the decision.
No one could stop him right now.
He would do anything to leave this house.

“Guard, take the young master to his courtyard, and don’t let him out until he knew his wrong.” Xie Chongsan called their family guards.

Ten guards appeared instantly and blocked Xie Likui’s path.

“Young Master, please return to your courtyard.
Otherwise, we will take proper measures to take you there.” One of the guards said the words politely.

Xie Likui narrowed his eyes.
He then stepped forward wanting to leave the main gate.

Seeing Xie Likui ignore the words, they began to attack Xie Likui.
Of course, they did not dare to hurt the young master.

Xie Likui responded by sending one of the guards flying back and crashing to the wall.
The guard was knocked out.
The guards looked at each other.

“Step aside.
Otherwise, something else will occur.” Xie Likui narrowed his eyes.

Xie Chongsan was shocked to see one of the guards fainted from being kicked by Xie Likui.
He did not know that his son had become this strong.

The more he thought, the more Xie Chongsan did not want this son to leave the house.

pA(nD)A no ve1

“Do whatever you could to bring young master to his courtyard.” Xie Chongsan shouted.please visit panda(-)

Hearing the order, the guards made their moves, attacking Xie Likui.
Xie Likui fought them back.

The fight continued until Xie Likui successfully defeated all of the guards.

“I am Xie Likui, hereby announcing that I will be leaving Xie Family to start today.
I will never come back.” Xie Likui shouted.
This time, he was using this power to deliver the message to all of Xie’s family members.

Some of them were shocked, some of them were confused and some of them were secretly happy with the news.

“Xie Likui! How dare you!” Xie Chongsan shouted.

“Thank you for everything that you have done for me.” Xie Likui kowtowed once, stood up, and left with his sword.

Xie Likui went to the mountain peak where Sir Tang Moting’s disciples left.
The place was in ruin.


Qin Xia opened his eyes.
He finally managed to break through.
His strength was improved magnificently.
He came out from his seclusion.

The first thing that came to his mind was his junior sister.
He wondered how she was right now.
He wanted to see her.

He headed out to the mountain peak.
Before that, he stopped at the market.
He wanted to buy something for his junior sister.
As for his junior brothers, they were not that important to him.

While he was busy thinking about what to buy for his junior sister, he heard some people’s conversation.

“What a pity.”

Their master just passed away not long time ago.”

“That person must hate Sir Tang Moting so much.
He even killed his disciples.”

That last sentence sent shivers down Qin Xia’s back.
He calmed down.
He joined the conversation wanting to know about what had happened.

“What happens?” Qin Xia asked.

“You don’t know?” The man asked back.

The men around did not recognize Qin Xia.
That was because Qin Xia wore a mask.

I just come to this place.” Qin Xia stated.

“You should know Sir Tang Moting, right?” The man asked.

“Of course, I am.” Qin Xia nodded.

“He just passed away.
And something bad happened to his disciples.
Apparently, they had been killed by an old enemy of Sir Tang Moting.” The man stated.

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