Fung Yinluo felt better when she thought about this.
Qin Xia must be resenting that old man.
She could feel that Qin Xia was stronger than Sir Xien.
It might be good if Qin Xia could kill Sir Xien.
She and her family would be safe after that.

Yeah, her family also knew about it.
Her father supported Sir Xien too because he was also interested in Qin Yue’s space.
How did he know about Qin Yue’s space? Of course, Fung Yinluo told them about it.
Fung Yinluo was also the one who told Sir Xien about Qin Yue’s space.

Qin Xie did not reply right away.
He stared deeply at Fung Yinluo.
Fung Yinluo tried to control her facial expression.

“Young Master Qin?” Fung Yinluo tried to call him.

“I see.” The tone that Qin Xia used was very normal.
He did not look like he was angry.

What Fung Yinluo heard about Qin Xia from Qin Yue was that Qin Xia doted on Qin Yue so much.
Qin Xia should be angry now when he heard about the incident.
Someone killed his junior sister.
But Qin Xia was very calm right now.

Fung Yinluo thought about something.
Qin Xia probably did not care much about his junior brothers and sister.
But because of Sir Tang Moting’s name, he was forced to care about them.

“But I don’t think you told me the truth, though.” Qin Xia stated.

The statement made Fung Yinluo tremble even more.
Qin Xia did not believe her.
‘What should I do? What should I do? Calm down.
Calm down.
Even though he is unconvinced about that, he could not do anything to me.’

“Do you know about the ‘search soul’ method?” Qin Xia stared at Fung Yinluo.

Fung Yinluo’s eyes opened widely.
Of course, she had heard about the method.
The ‘Search Soul’ method was a method that made sure that the person was telling the truth that the person knew.

However, the method was very dangerous to the informers because once someone used the method on a person, that person would go crazy, or worse, die.

“Please, don’t use that method on me.” Fung Yinluo begged for mercy.
“I am sorry for having bad intentions towards Qin Yue.
I am sorry.”

“Your sorry means nothing to me.” Qin Xia said.
“I want to know the truth.
But I think you did not tell me the truth.
That is why I will find out the truth.”

This time, Qin Xia approached Fung Yinluo.
Fung Yinluo wanted to run away but she could not move at all.
She was still laying on the ground.

“Sir Qin, please, don’t do that to me.” Fung Yinluo begged again.

Qin Xia ignored the begging.
He placed his hand on Fung Yinluo’s forehead.
He began to use the method.

Sure enough that Fung Yinluo was lying to him.
Everything became clear to Qin Xia.
Because of her jealousy towards Qin Yue, Fung Yinluo betrayed Qin Yue.

After being done, Qin Xia removed his hand from Fung Yinluo’s forehead.
He looked at his hand with disgust.
He immediately took out his handkerchief and wiped his hand.
He did not put the handkerchief back and threw it away.
He would not use it again.

It was time to pay back.
The person who killed his junior brothers and sister, he would hunt them.
As for Fung Family, he would leave them for later.

Qin Xia left Fung Yinluo’s courtyard.
He just left Fung Yinluo’s just like that.
Nobody would know about him coming here.
Fung Yinluo already became crazy.
She would not remember anything at all.

From what Qin Xia got, he knew where Sir Xien was.
He would go and settle accounts with him first.
After that, he would visit all of the families who were involved in the incident.please visit panda(-)

When Qin Xia was about to leave Fung Yinluo’s house, he met with Xie Likui.

“You come to see Fung Yinluo?” Qin Xia asked.

“Yes.” Xie Likui nodded.

“She already became crazy.” Qin Xia sneered.

“What… You used the ‘Search Soul’ method?” Xie Likui asked back.


“Tell me too.
I want to know.” Xie Likui said with a serious expression on his face.

“I am about to go to slay the culprit.
Do you want to follow me?” Qin Xia invited Xie Likui.

“My pleasure.” Xie Likui agreed.

“Are you sure? Will your family allow you to get involved with this?” Qin Xia already knew about Xie Likui’s hidden family.

“I already cut ties with them.
They are not my family anymore.
I am just a Xie Likui.” Xie Likui stated.

Then, let’s go.” Qin Xia said.

Both of them arrived at Sir Xien’s place in the middle of the night.
Sir Xien was about to sleep when suddenly he heard a loud bang.
Then, he could hear someone knocking on his door.

“Sir Xien, we have intruders.” One of his men reported.

“Do you know them?” Sir Xien still looked calm.

“We don’t know.” The man shook his head.

“Let me see who dares to disturb this place.” Sir Xien went out to see the intruders.

When Sir Xien arrived at the scene, he was shocked to see all of the men whom he trained laying on the ground, not moving at all.
He did not know whether they were still alive or not.

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