“Who are you?” Sir Xien asked.

Qin Xia sneered.
“You should know me better.
I am your enemy’s disciple.”

‘Enemy’s disciple’.
That word stroke Sir Xien’s mind.
He finally understood.
A few days ago after the incident, he asked his men to leak that Qin Yue and her senior brothers got caught by their master’s enemy.

The man in front of him must be Qin Xia, the first disciple.
Sir Xien calmed down.
He offended a lot of people during his younger days.
So, he thought an unknown master came to claim his life.

Since it was Qin Xia, Sir Xien thought he did not need to be worried .
He did not think that Qin Xia was much stronger than him.
He could handle Qin Xia.

“I see… Qin Xia, is it?” Sir Xien smiled arrogantly.

“You are correct.” Qin Xia replied.

Sir Xien turned to another person beside Qin Xia.
“So, who are you then?”

“I am Xie Likui.” Xie Likui stated his name.

“You are that bearded man’s disciple.
What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you want to help him.” Sir Xien recognized the name.

“You dared to kill her? You need to die.” Xie Likui was telling Sir Xien straightforwardly his purpose for coming here.

Sir Xien laughed.
“What hot tempered boys.
Do you think you can kill me?”

“Try me.” With that, Xie Likui rushed toward Sir Xien.

Both of them started fighting.
Sir Xien’s men started to attack Qin Xia.
Qin Xia snorted.
He avoided the attacks and made just one move.
The men went down, hissing in pain.

Sir Xien noticed it.
He frowned.
Those men had been trained by him personally.
How could they fall just like that?

He glanced at Qin Xia who just looked casually at him.
Qin Xia should be the one angry since he killed Qin Xia’s brothers and sister.

“You should pay attention to your opponent during the fight.” Xie Likui said while attacking Sir Xien fiercely.

Sir Xien did not manage to avoid the last attack.
He got hit and flew back several meters.
He vomited some blood.

Xie Likui did not wait for Sir Xien to catch a breath.
He began his attack.

Sir Xien lived a long time.
He knew a few tricks.
He thought that he needed to retreat first.
It would not be advantageous for him to fight in this state.

However, Sir Xien did not manage to do so because Qin Xia was already in front of him and grabbed him.

“I see.
You want to escape.” Qin Xia stated Sir Xien’s aim.

Sir Xien’s eyes flickered.
He was indeed trying to escape.

“You can escape but only to the afterlife.” Qin Xia smiled.

That smile looked very creepy to Sir Xien.
Sir Xien struggled to escape Qin Xia’s grip.

Qin Xia lifted Sir Xien up and threw him to the wall.
The wall immediately collapsed showing how much strength Qin Xia used to throw Sir Xien.

Sir Xien once again vomited some blood.
He felt weird.
He did not expect his body to become as weak as this.
He thought of something.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“What did you do to me?” Sir Xien suspected that Qin Xia and Xie Likui did something to his body.

“I just threw you.” Qin Xia stated.

“I just beat you up.” Xie Likui said with a straight face.

“You must have done something to my body.
Otherwise, my body would not be as weak as this.” Sir Xien shouted in anger.

“Don’t blame us.
Your body is just weak.
You should think of retiring.” Qin Xia smirked.

“You!!!” Sir Xien vomited blood again.

Sir Xien was so angry.
He planned to escape but when he wanted to use his power, he could feel pain all over his body.
As the result, he vomited some blood.

Qin Xia thought of something.
His eyes lifted up.
Then he laughed.
Xie Likui and Sir Xien looked at him.

“Junior sister Yue, you are still amazing till the end.” Qin Xia uttered the statement.

It was not too loud nor too soft.
Everyone could hear that.

“What do you mean by that?” Sir Xien could feel that this sentence involved himself.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m

“What? How… When?” Sir Xien asked.

He did not notice that he had been poisoned by that little bitch.
How could she have poisoned him on that day?

“I don’t know.
You can wonder about that forever.” Qin Xia snorted.

His junior sister liked to create things.
It was not weird if she mastered the arts of poison .
Qin Xia saw a bunch of weird potions inside Qin Yue’s room.
Not to mention, some poisonous plants had grown inside her space.

“No… No… No… It can not be.” Sir Xien shouted.

However, when he wanted to use his power again, the same thing happened.
He felt the pain all over his body.

“Even though you are already poisoned, I will still not forgive you.” Qin Xia said.

He summoned a purple fire.
Sir Xien’s eyes opened widely when he saw the fire.
No… He needed to run.
Ignoring the pain, he tried to stand up.

However, Qin Xia already threw the purple fire toward Sir Xien.
The purple fire began to surround Sir Xien and burned him.
He tried to shake off the fire but it was useless.

“Argh!!! Argh!!!” Sir Xien screamed in pain.

He was struggling a lot while screaming.

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