Purple Fire or zihou was one of the power fires in the cultivation world.
There are five power fires in total.
Zihou was a torturing fire.

It would burn its enemy for the whole one week.
After one week, that person would die and not go to reincarnation because their soul had already burned out.
nothing left.
Not only the body would be burned but the soul would be burning too.
It would be very painful for anyone.

That was why zihou was feared and wanted at the same time.
A lot of people wanted the zihou to be theirs but power fires had their own mind.
They chose their master.
And this time, zihou already chose Qin Xia as its master.

Qin Xia and Xie Likui left the place.
The men were relieved knowing they could survive even though they were injured.

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For the next few days, Qin Xia and Xie Likui went to the house of the people that killed Qin Yue and his junior brothers.
Qin Xia got the list from Fung Yinluo’s memory.

Those people begged for mercy.
But Qin Xia and Xie Likui did not feel anything.
They eliminated all of the family members.
No one would be left.
They should know that they would be chased when they killed Qin Yue.

The news spread around.
Qin Xia and Xie Likui did not care what others wanted to say as long as the culprits died.

The Fung Family began to worry when they heard the news.
They did not know the reason those people died but they could guess.
Those people were involved in Sir Tang Moting’s disciple’s murder.

“Head, I think Qin Xia knows who was involved in killing his brothers and sister.” One of Fung’s family members said.

“It is obvious.
But how does he know about that?”

“Do you think Sir Xien told him?”

“It is possible.”

“Sir Xien must have been tortured before Qin Xia gets the information.
Not to mention, Qin Xia has Zihou.”

They all knew about Zihou.
They were surprised that the current master of Zihou was Qin Xia.

I got the information from your family member.”

They were shocked to hear the voice.
They turned to see Qin Xia and Xie Likui at the hall entrance.

“You… You…” The head of the Fung Family, as well as Fung Yinluo’s father, Fung Ming pointed at Qin Xia with a shaking hand.

“What do you mean you get the information from our family member?” One of the Fung Family members gathered his courage to ask.”Head Fung, you should know who I am talking about.” Qin Xia smiled.

“You… You…” Fung Ming knew what Qin Xia talked about.
“How could you do that to my daughter?”

Everyone was shocked.
A few days ago, Fung Ming called a doctor to take a look at his daughter, Fung Yinluo.
The doctors confirmed that Fung Yinluo had gone crazy.

When Fung Ming asked about the reason, the doctors could not tell him because they did not know.
They also could not cure Fung Yinluo.
He was angry at the doctors.
He chased all of them out.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Fung Yinluo was the daughter that he doted on.
She was his first child.
He loved his daughter so much.

When Qin Xia told Fung Ming that he got the information from Fung Yinluo, Fung Ming understood why his daughter had gone crazy.

“You perform the ‘Search Soul’ method on Yinluo’er.” Fung Ming gritted his teeth.

“That’s correct.
Thanks to her, I know who was involved in killing my junior brothers and sister.” Qin Xia smiled even more widely.
He then continued.

“Everyone on the list had been killed.
Yours is the last one.”

“You can not kill us.
If you want to kill, you can kill Fung Yinluo.” One of the family members suggested.

“Fung Tong! How dare you suggest that?” Fung Ming shouted.

“Head, you need to think about others too.” Fung Tong said.


“That’s right.”

Other began to agree with Fung Tong.
They did not want to die.
If this could be settled by killing Fung Yinluo, why not?

Fung Yinluo was a woman.
So, she was not that important to the family since she would be married to another family to gain allies if nothing happened.

But now, Fung Yinluo was already crazy.
She had no use.
No one wanted to marry a crazy woman.

“You all want to rebel?” Fung Ming pointed his finger at others.

“Head, you need to consider others as well.” Fung Tong mentioned the same thing.

Fung Ming gritted his teeth.
He understood that.
He was the head of the Fung Family.
He needed to think about the benefit to the family.
But Fung Yinluo was his daughter.
His flesh and blood.

“Qin Xia, I will handle Fung Yinluo for you.
You can dispose of her at your will.” Fung Ming made the hardest decision in his life at this moment.

He was willing to sacrifice his daughter for the family’s benefit.

“Head, you are benevolent.” Fung Tong nodded, satisfied with the decision that Fung Ming made.

The family members praised Fung Ming for the good decision.
With this, they would not have to die.

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